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10+ Best Network Marketing Books you need to read

Summer Nguyen | 08-20-2020

The Best Network Marketing Books The Best Network Marketing Books

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There are many different types of business marketing models existing these days, and one of these is network marketing. This particular type of marketing and business model depends on a person to person sale through independent representatives wherein most of them are working from home. Network marketing businesses might require you to establish a network of salespeople and business partners to help you with lead generation as well as closing sales.

Learning network marketing is highly imperative because this allows you to learn how to earn more money and work less through building sources for passive income. With network marketing, you can also enjoy the freedom and perks of financial stability. Networking appeals to individuals with high energy and with stronger sales skills and those who can build a lucrative business with modest investments. If you want to gain mastery of network marketing, you need to take time to learn. In order to learn, you need to either take online coaching classes or read.

In that case, you will need books that are focused on network marketing. The following are the best network marketing books you must read and study. When listing these books, I selected three criteria:

  • The books significantly impacted my journey, contributing to the growth of my business, which now boasts over 300,000 representatives.
  • Among the 700 episodes of the MLM Nation podcast, this book stands out as one of the most frequently recommended.
  • Numerous coaching clients have cited this book as instrumental in the growth of their businesses.

1. Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre

“Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional” authored by Eric Worre serves as a comprehensive manual for individuals aspiring to excel in network marketing. Worre delineates seven strategic steps, guiding readers through the nuances of establishing a thriving network marketing enterprise.

Go Pro

Covering pivotal areas like mindset, prospecting, inviting, presenting, following up, and closing, the book furnishes readers with practical advice and actionable strategies to navigate the industry effectively. Drawing from his own expertise, Worre infuses the guide with invaluable insights applicable to novices and seasoned professionals alike. Presented in a lucid and succinct manner, “Go Pro” furnishes readers with a definitive roadmap to enhance their network marketing endeavors, enabling them to realize both financial success and personal fulfillment within the competitive domain of direct selling.

Contents included in this book:

  • Mindset: Developing the right attitude and overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Prospecting: Finding and identifying potential prospects
  • Inviting: Crafting compelling invitations for prospects to learn more
  • Presenting: Delivering effective presentations about products/services and the opportunity
  • Following Up: Nurturing relationships with prospects and addressing concerns
  • Closing: Techniques for sealing the deal and enrolling new team members
  • Duplication: Creating a system for team members to replicate success


  • Practical advice for building a network marketing business
  • The author’s personal experiences provide valuable insights
  • Comprehensive coverage of essential topics


  • Potential bias towards the author’s experiences
  • Limited alternative perspectives

2. Go for No! for Network Marketing by Richard Fenton

Go for No

“Go for No! for Network Marketing” is a book by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz that offers a unique perspective on the concept of rejection in network marketing. The book challenges the conventional idea of avoiding rejection and instead encourages embracing it as a path to success. Fenton and Waltz argue that by actively seeking out rejection and viewing it as a positive opportunity for growth, network marketers can overcome fear, build resilience, and ultimately achieve greater business success.

Contents included in this book:

  • Introduction to the “Go for No!” mindset: Embracing rejection as a path to success
  • Challenging conventional views: Encouraging proactive pursuit of rejection
  • Setting rejection goals: Shifting focus from outcomes to the number of rejections sought
  • Overcoming fear of rejection: Strategies for building resilience and confidence
  • Embracing failure: Understanding failure as a necessary step towards success
  • Practical techniques: Tools and techniques for implementing the “Go for No!” approach in network marketing
  • Real-life examples: Illustrative anecdotes and case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of the “Go for No!” mindset
  • Empowerment and growth: Harnessing rejection as a catalyst for personal and professional development in network marketing


  • Real-Life Examples: Supported by real-life anecdotes and case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the “Go for No!” approach
  • Empowerment: Empowers readers to overcome fear of rejection and take proactive steps towards achieving their goals in network marketing


  • The concept of actively seeking rejection may be challenging or unconventional for some readers, requiring an open mind to embrace fully

3. The Game of Networking by Rob Sperry

The Game of Networking

“The Game of Networking” is a book authored by Rob Sperry, offering insights and strategies for success in network marketing. Sperry draws from his own experiences and expertise in the industry to provide practical advice for building and expanding a network marketing business. The book presents networking as a skill-based game, with rules and strategies that can be learned and mastered by anyone willing to put in the effort.

