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  • Average Order Value (AOV): Definition, Importance, Calculation, and How to Increase it

    Let’s start with a small warm-up question. Say you have two customers: Customer A buys the same four products from your business on a weekly basis Customer B buys a different set of four products and does so on a monthly basis

  • What is Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)? Examples, Formula & More!

    As a marketer, you have a lot of items to keep in mind.

  • Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI): Definition, Formula, Examples & More!

    Both brand giants and local niche players spend big bucks on marketing communications. In fact, global spending on media was estimated to reach $2.1 trillion in 2019, up from $1.6 trillion in 2014.

  • Cost Per Lead (CPL): Definition, Formula, Examples & More!

    Advertising and marketing campaigns play an essential role in finding new customers for your business, but how can you know if those campaigns are working effectively?

  • Ecommerce Trends to Drive Sales

    Online shopping is a rapidly growing industry, especially since the pandemic began earlier this year. Competition is fierce, and that’ll only continue in 2021. That means you need to be on top of your game when it comes to trends in ecommerce.

  • What Is the Data Layer: A Guide For Google Tag Manager Lovers

    Digital marketing is data-centric and effective marketing requires collecting, collating, and analyzing data from several data points. A data layer and the Google Tag Manager (GTM) is the code and tool that makes collecting data from your website an effective and efficient process.

  • Holiday Shopping Statistics 2020 & Predictions for 2021

    Blink a few times… and 2021 is right here. Smart marketers and retailers have already started making plans to capitalize on the year’s most lucrative shopping season.

  • 7 Omnichannel Marketing Strategies You Should Implement

    A 2017 study of shoppers showed that only 7% of consumers shop exclusively online, 20% shop only at physical stores, and more than 70% switch between different shopping channels.

  • What Is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)? Formula, Examples, and More

    Let’s start with this fact: not all customers are created equally. You might like some more than others, but that doesn’t mean they are your best clients.

  • ClickFunnels Pricing Plan Review

    If you have already read our latest Clickfunnels reviews, I believe you are equipped enough to pull the trigger and join the Clickfunnels massive users’ community.

  • 13+ Best Product Marketing books you can read right now!

    Are you a product marketer who wants to be successful in this ever-evolving field of marketing, or a business owner who is going to release a new product?

  • 14 Excellent Digital Marketing Courses

    The digital marketing industry is constantly transforming with new digital marketing trends. Hence, it is essential for executives and professionals to keep updated with these trends and technologies unless they will be lagged behind.

  • 15+ Best Marketing Strategy books for dummies

    Marketing is always involved. It’s truly a fascinating, exciting, and interesting field to be in. If you are marketers or just interested in marketing, you must be at least once impressed and thrilled by remarkable marketing strategies from big brands like Coca Cola, Nike, Apple, Starbucks, and more.

  • 20 Best Online Marketing books

    Did you know that 88% of financially successful people read at least 30 minutes per day? Tom Corley figured out and told us this result in his book “Change Your Habits, Change Your Life” about the daily habits of self-made millionaires. He concluded that reading is the key to success.

  • 13 Best Digital Marketing Books to Read

    Nowadays, marketers and business owners always have to deal with the risk of being left in our competitors’ dust.

  • Top 10 Best Marketing Books every marketer need

    In this day and age, you can find any information in seconds by googling it.

  • 10 Types of Digital Marketing Vital to Your Business

    Digital marketing is no longer a new term for those who run businesses. It can be stated that every company in the globe needs digital marketing to grow and thrive. However, each business will use different types based on their short-term and long-term purposes.

  • The Best Network Marketing Books

    There are many different types of business marketing models existing these days, and one of these is network marketing. This particular type of marketing and business model depends on a person to person sale through independent representatives wherein most of them are working from home. Network marketing businesses might require you to establish a network of salespeople and business partners to help you with lead generation as well as closing sales.

  • What is Integrated Marketing? How to build a powerful campaign?

    Due to Philip Kotler, in his book Marketing Management (2014), today companies must integrate communications tools to present to existing and potential customers, because individual communication has not been successful for a long time.

  • What is Market Research? How To Do It Properly?

    Almost all big international companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft invest a vast amount in market research. Why do they have to do it? Market research enables them to grasp every information in this changing environment to adapt and adjust instantly. As a result, they can succeed and stay ahead of their competitors.

  • 14 Marketing Tip to Drive Traffics for New Entrepreneurs

    As a new entrepreneur that has probably just opened a blog or a website for your business, it is important that you are able to get people to read your content and drive traffic to your blog/website. But how do you do this?

  • What is Public Relations (PR)?

    Do you know that public image makes up some 63% of the value of most companies today?

  • What is a Marketing Plan? Steps, Rules, Traps you should know

    “A marketing plan is such a waste of time”

  • Product Marketing

    Marketing, in general, is a set of activities to attract customers and build relationships with them. Content marketing involves increasing brand awareness and nurturing visitors into customers via blogs, e-books, webinars. Brand marketing highlights your brand to promote your products and services. All kinds of marketing operate at the corporate level.

  • Digital Marketing

    Marketing has experienced dramatic changes over the past few years. The traditional marketing approach seems to step back and make way for a new norm - Digital Marketing.

  • What is Bounce Rate? How to improve it quickly?

    Let’s start with an ugly fact: We can not convince all the traffic on our website to stay. We can’t. If our page doesn’t have what they want, they will leave immediately. Therefore, in his talk named “Bounce Rate: The Simply Powerful Metric”, Avinash Kaushik emphasized that “We came, we puked, we left,” which became a very famous saying to define the bounce rate.

