Zoho CRM integration for Magento 2


Magento 2 Zoho CRM extension is a powerful tool to sync Magento data such as Customers, Subscribers, Sales, Invoices, Products to Zoho CRM from your Magento 2 store so that stores can better create a smooth flow to maintain the customer relationship and organize business effectively.


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Zoho CRM integration

Zoho CRM integration for Magento 2

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Zoho CRM integration for Magento 2

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Great benefits of Zoho CRM synchronization

Zoho CRM is an award-winning web-based CRM developed to help business better manage the relationship with customers and increase sales.

The core of Zoho CRM’s functionality is lead and contact management, but also campaigns and purchase control and more. Business data is managed on Zoho CRM with uniformity and mutual connection.

Zoho home screen includes 10 different components and the main panel is fixed on the top to support navigation easily.

Zoho CRM can automate daily business activities, track sales, and engage customers in different platforms. Likewise, its mobile platform lets you take CRM on location so can get updates fast and real-time, and close more deals even when on the go.

Zoho well integrates with popular application to extend functionality including main Zoho productivity products, but also: Microsoft Outlook, MailChimp, QuickBooks, ConstantConnect and Google Apps and so on.

With Zoho CRM, the sales activities of stores are automated. Zoho will update constantly the data from Magento stores such as Products, Customers, Orders, Invoices,Shopping Cart Rules.

Specially, Zoho CRM also allows store departments to manage customer accounts. All accounts from a shared database is easy to monitor and can be viewed across products, locations, account, and status. Especially, you can track the purchase history for cross-sell or upsell opportunities.

Zoho CRM can follow customers’ behaviors and categorizes them as leads and contacts to suggest for your stores. Depending on that, stores can take care the leads and convert them into potential customers, then purchasers.

Zoho is well responsive with mobile device which helps store owners can stay in control of sales activities actively.

Zoho System automatic synchronization with Cron

With Zoho CRM module, the synchronization from Magento 2 panel to Zoho system is automatic thanks to the support of cron job. From the admin backend, admins can set the cron schedule by minutes, hours, daily, weekly or monthly flexibly, depending on that the Magento 2 objects will be synchronized automatically.

The automation helps store admins save a lot of time instead of adding data manually on Zoho CRM, reducing workload for store admins significantly.

Auto synchronize products to Zoho CRM

One of the most highlighted features of Zoho CRM Magento 2 is synchronizing all products without any limitation in product types.

  • Simple products
  • Virtual products
  • Downloadable products
  • Configurable products
  • Grouped products
  • Bundle products

The product information including general information, price, and especially stock information is auto-synced and updated into Zoho CRM Products from your Magento 2 store if there is any new product that is created, edited even deleted. With Zoho CRM, both sales and purchasing departments can use the Products module effectively according to the department process.

Auto-sync orders & invoices to Zoho CRM

The information of Orders and Invoices in Magento 2 panel are archived in the Magento 2 store will be synchronized to Zoho CRM modules as Purchase Orders and Invoices. The modules will be synchronized with Order information with a friendly interface so it is very convenient to follow.

Purchase and Invoice information is very necessary for every store to take care of customers. Zoho CRM will supports store owners to process and manage orders from customers effectively.

Magento shopping cart rules to Zoho campaigns

Shopping Cart Rules in Magento 2 is the basement to create unlimited promotion campaigns at the shopping stores. Zoho CRM supports store owners to manage various promotions as better as Campaigns via synchronization. Zoho Campaigns allows you to plan, execute and monitor campaigns in an organized way. With synchronization with Zoho CRM, it is able to:

  • Define campaign success metrics
  • Measure campaign effectiveness by linking directly to the leads and contacts.
  • Test a sample campaign on a subset of customer data.
  • Store and reuse content from previous marketing campaigns
  • Track sales force closures related directly to campaigns.

Auto synchronize customer data to Zoho

The customer information included in Zoho CRM including Leads, Accounts and Contacts. Three modules are different in the information amount of a profile and usage purposes.

Leads are the raw details about individuals who may be interested in your store, which plays a very important role in an organization's Sales & Marketing department and are useful in identifying potential customers. In B2C businesses, Contact is the most important information for acquiring customers, supporting effectively in email marketing campaigns. Accounts with the information such as company address, number of employees, annual revenueare helpful to B2B business represents a Company or a Department which your organization is currently doing business with or is planning to do business with in the future.

Manage mapping fields with ease

Magento 2 Zoho CRM Sync extension allows the connection between the Magento attributes and Zoho custom fields for the automatic transferring and updating data. From the backend, store admins can select Magento fields to synchronize to Zoho CRM fields. This means that one Magento fields can be synchronized to multiple fields in Zoho CRM. For example, the updating of a phone number of a customer can be updated in Leads, Contacts, and Accounts simultaneously.

This flexibility helps the information of different sections in Zoho is recorded and updated in a uniform way, supporting different departments to work smoothly with each other.

Track synchronization with queue report

With Magento 2 Zoho CRM Sync module, you can track all data that is auto-synchronized between Magento 2 store and Zoho CRM. For each synchronization rule, store admins can monitor the situation easily via Queue Report. The report of each rule includes all necessary information

  • Pending Requests
  • Total Objects
  • Total Requests
  • ID
  • Objects
  • Status
  • Creation Time

More features

Manage queues

All synchronization sessions are recorded in a queue list grid. Store admins can view, delete or sync multiple objects easily.

Manually synchronize

Allow select objects in the queue list and synchronize manually


View details of a queue via pop-up

Time delete queue log

Set the schedule to clear the queue log

Number of objects

Set the maximum of objects to be synchronized per time

Data from website

Select the website to get Magento 2 Object data to send to the Zoho Module.

Full Features List

General Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable Zoho CRM extension
  • Enter the ID obtained in Zoho CRM into the Client ID field to connect to Magento
  • Enter the Client Secret obtained in Zoho CRM
  • Get Access Token to check the connection with Zoho CRM by clicking Get Access Token button

Queue Schedule

Manage Sync Rules

  • Add data to the queue via the grid
  • Add new, view or edit rule
  • Select Magento 2 Object to retrieve Magento data sent to Zoho
  • Select the Zoho module correspondingly to the selected Magento Object
  • Select the website to get Magento Object data to send to the Zoho Module.
  • Enter the fields of a magento object which are defined as the fields of a Zoho module.
  • Monitor situation of a rule running via Queue Report

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01 July 2021


This extension was not designed to work for Zoho Asia Pacific and the Mageplaza team helped to configure it fast. I am even working on many alterations right now with their tech team and they are good at providing fast service.

Vikas -Verified Purchase
05 February 2021


You are the best Mageplaza! The extension is a perfect fit to my store as I'm using Zoho CRM and do not want to change it in the near future. Using this even lets me synchronizing one Magento field to several Zoho fields.

Carl Anderson -Verified Purchase
02 February 2021

Easy process

I've had a great experience with you guys. Thanks for guiding me and helping me through the process. It became easier after talking with you. The extension is now working perfect with my store.

Trevor Hill -Verified Purchase
27 January 2021

Thank you!

I'm using Zoho and have met some difficulties with updating and synchronizing data from my Magento 2 store to the system. But now it works great. Thank you Mageplaza. You're really appreciated.

Logan -Verified Purchase

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