Contents included in this book:

  • Network marketing introduction: An overview of the industry and its potential for success
  • Networking game: Presents networking as a skillful game with its rules and strategies
  • Relationship building: Highlights the importance of genuine connections in network marketing
  • Effective communication: Tips for communicating well with prospects and team members
  • Social network leverage: Strategies for using social media to expand one’s network
  • Overcoming obstacles: Advice on tackling common challenges in network marketing
  • Goal setting: Guidance on setting and achieving goals for success
  • Success stories: Real-life examples illustrating effective networking strategies
  • Conclusion: Summarizes key points and encourages application of learned principles


  • Clear Guidance: Presents information in a straightforward and accessible manner

  • Practical Strategies: Offers actionable techniques for success in network marketing


  • Overemphasis on Personal Experience: May rely too heavily on the author’s experiences, neglecting alternative perspectives.

4. All You Can Do Is All You Can Do But All You Can Do Is Enough! By Art Williams

Art Williams began his career as a high school football coach, earning a modest income of $10,700. However, his journey took a remarkable turn when he dared to believe in himself and seize opportunities. Today, he leads his own multi-million-dollar individual life insurance company.

All You Can Do Is All You Can Do

In this bestselling book, Art Williams shares his uplifting and straightforward advice to guide you towards success. His winning system includes a six-step plan to visualize and achieve goals, four proven principles for personal growth, techniques to overcome failure, and frontline advice from his own experiences. Additionally, he reveals the ultimate secret ingredient to winning. This book isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme but a powerful program that emphasizes the unlimited potential within you, proving it’s always possible to pursue your dreams.

Contents included in this book:

  • Maximizing personal effectiveness: Strategies for achieving peak performance and productivity.
  • Overcoming obstacles: Techniques for navigating challenges and setbacks.
  • Focus on what you can control: Emphasis on focusing efforts on areas within one’s control.
  • Mindset and attitude: Guidance on cultivating a positive mindset and attitude towards success.
  • Time management: Tips for prioritizing tasks and managing time effectively.
  • Goal setting: Techniques for setting and achieving meaningful goals.
  • Resilience and perseverance: Encouragement to stay resilient and persevere in adversity.
  • Self-care: Self-care is important for maintaining balance in personal and professional life. Real-life examples: Illustrative anecdotes and stories to reinforce key concepts and lessons.


  • Practical Advice: Offers actionable strategies for maximizing personal effectiveness and productivity.
  • Inspirational Tone: Provides motivation and encouragement for readers to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.
  • Simple Language: Presents complex ideas in an accessible and easy-to-understand manner.
  • Empowerment: Encourages readers to focus on what they can control and maximize their efforts.


  • Narrow Focus: The book’s focus on personal effectiveness may not address all personal and professional development aspects.
  • Overly Optimistic: While the book promotes a positive mindset, it does toot adequately address challenges or setbacks that readers may encounter.

5. Feeding a Giant: Advanced Network Marketing by Bob Crisp

Feeding a Giant

Bob Crisp, a successful network marketer, shares his journey and valuable advice in his book. Designed for aspiring leaders, it offers practical tips and heartfelt guidance to overcome common challenges. Covering topics like personal development and problem-solving, it’s a comprehensive resource for success.

Emphasizing self-improvement, the book highlights the importance of acquiring new skills. Bob Crisp’s clear writing style makes it an essential read for anyone looking to excel in network marketing.

