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Top 10 Effective Content Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Websites

The recipe of a good, well-functioning website has one major ingredient that makes all the difference. Can you guess what it is?

Yes, it is content, indeed.

The competition in the eCommerce world is too high. To reach your desired level of success, you must stand out. And to stand out, your website content must be extraordinarily tailored, catchy enough to grab the viewers’ attention, and solid enough to convince them to make a purchase.

Of course, content like this needs a killer strategy, a thorough plan. So, here we are today, with 10 very effective content marketing strategies for eCommerce businesses.

But first, let’s convince you. Let’s give you some good reasons regarding why you should put your complete focus and efforts on content marketing in the first place.

So, without further delay, let’s get into it!

Why Should you Focus on Content Marketing?

High-quality, polished and meaningful content can change the game, as simple as that. Are you wondering how? Let’s take a look at some mind-blowing perks content marketing has.

You will have more visibility

Good content for eCommerce businesses usually entails search engine optimized content. You automatically have more visibility when you have SEO-friendly content on your website. You will start showing up on people’s searches, and relevant searches. This is a vital benefit for any eCommerce business.

You will have more conversions

It is natural that if you show up when people need you, you will make more sales, and your conversion rate will increase. Yes, you have to be patient to see the results; that’s true. You cannot see the surge in the blink of an eye. But a significant rise is guaranteed!

It will be easier for you to establish your brand name

Creating valuable content for your eCommerce business will gradually help you establish your brand name. People love excellent and out-of-the-box content. When you consistently make content that catches people’s eyes, you will soon be recognized by everyone. Your eCommerce business will quickly become a successful brand with the joint efforts of excellent content and outstanding products.

It will save your money

Content marketing is one of the most cost-effective eCommerce marketing strategies. It might take a bit longer to see the results of content marketing schemes than traditional ones, but it will cost you very little. eCommerce businesses with a shoestring budget can be highly benefited from this.

It will help you gain your customers’ trust

Whenever a customer intends to buy a product, the first thing they do is check out the business’s website. So, if you succeed in attracting them with your content, it will help your business immensely. Because your content will introduce customers to your business, what you have to offer and what your values are. This subsequently develops trust within the customers about your brand.

It will give you a competitive advantage

Content that stands out undoubtedly gives you additional leverage. A unique content marketing strategy will make you shine through among your competitors. It will make your brand a remarkable one and increase your appeal in front of the right people.

Top 10 Effective Content Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Websites

The perks that we mentioned above are just some basic ones. While mundane, clumsily thrown together words and images/videos can only prove to be background noise, an effective and meaningful content marketing strategy will take you to new heights.

We have handpicked 10 such content marketing strategies for eCommerce websites today. Let’s delve deeper and learn about those, shall we?


Who does not love a good story? Storytelling is an effortless way to grab people’s attention. If you can hook your eCommerce business customers with stories that inspire them or with stories they can relate to, soon, you will see viewers returning to your website for more updates.

You must be wondering what I should write a story about, right? Well, it can be anything that is related to your or your business. It could be your personal life story, the story of your struggle, the story that motivated you to open this business or anything that you think is relevant.

Here is an example. Press is a London-based company that sells plant-based nutrition food. They have a separate blog section called “The Squeeze.” All the blogs shared in this blog section are in some way related to the products they sell.

storytelling blog

So, you can see that your blogs do not have to be directly about your products. It can be anything, as long as it fits your purpose. Make sure to give a catchy title to your blogs or stories that compel people to read them.

Also, do not write for the sake of writing. Create content that can help people. Make your blogs informative yet humorous. Use easy words so that anyone can understand them without looking out for a dictionary.

Another tip, add plenty of images to the blogs to add a pleasant aesthetic. This works like a wonder! Insightful blogs with excellent visual representations will make you a crowd favorite in no time.

Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement

Being an eCommerce website, one of the core goals that you will have is to sell products and make as many profits as possible. And for this, you will need to increase your visibility and reach more and more people.

Social media platforms are the best places to reach such a massive number of people at the same time. People spend a considerable portion of their daily lives on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. What you have to do is create engaging content and follow social media practices that will make you a known face among people.

Social media is also the place where you will get an idea about what people want nowadays. Basically, this is the place that will give you an idea about what content you need to create, and this is also where you will get the maximum traffic.

