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  • insert_chart Speed Up Your Magento Store With These Optimization Tips

    According to Kissmetrics, if an ecommerce site that is making $100,000 per day, would lose $2.5 million in sales every year if its page load time increases by 1 second. Choosing a suitable eCommerce application for your website is now a difficult choice. A lot of options are now available. You could opt to go with WooCommerce, Prestashop, OpenCart, and many other ones available. However, a lot of store owner prefer to work with Magento because it is a robust application that offers a higher degree of customization. It is easier to scale a Magento store, allowing you to stick to the application when your business grows Magento, an ecommerce application released by Varien in 2008, is one of the most preferred ecommerce solutions for online stores. According to stats available with BuiltWith, 16% of the top 100k ecommerce sites are using Magento. The number peaks to 38% when Magento Enterprise is included. WooCommerce is not much far behind, with 12%. This clearly shows that these applications are favorites among the masses. But even with these numbers, both these applications have known issues with speed and performance. And as I said in the beginning, a 1-second delay in page load increases the loss to $2.5 million. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that online stores based on these applications are optimized for speed and performance. In this post, I will discuss tips on how you can speed up your Magento store to ensure that your cart abandonment decreases. If you have a WooCommerce store, you can head here to read optimization tips for your WordPress based store.

  • insert_chart Reduce abandonment cart by optimizing Shopping Cart Page in Magento 2

    In shopping online, there are a thousand of reasons customers give to leave you even buy the same goods at another shop. Have you spent enough time to find the root of this abandonment? Do you know if you can create a dollar, the value of the abandonment rate is about three times as more as your revenue? So, in this topic, let’s learn why the shopping cart page has a big influence on your business? and how to restrict those negative effects?

  • insert_chart Why Affiliate Marketing is Important

    Affiliate marketing, an appropriate marketing solution for every eCommerce store? It may be the common question each business like you concern when they have known about Affiliate marketing and needed to find a way to improve their work.

  • insert_chart Best Magento 2 Extensions 2016 FREE

    The best must have Magento 2 extensions in 2017 now in one place, no need to google alot. In this post, we will list the best Magento 2 extensions you need. It covers Magento categories: Marketing, SEO, Checkout, Gifting, Search & Navigation, Social media, Site Management, Integration and Performance. All extensions listed here are tested and fully compatible with Magento version. The most important things of Best Magento 2 Extensions 2016 FREE are high quality extensions and reliable vendor in Magento marketplace.

  • insert_chart Magento themes, extensions by EM, MD, SmartWave have SQL injection vulnerability

    We recently learned that an SQL injection vulnerability has been found in several third-party themes and extensions. Extensions with the vulnerability include:

  • insert_chart Common Mistakes to Avoid in Affiliate Program

    Regardless of products or services you are selling, starting up an Affiliate program will help you develop a new stream of income. Why do I say that? Affiliate program allows you to seek to a potential sales team who have a long-term cooperation with you basing on the beneficial relationship. That helps you possibly achieve the higher profits while the sales people can make money when referred visitor creates an order.

  • insert_chart Why is Shopping Online a significant threat

    In the past, when the internet did not develop as now, almost exchanges of human are dealt together directly. For example, going to a physical shop to buy clothes or going to the airport to book ticket… By this way, they trust in goods they bought.

  • insert_chart How to Setup an Affiliate Program

    In general, the final purpose of all eCommerce store as you are growing revenue by the maximum as well as focusing on driving more traffic to your site. One of the best strategies you will be excited is starting with an Affiliate program. It is great chance to manage the Affiliate network, a precious and powerful asset in your business. The Affiliates take responsibility of referring and promoting your products while you will pay commissions for them if they make profits for you. There are many ways to assist you to increase your sales, but Affiliate program will help you achieve your dream in the shortest and quickest way.

  • insert_chart The Best Marketing Strategy 2016 Affiliate Marketing

    For online stores, marketing solutions always bring the positive change of boosting sales. Thus, it is necessary to follow new marketing trend in order to prepare adequately for the next business cycle. Now, we are in the first months of 2016, ensure that almost eCommerce merchants will put particular attention on predicting that “What is Hot Trend?” and “What is Next ?”. And the best answer is Affiliate Marketing, which is highly appreciated by the experts and businesses, with the convincing proof is that the Affiliate Budget is expected to increase by 72%, according to CJ Advertisement Co., a full-service ad agency that exclusively serves personal injury brands.

  • insert_chart SugarCRM Integration

    What is SugarCRM?