Contents included in this book:

  • Network marketing strategies: This could involve building a downline, leveraging social media for recruitment, and team leadership techniques
  • Advanced concepts: The book might delve into topics like compensation plans, residual income, and scaling a network marketing business
  • Customer acquisition: This could include attracting new customers to the network’s products or services
  • Product knowledge: The book might emphasize the importance of understanding the products or services being sold to promote them effectively
  • Building relationships: Success in network marketing often hinges on building solid relationships with downline members and customers


  • Advanced insights: Offers deep knowledge for experienced network marketers
  • Practical strategies: Provides actionable advice for immediate implementation


  • Overcomplication risk: May become too complex for some readers
  • Limited applicability: Strategies may not suit all network marketing businesses

6.Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich

This is one of the most recommended and best networking marketing books. This book is the product of about two decades of extensive research conducted by the author himself, Napoleon Hill. This book focuses on principles and beliefs that can lead you towards success.

Contents included in this book:

  • 13 Steps to Riches: The book outlines a step-by-step process for achieving wealth and fulfillment.
  • Desire: A burning desire is the starting point for any achievement.
  • Faith: Unwavering belief in yourself and your ability to succeed is crucial.
  • Auto-suggestion: Positive self-talk and affirmations can shape your subconscious mind.
  • Specialized Knowledge: Gaining specific knowledge relevant to your goals is essential.


  • This is a must-read and helpful book for entrepreneurs and business owners or just anyone who wanted to learn more about network marketing
  • This book reveals ways on how to make money. But the methods and advice can also be used in any aspect of your life


  • Some readers do not like how this network marketing book was formatted
  • Some find it a bit hard to get it

Think and Grow Rich on Amazon

7.How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

How to Win Friends

If you want to go after your dream job, you can go and get it. You can also take the job that you have and try to improve it. You can also take any given situation and make this favorably work for you. In this book, the author has provided time-tested and rock-solid advice that helps individuals climb up the ladder of success, be it on their personal or business lives.

This book is one of the bestsellers of all time. It is also one of the most groundbreaking and best networking marketing books. It will teach you ways to make other people like you, ways to win their thinking, ways of changing people without triggering resentment, and more. This is indeed a must-read book for the 21st century. In fact, over 15 million copies of this book have already been sold.

Contents included in this book:

  • Fundamental Techniques in Handling People: This core section remains the same.
  • Six Ways to Make People Like You: Here, Carnegie presents principles for building rapport and likability.
  • How to Win People To Your Way of Thinking: This section focuses on persuasive communication techniques.
  • Be a Leader: How to Change People Without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment: Leadership principles for motivating and inspiring others are explored.


  • The contents of this network marketing book are meant to help you reach your full potential.
  • This book teaches about the fundamental techniques in dealing and handling people
  • You will also learn how to win individuals in your own way of thinking
  • The book also includes many different principles that you can learn and put into practice so that you can influence people the right and the positive way


  • This book is packed with a lot of information, and some parts may get you overwhelmed and confused
  • You might encounter terms that may be unfamiliar to you

How to Win Friends and Influence People on Amazon

8.The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

The Compound Effect

No hyperbole, magic bullets, and gimmicks, Compound Effect, authored by Darren Hardy, is mainly based on important principles that decisions really shape your own destiny. Even small daily decisions have impacts to your life. In fact, this can make or break it. This book is, therefore, the distillation of basic principles that act as a guide to phenomenal successes in business, in relationships, and even beyond.

Contents included in this book:

  • Explain the Compound Effect with real-world examples
  • Explore how daily choices shape your life
  • Discuss strategies for building good habits and breaking bad ones
  • Provide methods for staying motivated and overcoming challenges
  • Emphasize the importance of surrounding yourself with positive influences
  • Offer techniques to accelerate your progress towards your goals


  • Everything included in this book matters
  • The contents of this book are meant to teach you a lot about seeing good results and effects
  • You will learn about consistency and why it matters to life
  • This book will also make you realize that choice is the center of all failures and successes
  • This book will jumpstart your life, your income, and your success


  • There are some deep terms in the content that some readers might find it hard to understand at once

The Compound Effect on Amazon

9.21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell

Irrefutable Laws

This is a classic leadership book that can position you on top of your game. Being a good and strong leader is actually one of the most important skills of network marketers. Leadership begins in prospecting. John Maxwell is one of the leading leadership experts, and in his book, he shares everything he knows about leadership that he learned from the Bible.