So, you can clearly understand how important these platforms are for your eCommerce business. Now, if you are confused about what sort of content you should go for to post on social media, then I would recommend going for it all! Let’s look at some examples of what you can post on social media-

  • Social media posts on new or upcoming products, existing products, any offer/sale, etc.
  • Images of your products
  • Videos of your products
  • Tutorial videos
  • Live sessions
  • Customer testimonials, etc.

Remember, there is no rule when it comes to promoting your products. Try taking a peek at your customer’s heart and mind and craft your content according to that.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Your goal is to pop up as frequently as possible when people search for products similar to what your business has to offer. And for that, you must adopt Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing your content according to what people actually search for on the different search engines will do 3 things for you-

  • Drive more traffic toward your website
  • Help you increase conversion
  • Enhance your credibility as a business

So, you can understand that optimizing your content is surely one of the best eCommerce content marketing ideas for you. The more optimized your content will be, there is more possibility of you emerging in people’s searches frequently.

That being said, you should try not to go over the board and be too obvious while using different keywords. Google does not favor content like this. Instead, be subtle and place your keywords as naturally as possible without compromising the quality of your content.

Besides optimizing your visible content, you need to optimize your product feeds as well. Product feeds contain all the basic information about your products, and these are submitted to Google Merchant Center to be showcased as ads on different marketing channels.

Product Feed

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Reviews or Social Proof

Did you know that 93% of consumers are impacted by online reviews of any product when they wish to buy it?

Yes, reviews are THAT much important! When someone visits your website and likes a product, the very first possible thing that they might do is check the reviews of your website or the products.

Seeing good reviews from other customers gives the new customers a sense of confidence to buy anything from a website. This is a widespread psychological fact. Good reviews, comments, and feedback act as social proof of your business.

That is why this type of content can be one of the best marketing strategies for any business, especially when it is an online business and people do not have the opportunity to visit the store themselves to look at the products.

So, you have to flaunt all the good reviews and comments on your website and social media pages. And you have to put the social proof in front of the visitors in the most elusive yet lucrative way possible.

Here’s an example. Look at what the brand Tesalate did. The moment you visit their website, you will see this page and the first thing you will notice is that they have over 36000 reviews! If that’s not assuring for a buyer, then what is, right?


Besides, this company also proudly flaunts all the other brands that have collaborated with them or featured them. This is another handy tip.

You aim to establish your business name as a good brand. When people see their favorite or known brands collaborating with a new brand, they automatically trust the new one and even get interested in what that brand offers.


In the field of e-commerce, a ‘lookbook’ is an online tool or document used to showcase a brand or store’s product collections artistically and creatively. Lookbooks typically consist of high-quality images of products arranged aesthetically, often accompanied by marketing messages or style ideas. They are designed to provide customers with a comprehensive and engaging overview of the products, encouraging them to purchase or feel connected to the brand.


Online lookbooks are increasingly popular among digital retailers as a means of attractively presenting their products. Fashion brands commonly unveil lookbooks for new seasons or product lines.

These lookbooks can take various forms, such as:

  • Scrollable carousels showcasing models donning key pieces from highlighted collections.
  • Brief videos featuring models showcasing outfits from specific collections.
  • Live streams showing individuals shopping and styling outfits.
  • Even blogs offering explanations, like the one showcasing intriguing staircase designs from Dezeen.

User-generated Content (UGC)

This is another really effective eCommerce content marketing strategy, exclusively for eCommerce websites. User-generated content is basically what the name suggests. It is the type of content that the users of your products create themselves.

We have just talked about social proof and how vital it can be for any business. User-generated content is another kind of social proof.

This content can be of any sort. It can be an unboxing video, a user tutorial of your products or a review, or simply a photo or video of the user with your product. The only remarkable thing about this content is that the users make it themselves.

User-generated content, or USG, becomes even more effective when you repost them from your website or social media pages. It encourages other customers to buy your products and make this type of content. Moreover, it also strengthens your position as a brand that values and cares for its customers.

Various unique forms of user-generated content have become highly popular in this social media era. People are really enthusiastic about making this type of content on anything they have bought or used. And it can help your eCommerce business to be known faster than any other marketing strategy.

