Magento 2 Gift Card, Voucher, Certificates extension

Magento 2 Gift Card extension helps your shoppers get the most fantastic presents for their friends, family members, and colleagues. Shoppers freely design their gifts and send them either by email or print out then delivery by the post office.

  • Physical, virtual or combined gift cards
  • Different gift card values from prices(fixed price, price range, price dropdown)
  • Send cards via email or post office
  • Personal message
  • Tracking gift codes
  • Eye-catching gift card templates
  • Compatible with custom designs, themes



30-day Money Back


Lifetime Update


1-Year Support

Actually, Gift Card first entered the market in 1994 as an entirely new online product and it is still bringing a huge profit for online stores. It is declared that Gift Card can effectively boost sales as 80% of customers say they buy at least one gift certificate during the holiday shopping season and more than 60% of gift voucher holders spend more than the amount of their gift card.

Understanding the trend and benefit, Mageplaza is glad to offer you Gift Card extension for Magento 2. With Gift Voucher extension, you can create unlimited gift cards for your visitors with different prices. The gift card senders will be delighted with a bunch of eye-catching templates which they can choose to fit their own style. Then, the gift card receiver will pleasurably select their presents and become potential customers of your store.

Why need to choose Magento 2 Gift Voucher extension?

  • 71% intend to purchase at least one gift card from an online website or mobile website/app this holiday season, while 74% agree that they are likely to purchase at least one digital gift card
  • 85% of respondents between 18-35 agree that they’re likely to purchase at least one digital gift card this holiday season
  • Of those who intend to purchase gift cards from online websites or mobile websites/apps this holiday season, nearly 20% plan to purchase 5 or more gift cards; 73% between 2-5
  • Nearly 90% of respondents between 18-35 agree that they are more interested in purchasing digital gift cards now than they were two to three years ago
  • 77% of respondents between 18-35 prefer to have a digital gift card scanned from their phone rather than carry an email printout
  • 53% of total respondents, and 79% of those between 18-35, are interested in storing and using gift cards on their phones
  • 55% of total respondents, 79% of those between 18-35, agree that they’re interested in storing digital gift cards on their phone for self-use
  • Nearly 23% of those who have purchased gift cards from online websites or mobile websites/apps purchase 5-10 cards annually

Fully responsive

As usual, A fully responsive design will help your shoppers comfortably access your store by PC, tablets or mobiles.

Eye-catching templates

Your shoppers will be definitely excited with a lot of eye-catching templates for choosing. The template will appear instantly when being clicked on by shoppers to preview. Moreover, Your shoppers can also upload their prefer image instead of using default templates.

magento 2 gift card gift templates

Generating unlimited gift codes

Mageplaza Gift Card extension allows you to create thousands of gift codes. Store admin can easily generate the code with different value by a few clicks.

Send gift cards to friends

Gift Card extension support 3 types of gift card for your visitors to choose: physical, virtual and combined gift cards. These 3 types of the gift card are adaptable and suitable for every shopper in every situation. Either your shoppers want to send their gift card through email or post office, Gift Card extension absolutely can do it for them.

Gift Message

An e-gift card plays a role as both gift voucher and postcard for your customers. Therefore, Gift Card extension allows shoppers to write wishes and gift message before sending.

magento 2 gift card gift message

Gift card store credit

If your shoppers do not like a one-size-fits-all gift voucher, Magento 2 Gift Certificates extension assist you on establishing gift card credit which is used as same as a credit card in your store. In addition, store admin can enable shoppers to redeem gift codes to their account balance in the backend.

magento 2 gift card store credit

Full Features List of Gift Card for Magento 2

For Customers

  • View Gift Card information without logging in
  • Choose value of the Gift Card in the price range of fix price
  • Choose Gift Card template or upload their image
  • Write gift message for the recipient
  • Inform buyers and recipients name on the Gift Card
  • Choose to send Gift Card by email or post office
  • Choose the date and time zone to send Gift Card
  • Preview Gift Card before adding to cart
  • View Gift Cart usage condition before purchasing
  • Properly buy Gift Card with lower price than its actual value
  • Receive notification when recipients accept the Gift Cards
  • Enable to redeem gift code to Gift Card balance
  • Quickly check and manage gift code
  • Gift code is automatically added to the Gift Card
  • Use gift code as a discount code or a payment method
  • Gift code can be used by multiple people
  • Recipients click on the link in email to add Gift Card to their list
  • Track the status and expiration date of the gift code

Other features

  • Open source 100%
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface
  • 1-year support
  • 1-year upgrade
  • 30 days guarantee money back
  • Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
  • Supports multiple stores
  • Supports multiple languages