  • insert_chart Store Pickup

    Magento 2 Store Pickup extension is effective tool that help customer can book the order with selecting preferred store and setting schedule to pick up items at Checkout process. Sometimes, customer want to pick up the items in store that reduce their shipping fee and they can choose exactly products they want. Store Pickup extension helps customer can determine the store location, get store necessary information such as: name, working time, image, contact details that they can easily make an accurate decision.

  • insert_chart Store Credit

    Magento 2 Store Credit extension looks as an effective payment method for both customers and store owner, also bring more encouragement for customer’s purchases. With the utilities of Mageplaza Store Credit, store owner enables customers to add credit by purchase credit product, can be added store credit from their friends transfer or added credit balance by admin and available to receive refund on their store credit when returning products. This module plays as a powerful sales tool that helps to convert refunds into sales. Especially, your Customers just need to charge their credit accounts one time and then use it to purchase many times.

  • insert_chart Product Feed

    What is the Magento 2 Product Feed?

  • insert_chart POS

    Magento 2 POS extension empowers your checkout process speeds 10 times faster than normal. The extension is perfect tool in order to satisfy your customer with many special needs. Your staff will easily to make an order with customer requirements, even make order with out-of-stock items or pre-order.

  • insert_chart Custom PDF Invoice

    Find the more efficient tool to create an ecommerce invoice without the technical requirements or experiences? Custom PDF Invoice Magento 2 extension from Mageplaza will help you do the best.

  • insert_chart Order Manager

    Magento 2 Order Manager extension 2 is the powerful module that helps you easily and effectively manage your store order as you needs and matched with customer’s requirements. With Magento 2 default, store owner is not allowed to edit/delete anything related to customer’s order such as order information, shipping address, order items, invoices and etc. It is really hard for you to manage order in bulk if there is any change of customer requirement or even manage order statuses to explore decision in order to save time and delivery cost. Mageplaza Order Manager extension for Magento 2.

  • insert_chart Inventory Management

    Magento 2 Inventory Management extension is the right solution to help you arm your stock status as well as do right as Just In Time (JIT) model’s demands.

  • insert_chart Gift Wrap

    Along with the development of the internet, shopping online is becoming more and more preferred due to its convenience regardless of time and distance to buy any favorite item. Thus, to make the buyer happier, Mageplaza tries the best to develop Gift Wrapper module for Magento 2 store that allows covering purchased products by wrappers, leaving a short message and send the present in the personal way that is available in shopping offline to complete beautiful gifts.

  • insert_chart Full Page Cache

    Running your Magento 2 store in the incredible speed with Full Page Cache extension for Magento 2 because it helps reduces the load on the server and improves website ranking on the search engine.

  • insert_chart Magento 2 Follow Up Email

    Magento 2 Follow up email is one of the most powerful tools that increase conversion rate and drive more sales into your store. The average shopping carts abandonment rate is about 68%! By using Follow Up Email Extension for Magento 2 to recover the rate and get your customers back to your store, increase your online conversion rate and drive more sales.This extension will automatic emails with email chains and insert specific coupons to email and delivery to customer’s inbox.

  • insert_chart FAQ

    In the business, times equals money while there are always thousands of questions in a customer’s mind both before and after purchasing. Thus, the faster answers, the happier customers, the more successful business.

  • insert_chart Dropship

    Magento 2 Dropship extension Megaplaza is the best drop shipping solution in eCommerece to manage efficiently your order, warehouses and optimize all shipping functions. With this module, you are able to easily identify which items are available for sale and quickly choose the right warehouse to ship products to customers. Certainly, the shipping fee is different from each warehouse, therefore store owner should be careful to choose the right vendor in order to maximize the profits. Admin can add/edit or delete warehouse if necessary.

  • insert_chart Daily Deal

    Magento 2 Daily Deal extension store to create hot deals as many as a need in the countdown time.

  • insert_chart Customer Attributes

    Image that you are running a computer shop and the purpose is the main key so that you will offer relevant suggestions. The clients are extremely impressed by your finesse because you can know what they want instead of wasting much time finding the needed items on the website. But Magento Default doesn’t include, and online businesses only apply this advanced option from Customer Attributes extension by Mageplaza.

  • insert_chart Abandoned Carts

    Magento 2 Abandoned Carts extension is a sublime module which can help to increase the conversion rate of your store significantly. From now on, no cart will be left behind at your shop.

  • insert_chart Html Script

    Do you have problem with adding Google Tag Manager code into your Magento store? This extension will help you do that in few clicks. This is useful extension for every store.

  • insert_chart FAQ

    Magento FAQ