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6+ Best Network Marketing Books you need to read

There are many different types of business marketing models existing these days, and one of these is network marketing. This particular type of marketing and business model depends on a person to person sale through independent representatives wherein most of them are working from home. Network marketing businesses might require you to establish a network of salespeople and business partners to help you with lead generation as well as closing sales.

Learning network marketing is highly imperative because this allows you to learn how to earn more money and work less through building sources for passive income. With network marketing, you can also enjoy the freedom and perks of financial stability. Networking appeals to individuals with high energy and with stronger sales skills and those who can build a lucrative business with modest investments. If you want to gain mastery of network marketing, you need to take time to learn. In order to learn, you need to either take online coaching classes or read.

In that case, you will need books that are focused on network marketing. The following are the best network marketing books you must read and study. When listing these books, I selected three criteria:

1.Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich

This is one of the most recommended and best networking marketing books. This book is the product of about two decades of extensive research conducted by the author himself, Napoleon Hill. This book focuses on principles and beliefs that can lead you towards success.


  • The book includes concepts taught by the author that will surely transform your life. These concepts include developing a clear purpose, channeling the subconscious mind’s power, building a positive mental attitude, and dealing with adversities.
  • This book features chapters dedicated to some of today’s essential issues, covering decision-making, knowledge- organized planning, and imagination.


  • This is a must-read and helpful book for entrepreneurs and business owners or just anyone who wanted to learn more about network marketing
  • This book reveals ways on how to make money. But the methods and advice can also be used in any aspect of your life


  • Some readers do not like how this network marketing book was formatted
  • Some find it a bit hard to get it

Think and Grow Rich on Amazon

2.How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

How to Win Friends & Influence People

If you want to go after your dream job, you can go and get it. You can also take the job that you have and try to improve it. You can also take any given situation and make this favorably work for you. In this book, the author has provided time-tested and rock-solid advice that helps individuals climb up the ladder of success, be it on their personal or business lives.

This book is one of the bestsellers of all time. It is also one of the most groundbreaking and best networking marketing books. It will teach you ways to make other people like you, ways to win their thinking, ways of changing people without triggering resentment, and more. This is indeed a must-read book for the 21st century. In fact, over 15 million copies of this book have already been sold.


  • Contents are in detailed chaptering and information are presented in a very comprehensive manner
  • Topics and subtopics are clearly discussed
  • This book features relevant and life-changing contents from cover to cover


  • The contents of this network marketing book are meant to help you reach your full potential.
  • This book teaches about the fundamental techniques in dealing and handling people
  • You will also learn how to win individuals in your own way of thinking
  • The book also includes many different principles that you can learn and put into practice so that you can influence people the right and the positive way


  • This book is packed with a lot of information, and some parts may get you overwhelmed and confused
  • You might encounter terms that may be unfamiliar to you

How to Win Friends and Influence People on Amazon

3.The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect

No hyperbole, magic bullets, and gimmicks, Compound Effect, authored by Darren Hardy, is mainly based on important principles that decisions really shape your own destiny. Even small daily decisions have impacts to your life. In fact, this can make or break it. This book is, therefore, the distillation of basic principles that act as a guide to phenomenal successes in business, in relationships, and even beyond.


  • This is one of the best network marketing books featuring strategies of reaping big rewards from seemingly insignificant and small actions. You cannot really improve things, not until you measure it. You need to take full responsibility for all the things that happen to you.
  • This network marketing book also features a step-by-step, easy-to-use operating system, enabling you to double and even triple your success, chart your personal progress, and achieve what you truly desire. This book is what you need to create the success that you really want.


  • Everything included in this book matters
  • The contents of this book are meant to teach you a lot about seeing good results and effects
  • You will learn about consistency and why it matters to life
  • This book will also make you realize that choice is the center of all failures and successes
  • This book will jumpstart your life, your income, and your success


  • There are some deep terms in the content that some readers might find it hard to understand at once

The Compound Effect on Amazon

4.21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Workbook

This is a classic leadership book that can position you on top of your game. Being a good and strong leader is actually one of the most important skills of network marketers. Leadership begins in prospecting. John Maxwell is one of the leading leadership experts, and in his book, he shares everything he knows about leadership that he learned from the Bible.