Contents included in this book:

Laws 1-5: Foundation

  • Law of the Lid: Your leadership ability determines the potential of your team or organization.
  • Law of Influence: True leadership is measured by your ability to influence others.
  • Law of Process: Leadership is developed over time through constant learning and experience.
  • Law of Navigation: Leaders set the direction and vision for the team.
  • Law of Addition: Leaders add value by serving others and helping them grow.

Laws 6-10: Building Trust and Character

  • Law of Solid Ground: Trust is the foundation of leadership.
  • Law of Respect: People follow leaders they respect.
  • Law of Responsibility: Leaders take responsibility for everything within their area of influence.
  • Law of Accountability: Leaders hold themselves and others accountable for results.
  • Law of Win: Leaders strive for win-win situations.

Laws 11-15: Empowering Others

  • Law of the Big Mo: Momentum is a key factor in successful leadership.
  • Law of the Picture: Leaders have a clear vision and can communicate it effectively.
  • Law of Empowerment: The best leaders empower others to succeed.
  • Law of A Team: There is no “I” in team. Collaboration is key.
  • Law of Synergy: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Laws 16-21: Growth and Legacy

  • Law of Sacrifice: Leadership requires sacrifice and a willingness to put the needs of the team first.
  • Law of Growth: Leaders are always learning and growing.
  • Law of Momentum: Maintaining momentum is crucial for sustained success.
  • Law of Laws: Leadership is cumulative; all the laws work together.
  • Law of Legacy: The true mark of a leader is the impact they leave behind.


  • This is a good book if you are just starting out to learn about leadership and its connection to network marketing
  • This can improve your knowledge of leadership and how can this help you succeed
  • With the help of this book, you can visualize your purpose
  • The laws explained in this book can help you expand your network


  • Readers might face information overload

Irrefutable Laws of Leadership on Amazon

10.Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnall

Your First Year in Network Marketing

This book offers valuable guidance for those embarking on network marketing, providing strategies from a seasoned professional, Mark Yarnall. It helps navigate the challenges of the first year and sets you up for long-term success. With a focus on training, recruiting, supporting your team, and maintaining enthusiasm, it offers a comprehensive approach to overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals in network marketing.

Contents included in this book:

  • Introduction to Network Marketing
  • Industry Overview
  • Setting Goals & Expectations
  • Overcoming First-Year Challenges
  • Building Your Network Strategy
  • Recruiting Techniques
  • Team Training & Support
  • Handling Rejection & Staying Motivated
  • Growing Your Downline
  • Long-Term Success Strategies

Your First Year in Network Marketing on Amazon

11. Mach 2 With Your Hair on Fire by Richard Bliss Brooke

Mach 2 With Your Hair

Do you crave a life filled with passion and purpose? Are you tired of feeling stuck and unfulfilled? This completely revamped edition of Mach2 by success coach Richard Bliss Brooke can help. The book offers practical strategies to unlock your inner potential and achieve your goals. You’ll learn to overcome negative self-talk and take control of your destiny, finally living the life you truly desire.

In Mach2, Richard will guide you on a transformative journey to master self-motivation and manifest your dreams, staying true to your authentic self.

Contents included in this book:

  • Overcoming negative self-talk: The book tackles how to identify and silence limiting beliefs that hold you back.
  • Goal setting and achievement: It provides strategies for setting clear goals and developing an action plan to achieve them.
  • Building self-confidence: Strategies to increase your confidence and self-belief are likely included.
  • Taking action and staying focused: The book might offer advice on overcoming procrastination and staying committed to your vision.


  • This book will help you unleash your self-motivation power effortlessly and naturally and direct you toward your goals
  • This offers step by step guide on the most proficient method to get through your purposeful impediments and program your psyche brain to anticipate success
  • This network marketing book helps you create a new mindset and vision
  • This allows you to flex your creative mind muscle to program your soul for progress and success
  • Fall in love with the everyday zone you should be in
  • Discover acceptable behavior intensely and attract effectively
  • This book leads you to identify who you really are, your life purpose, your strengths, gifts and your authentic values


  • The contents of this book may not suit all types of readers

Mach 2 With Your Hair on Amazon

12.Building an Empire by Brian Carruthers

Building an Empire

Brian Carruthers, a successful network marketer, has built an extensive downline group over the past decade, supporting over 400,000 wholesalers. His success system has positively impacted lives by generating income and creating opportunities. Beyond financial gains, Carruthers is driven by a passion for helping others. His book, “Building an Empire,” draws on his two decades of experience, offering practical guidance for network marketers.