  • What is a Blog? Benefits of blogging for business

    Since blog was first created in 1994, it has become so popular that every Internet user gets familiar with this word. For recent years, blogs have covered both non-commercial and commercial use. Have you ever wondered what exact definition of blog, blogging and business blogging? In this article, we would like to put everything you need to know about blogs. Let’s get started!

  • Avoiding amateur mistakes is the key of digital marketing

    Digital marketing trends seem to be the way to go these days. And why shouldn’t that be the case? With the entire world, along with the consumer base shifting to the online world, it is the best place to make sure your business flourishes enough to knock back the competition. Now, to help you out with this newer trick when it comes to the digital advertising campaign, there are several tools.

  • What is Marketing? Types, Roles, Factors & More!

    Businesses all over the world are changing, which results in increasingly intense competition between firms. To thrive and expand business scale in such an environment, there must have a tool, which sets your business apart or even shines brighter than your competitors.

  • Holiday Announcement: We're still supporting during Christmas and New Year

    The holidays are just around the corner! Many of you have already had Christmas decorations up. In this heartwarming time of the year, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of you. Thank you for choosing Mageplaza and being here with us for a long time. We wholeheartedly appreciate your trust in our products and support.

  • How to prepare your store for Halloween

    It is coming! The “scary-good” time of the year, and it is the Halloween day. Some people believe that it is just a minor holiday compared to Christmas and Easter, but they don’t know such small holidays as Halloween can bring significant growth in sales to their e-commerce business. Since many people of all ages are going to get into the Halloween spirit, there will be a surge in internet spending in this time period. So, if you don’t want to miss an opportunity of boosting your revenue, just spook out your website to join this amazing season trend and engage with as many customers as you can.

  • Clever ways to succeed in eCommerce marketing campaigns

    Talking about eCommerce marketing, it is actually the practice of using promotional strategies and tactics to draw customers’ attention, drive traffic to your website and converting those potential visitors to your paying customers. Furthermore, marketing purpose also is maintaining loyal customer relationships.

  • A Flexible Promotional Calendar for Holiday Shopping Seasons

    Holidays and events are a favorable time for online stores to run their marketing campaigns. Each year sees the unpredicted changes in holiday shopping trends. Hence, having a flexible promotional calendar which is based on the standard shopping season calendar is important for shops to meet customers’ demands on time. The promo calendar is simple; however, its value to eCommerce businesses is undeniable and lasts all year long.

  • Get ready for the early birds in holiday shopping season

    The holiday shopping season always gets the top of concern from shopaholics, especially when we have come through the first half of 2019. Those who have prepared the whole year for this occasion even already draw up their purchasing list and start researching for on which and where to spend money. They are called “Early Birds” for a reason. Shopping ahead of holiday time is a wise way to avoid the stress coming from the frenzy of shopping crowds. Even when it comes to the online market, “finish before the crowds even get started” never goes wrong.

  • Pros and Cons of Net Neutrality

    Ah, the good ol’ internet, with its abundance of information. Those who say they hate it are lying and those who cannot use it are considered illiterate in today’s day and age.

  • 9 Ecommerce Mistakes That Can Bleed Your Profit To Death

    Table of contents Rushing Your Business Math Product Returns and Fraudulent Purchases Not Understanding Your Target Audience Fixed Shipping Costs And Using The Wrong Packaging Making the Wrong Investments Inconsistent Ecommerce Branding Choosing The Wrong Platform Underestimating the Power of User Experience Brushing Aside Customer Feedback Conclusion

  • 3 Practical Ways To Offer Meaningful Personalization for Online Businesses

    Table of content

  • 5 Excellent Marketing Ideas For April Fool's Day

    Make Use Of April Fool’s Day To Prompt Sale And Marketing Real-time Marketing April Fool’s Day 5 April Fool’s Marketing Ideas Market A Fake Product Offer A Discount That’s Too Good To Be True Make A Fake Announcement Surprise Your Customers Fool Day- No Fool Traits Of A Winning April Fool’s Day Email Campaign Maximize The Effectiveness Of The Campaign Make Customers Believe Trick Easily Be Different Try out subject lines Use humor Be straightforward Attach your brand’s image Avoid Negative Pranks Do not cause harm to subscribers Do not go overuse brand image Conclusion

  • The 4 Ps Of Marketing

    In the 1950s Neil Borden popularised the term marketing mix which contained more than ten elements of marketing. The fundamental among them was the 4 Ps of marketing. Later in the 1960s, Jerome McCarthy devised the 7 Ps model, refining the essentials from the marketing mix. Over time many Ps have been crystallized like 5Ps, 8Ps, etc. But the 4Ps of marketing is like the purest crystal which cannot be refined further. Every other Ps-model is either an expansion or modification of the original 4Ps. We may add two or more Ps to the 4Ps, but we can’t move a P out of it. Hence, it is the bedrock of marketing of any kind.

  • How to optimize the Average Revenue Per User

    To grow a business, the owner needs to both talk the talk and walk the walk. Firstly, you need to be good at making promises. The tempting promises, if being made to right audiences at the right moments, will bring you expectable customers with greatest buying power. That is the talking part.

  • How to Set Marketing Goals Based on Business Goals?

    Every enterprise may have great marketing ideas and want to launch strategic marketing plans as soon as possible. However, defining marketing goals is among the most difficult tasks that all businessmen face when deciding to embark on a marketing strategy. If you are also struggling with setting goals for your marketing plan, following are 8 steps to help you identify your objectives more easily.

  • How to Create a Marketing Budget?

    Growing a triumphant company almost equals marketing your product, your service, or yourself successfully.

  • Importance of Influencer Marketing

    With an increasing demand for attention and various product options on the market, customers don’t know who to trust. Their imposing measures to prevent advertising make it extremely challenging for brands to catch up with the digital landscape.

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