  • This book features 21 irrefutable leadership laws based on the Bible
  • Lessons and in-depth studies on leadership laws seen in women and men are also included. These laws include:
    • Law of Influence
    • Law of Navigation
    • Law of Connection
    • Law of Empowerment
    • Law of Intuition
    • Law of Sacrifice
    • Law of Legacy
  • This is an expanded and updated workbook drawing stories of women and men in Scripture showing how they modeled, how they failed to model, and the laws that make them great leaders.


  • This is a good book if you are just starting out to learn about leadership and its connection to network marketing
  • This can improve your knowledge of leadership and how can this help you succeed
  • With the help of this book, you can visualize your purpose
  • The laws explained in this book can help you expand your network


  • Readers might face information overload

Irrefutable Laws of Leadership on Amazon

5.Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnall

Your First Year in Network Marketing

Network marketing is a promising and fastest-growing opportunity. Millions of individuals left their jobs and decide to start their own business or venture into network marketing. Of all the business opportunities out there, network marketing seems to be the most challenging and, sometimes, the most discouraging.

The good thing is that this book is now available to guide you through. Mark Yarnall, a successful and most respected professional, reveals in this book some powerful strategies to overcome first-year challenges and obstacles. You will need these strategies to position yourself to be ultimate and life-long success. The author will also give you a wealth of advice on everything there is to know in order to succeed in network marketing like how to train, recruit, support, and grow your downline, and many more.

Features: This book features step by step comprehensive approach that will let you learn the proper ways of dealing with rejection, remaining focused, recruiting, training, staying enthusiastic, and more.


  • This book can help you get started with your network marketing journey
  • This book also provides inspiration and advice, especially to beginners
  • This is one of the best network marketing books that can help you fulfill your desire and achieve your dreams
  • By reading this book, you can overcome challenges and kickstart your career


  • Might be a bit dated, but the timeless principle included in this book can still be applied today

Your First Year in Network Marketing on Amazon

6.Mach 2 With Your Hair on Fire by Richard Bliss Brooke

Mach 2 With Your Hair

If you want to master self-motivation and you wanted your life to stay on fire. This is the book that you must read. The contents of this book are meant to help you unleash your power within nature and move forward effortlessly. This book is proven to change your mindset for the best.

Are there instances that you feel like life is quickly passing you by and that all that you need to be, to do, or to have will never occur? It is safe to say that you’re setting for the same and old things rather than effectively structuring your destiny? You are perhaps a victim of your own sabotage and self-talk. In case you’re prepared for a really big change, begin moving at the speed of this book. On its 25-year commemoration, one of the best success coach and bestselling author Richard Bliss Brooke has totally reinvented Mach2 to bring more clarity to the principles and other relevant details included in his book.

In Mach2, Richard will take you on a groundbreaking journey where you will figure out and learn how to use self-motivation to achieve your goals and to manifest your visions in a way that honors the real you. Features:

This book features: • Personal stories • Vision examples • Exercises on self-discovery • Success Strategies


  • This book will help you unleash your self-motivation power effortlessly and naturally and direct you toward your goals
  • This offers step by step guide on the most proficient method to get through your purposeful impediments and program your psyche brain to anticipate success
  • This network marketing book helps you create a new mindset and vision
  • This allows you to flex your creative mind muscle to program your soul for progress and success
  • Fall in love with the everyday zone you should be in
  • Discover acceptable behavior intensely and attract effectively
  • This book leads you to identify who you really are, your life purpose, your strengths, gifts and your authentic values


  • The contents of this book may not suit all types of readers

Mach 2 With Your Hair on Amazon

7.Building an Empire by Brian Carruthers

Building an Empire

Brian Carruthers has established one of the biggest, most productive downline groups in network marketing in the last 10 years. His incredible success system has significantly helped his group develop over 400,000 wholesalers, including innumerable lives being changed and improved by incomes earned or generated. Getting past Brian’s success of gaining riches and living an ideal life as an 8-figure earner, his personal goals are inspired by the passion to help and are aligned with a more noteworthy purpose of changing lives.

