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What we do

Magento 2 Website Design and Development

Every successful online store needs a solid website - why not start with one?

You will need Magento development services with 8+ years of experience in e-commerce to lead you to your success.

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What we do

Magento 2 Store Custom Development

If you already have a store, how about custom features?

More than just available features, Magento custom development services will help you grow and scale faster through specially-designed functionalities.

Want to build awesome website with a trusted Magento 2 partner?

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Our focuses

To Help You Gain A Successful Business


Magento design & development

An appealing & interactive Magento website with customized features can be created to fulfill your needs.


Magento consulting & E-commerce strategy

We analyze how your store is doing and offer a clear strategic path to plan future growth.


Magento migration

The migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 might be challenging; however, a professional Magento development company like Mageplaza will assist you in doing it effectively.


Magento upgrade

An upgrade requires many tasks and may create data loss along the journey. Our specialists will handle all of the hard parts.


Create a new website

How about build a new website that is specially designed for you? No more adaptation to the available modules, now you can customize everything from the start.


Magento integration service

All of the business tools will be integrated to your store to help the management process become easier: CRM, CMS, ERP, marketing tools, payment gateways, etc.

The Service Process

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Our QA Process

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Omnichannel eCommerce

Keep customers on a smooth experience across channels. Develop your own content strategies with Mageplaza - a skilled Magento development company, regardless of which distribution and promotional channels you are on.


Multivendor eCommerce

Start developing your own shop the same way as a marketplace like Amazon or eBay. We will help you transform all data as quickly as possible and accompany you along the journey.


Security patch installation

Online merchants always need to face break-in risks and data breaches. To protect your store, let the security patch and Magento development agency’s experts take care of it.


Magento Security Audit

View how data breaches may happen and protect the store beforehand. Magento codebase, server configuration, and PCI compliance audit are constantly reviewed to free you from security worries.


Magento Speed Optimization

Your website speed matters. Mageplaza enables you to increase conversion rates via a quick-loading site.


PWA Implementations

PWA technology is the future of e-commerce due to its awesome speed, low costs, and lightweight storage. Be prepared for a great website experience with the help of Mageplaza PWA Implementation Service.

What service do you need?

We can help you with anything!

Why Choose Us?



Our experienced certificated developers have developed 221+ high-quality extensions downloaded by 15 million cusstomers.



Your website security is well protected by us - a professional Magento development agency. No more data loss or hacker attacks to worry about.



All features can be expanded to bring the best performance to your site.


Flexible pricing

Stop worrying about budget, because we have different packages that suit your needs.


Regular updates

We provide frequent updates and technical support for all extensions developed by Mageplaza.


Dedicated support

Mageplaza is a dedicated Magento development company who offers you 16 hours/day support to ensure the best performance out of your store.

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