For Admin

  • View Gift Card history
  • Track gift codes, customer Gift Card credit balance, redeemed value, etc
  • Set Gift Card price and its actual value
  • Enable customers to use gift codes, Gift Card credit, redeemed gift codes or not
  • Set the quantity of gift codes of Gift Card products
  • Configure the gift codes
  • Set the usage condition for Gift Card using Shopping Cart Conditions and Cart Item Conditions
  • Display or Hide template selector from customers
  • Check the Gift Card status in the backend to see if it is sent or not
  • Gift Card status is auto-updated
  • Create unlimited Gift Card products
  • Auto-send emails to inform shoppers and recipients about Gift Card
  • Configure the types of price and value for Gift Card: a range, fixed amount or a drop down
  • Enable shoppers to change Gift Card image, logo and message
  • Enable print out Gift Card or not
  • Enable show Gift Card expiration date or not
  • Set the expiration date for Gift Card
  • Allow using gift code as discount after or before tax
  • Allow shoppers to add their name and recipient name on Gift Card
  • Allow shoppers to write gift message
  • Manage Gift Card templates and images
  • Preview Gift Card before upload it on the storefront
  • Import gift codes from CSV files
  • Allow attaching the gift code printable PDF in the email
  • Configure Gift Card display on the product page and the shopping cart page

Magento 2 Gift card / Gift Voucher / Gift Certificates FAQ

  • How is Gift Card / gift voucher supported for offline payment?

    Your customers can use gift card as payment method for online and offline order. With the offline order, only need to give gift code or print it out as normal gift voucher. It is so convenient, right?

  • How to change Gift Card layout?

    Gift Card layout will be chosen instantly on the frontend by CMS Static Block, so you will see the change easily and quickly.

  • How many gift card codes can I apply for my order?

    There is no limit for that. Your customers are allowed to add multiple codes as they have. In addition, the remove is so easy to implement.

  • What should I do if my gift code is stolen?

    Don’t worry about that! The gift code is secured tightly by replacing the part of code by X symbol.

  • Can I offer an expiration for any gift card / gift certificates?

    Of course, let set that in Magento Admin.

  • How many gift codes can I generate at the same time?

    The minimum number of gift codes you can generate at once is 10 and the maximum is unlimited, Therefore please feel free to issue gift card codes in bulk.

The demand of buying and giving the gift is always one of the top concerns of any savvy retailers. Besides, buying gifts also bring a hard time for the shoppers. When you want to give someone a present, it takes much effort and time to find the suitable one but the situation when the receiver doesn’t like or suit with the gift usually happens. A survey in 2014 of the online retailer Rakuten even shows that 3 out of 4 persons won’t like the gifts they received in this season.

The gift card is seen as the best and most popular present ever, especially for the holiday, when the receiver can freely choose the most desired gift for themselves. According to Bankrate, the percentage of Americans had received a gift card while 72% had given one.

A smart store owner will never miss this chance to boost the sales, improve the customer experience and spread the store’s reputation when the gift cards are sent to many other customers. If you’re running a Magento 2 store, using Mageplaza Gift card extension is a perfect choice. With many outstanding features and the effortless configuration, this extension will turn your gift cards management to be easier than ever.

Customer can freely peronalize gift cards

How amazing that the customers can freely create and personalize their own gift cards with the different values. The creating process covers almost necessary factors such as Code pattern, Balance, Status, Design, Website, Expired At or Delivery Date, etc will surely meet any business purpose.

Easily manage gift card

It’s effortless for the users to create the new gift codes through the specific form, config and manage the gift codes following the default grid mode. The system allows you to organize the code in many factors: ID, Code, Initial Balance, Active Balance, Status, Expired At, Created At, Website, Action.

Support 3 price options

Mageplaza Gift card extension does provide 3 price options and the user can specify 1 option among fixed price, price range, and price dropdown. No doubt you can find and set the most appreciate price option for your gift cards.

Support 3 gift card product types

From the backend, the user can create the new product as the “Gift card” and choose their product type based on the using purpose. There are 3 product types: - Virtual - Physical - combined product (eGift, Print-out, mail)

Gift code generation

Thanks to this feature, the user can generate the gift codes with the advanced gift code pattern. Once the pattern is set, the code which is specific for each gift card will be automatically created based on this pattern.

Eye-catching Gift card templates

If you don’t want to take time and custom your cards, don’t worry, there are lots of eye-catching gift card templates from various of topics is ready for you to choose. Surely you can find the suitable card to make a wonderful gift to your beloved person.

Flexiable admin configuration

Thanks to this feature, the user can generate the gift codes with the advanced gift code pattern. Once the pattern is set, the code which is specific for each gift card will be automatically created based on this pattern.

Custom email templates

Not only support to send the gift card email, the extension does allow the users to custom their email templates to create their own charm. It’s such a great way to boost the sale online and create a good impression to the customers.

Import gift codes via CSV file

The users can import the gift codes in bulk by using the CSV file through the admin panel. This feature is definitely effective to help in managing and generating the large inventories.

Redeem gift codes at checkout page

With this feature, you can use the gift card and gift card balance to checkout the order. Especially, the spending slider helps the user to choose and manage the spending process easily and quickly by just drag-and-drop.


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