Brian integrated his two decades of experience, wisdom, and knowledge at working with a huge number of distributors in every turn of page of his trailblazing book. This can be a complete guide to spare yourself from trudging life’s wrong paths, evade the traps that stop you from your journey, and lessen your learning curve period.

Applying this book’s wisdom will make you more productive and effective, and you’ll have a good time while you reach the top and build your empire. This new level edition includes additional chapters and more learning, which helps in extending business exponentially since the book’s very first release.


  • This book is a timeless classic featuring chapters packed with information that you need improve your network marketing
  • This book is a complete blueprint in building massive and profitable network marketing business


  • This book is an incredible and beneficial learning point to the success of businesses
  • Every chapter is well-formed and unfolds a plethora of relevant information about network marketing
  • This is a must-read book that can take your business to the next level
  • This book can also act as a helpful training book
  • This includes content that helps you cultivate relationships and build a network


  • If you are searching for books that tackle other forms of marketing, this book may not suit you as this focuses more on network marketing

Building an Empire on Amazon

8.Beach Money by Jordan Adler

Beach Money

What can this network marketing book accomplish for you? - Have you, at any point, pondered whether an average individual can truly become famous in network marketing? Have the techniques and secrets of network marketing consistently been a puzzle to you? Have you abandoned the life you dreamed of since it just appears to be excessively troublesome or excessively far off? This book will show you that the freedom you want is closer than what and how you imagined. Jordan Adler’s stories included in this book will surely inspire you and let you see all the possibilities that are just within your reach.

Jordan Adler has made a seven-figure pay in his present network marketing enterprise and has actually roused a huge number of individuals to make wonderful progress through network marketing. He presently ventures to every part of the U.S and Canada and travels while persuading his team to achieve both their financial and personal dreams. He also motivates his training distributors on the real simplicity of growing successful businesses.

Book Money is not just your ordinary network marketing book-it’s a way of life that Jordan strongly believes that everybody can fulfill. It is highly possible for everyone to carry on with the life they have always wanted regardless of their choice of location. According to Jordan, one’s greatest discovery to creating their very own Beach Money life realizes that such discovery or breakthrough is ultimately possible for them. This is one of the best network marketing books that will reveal to you what’s possible and that you can certainly do it.


  • The books do not just provide detailed information about network marketing, but they also feature success and inspirational stories to help people realize how great network marketing is


  • This book will inspire you to realize and see all the possibilities that are just within your reach
  • The contents are presented in an easy-to-grasp and unique way
  • This books also allow you to see what is ultimately possible and realize that you can do it
  • This book offers clear analogies and explanation that can guide you through
  • More than explaining why network marketing is a great opportunity to pursue, this book also provides insights on how you can earn money the ethical, reasonable, and the Beach Money way
  • This network marketing book gives you encouragement and hopes that even you can really succeed in network marketing by taking small steps each day consistently
  • The author of this book takes a simple and easy to listen and understand approach on what it really takes to succeed in the industry of network marketing
  • Tips and step-by-step guidelines for carrying out the author’s suggestions are also provided in this book


  • Some readers may not get the idea instantly on the first read

Beach Money by Jordan Adler on Amazon

These are the best networking books that you need to add to your booklist. If you want to succeed in network marketing, reading these books and gaining knowledge and insights can help you accomplish your goals.


In conclusion, exploring these 8 network marketing books can be immensely beneficial for individuals seeking to enhance their understanding of the industry and improve their strategies. Each of these books offers unique insights, practical advice, and valuable lessons drawn from real-world experiences.

By delving into these resources, readers can gain the knowledge and inspiration needed to navigate the complexities of network marketing successfully. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced professional, incorporating these books into your reading list can empower you to achieve greater success and fulfillment in your network marketing endeavors.

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