By applying the book’s wisdom, readers can enhance productivity, overcome obstacles, and build their own successful empires. The new level edition includes additional chapters for continued growth and success.

Contents included in this book:

  • The Power of Network Marketing: Carruthers emphasizes the potential of network marketing as a business model. It allows individuals to create leverage in terms of both time and income.
  • Mindset Matters: Developing the right mindset is crucial for success. Carruthers - discusses the importance of having a positive attitude, persistence, and resilience.
  • Building Relationships and Trust: Network marketing relies on relationships. Carruthers provides guidance on building trust with prospects and team members.
  • Effective Communication and Influence: Communication skills are essential. Carruthers shares strategies for effective communication, persuasion, and influence.
  • Leveraging Social Media: In today’s digital age, social media plays a significant role. The book covers how to leverage social platforms for network marketing success.
  • Developing Leadership Skills: As a network marketer, you become a leader. Carruthers offers insights into leadership development.


  • This book is an incredible and beneficial learning point to the success of businesses
  • Every chapter is well-formed and unfolds a plethora of relevant information about network marketing
  • This is a must-read book that can take your business to the next level
  • This book can also act as a helpful training book
  • This includes content that helps you cultivate relationships and build a network


  • If you are searching for books that tackle other forms of marketing, this book may not suit you as this focuses more on network marketing

Building an Empire on Amazon

13.Beach Money by Jordan Adler

Beach Money

This network marketing book promises to show you how to achieve the financial and personal dreams you’ve always had. The author, Jordan Adler, is a successful network marketer who has helped many people find success in this field. The book will show you that financial freedom and living the life you desire is closer than you think. Adler’s personal stories will inspire you and demonstrate the possibilities of network marketing. This book is not just about making money, but about living a fulfilling life on your own terms.

Contents included in this book:

  • Possibilities Within Reach: The book emphasizes that the freedom you desire is closer than you might think. Jordan Adler’s stories inspire readers to see the possibilities that are well within their reach.
  • Practical Strategies: Adler provides practical strategies for success in network marketing. These insights can help individuals build a successful business and create a fulfilling life.
  • Mindset Shifts: The book encourages mindset shifts, helping readers overcome obstacles and believe in their potential to achieve their dream lifestyle.
  • Living the Dream: Adler believes that everyone can live the life of their dreams, whether it’s from the beach or any other location


  • This book will inspire you to realize and see all the possibilities that are just within your reach
  • The contents are presented in an easy-to-grasp and unique way
  • This books also allow you to see what is ultimately possible and realize that you can do it
  • This book offers clear analogies and explanation that can guide you through
  • More than explaining why network marketing is a great opportunity to pursue, this book also provides insights on how you can earn money the ethical, reasonable, and the Beach Money way
  • This network marketing book gives you encouragement and hopes that even you can really succeed in network marketing by taking small steps each day consistently
  • The author of this book takes a simple and easy to listen and understand approach on what it really takes to succeed in the industry of network marketing
  • Tips and step-by-step guidelines for carrying out the author’s suggestions are also provided in this book


  • Some readers may not get the idea instantly on the first read

Beach Money by Jordan Adler on Amazon

These are the best networking books that you need to add to your booklist. If you want to succeed in network marketing, reading these books and gaining knowledge and insights can help you accomplish your goals.


In conclusion, exploring these 8 network marketing books can be immensely beneficial for individuals seeking to enhance their understanding of the industry and improve their strategies. Each of these books offers unique insights, practical advice, and valuable lessons drawn from real-world experiences.

By delving into these resources, readers can gain the knowledge and inspiration needed to navigate the complexities of network marketing successfully. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced professional, incorporating these books into your reading list can empower you to achieve greater success and fulfillment in your network marketing endeavors.

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