Want to see an example? Allbirds is a footwear and apparel brand that regularly shares content made by their customers on their social media, especially on Instagram. Have a look at one such post-

User-generated Content

The brand has simply reposted one of their customers’ photos with their product in her hands. Acknowledging the customers’ effort to share their reviews and reposting from the brand page means a lot to the customers, making them more loyal to the brand.

Influencer Marketing Content

Influencer marketing is undoubtedly one of the most winning marketing strategies for an eCommerce business in these modern days. The content made by the influencers on your products and your business has a significant impact on the buyers.

First of all, the influencers have a super solid follower base. So, when they feature you, you reach a considerable number of people effortlessly and very quickly. And secondly, the influencers are people who generally viewers believe very quickly.

They are usually very loyal to their favorite influencers, so everything the influencers do, they do that too and also try to use the products they are using. In this way, influencers can act as models for your eCommerce business.

If you are creating an influencer campaign for your business, you must consider going for content that will prove beneficial for your business. Go for content that highlights your products and their unique features.

You can hire influencers to make this content, and sometimes influencers make content on anything they have been using by themselves for their personal content. If your business is featured like this by any influencer, that’s a bonus!

Sarah Nicole Landry is one of the very popular influencers today, and this is an example of her reviewing products from Arrae , which is a wellness brand.

Influencer Marketing Content

When people get comments like this from their favorite influencers on a specific product or a new company, they become more interested in those products and want to try them out for themselves.

Marketing Tactics on Marketplace

An e-commerce marketplace comprises various online stores that offer diverse products from multiple vendors. These platforms act as virtual hubs for shoppers seeking to explore and buy from a range of brands, mirroring the function of physical marketplaces in the real world.

Amazon Market Place

This marketplace includes the following platforms:

  • Amazon Marketplace
  • Walmart Marketplace
  • eBay
  • Chewy
  • Wayfair
  • Alibaba …

We advise closely monitoring the content marketing strategies employed by marketplaces, as they manage millions of URLs and must promote thousands of brands without risking their search rankings or incurring penalties from Google.

Remember, stay updated on each marketplace’s policies and advertising options! These platforms constantly evolve, so be adaptable and experiment with different tactics to see what resonates best with your target audience on each platform.

Presence of Amazon Optimization

Many individuals seeking to purchase particular items start their search on Amazon rather than on search engines like Google, which they typically use for informational queries.

Consequently, businesses must meticulously monitor all content associated with their products on Amazon to ensure they harmonize with their website and brand image. Neglecting this aspect could lead to shoppers opting for a competitor’s product instead.

Amazon now offers brands a broader array of content options beyond just the product title, description, and images. These include:

  • A+ content
  • Amazon Posts

A+ Content on Amazon refers to enhanced product descriptions that allow sellers to showcase their items with more detailed and visually appealing content. It typically includes high-quality images, formatted text, comparison charts, and other multimedia elements. Here is an example:

Amazon A+ content

Amazon Posts is a social commerce feature on Amazon that allows brands to create shoppable content. It enables brands to share engaging and informative posts showcasing their products to Amazon customers. These posts appear within the Amazon app or website and are integrated with product detail pages and related shopping experiences.

Here is an example:

Amazon Posts

A Tips/FAQ Section

Another very effective content marketing strategy for eCommerce businesses is a tip or FAQ section on the websites.

There are some questions or queries that the buyers do not feel easy asking the sales persons of any business. If you identify those sensitive questions yourself and put this in a separate FAQ section, the viewers will be immensely benefited, and they will thank you for that! You need to display this section somewhere the viewers of your website can easily see.

The FAQ section does not always have to be a user manual. This can also contain answers to customer queries regarding their order, payment processes, etc.

Colourpop is a crowd favorite makeup brand. Have a look at their FAQ section. It is detailed and easy to find, and you get to ask your query too via email.

A Tips FAQ Section

When you provide your customers with this kind of service, it is natural that they will feel good about your brand and will soon become loyal customers.

Another type of content that can prove to be effective for your business is a tips section. Your products might not be common for many. So, if you consider keeping a section on your website where you are showing users how to use the products through a video or a step-by-step blog, it will be very easy for your customers to avail of your products.

Wrapping Up

Being an eCommerce business owner, you have to invest in many things to keep your business running successfully. Content marketing is something that will take the least amount of investment but will bring the best results. If you can strategize your content marketing plan in an effective way, your business will start booming in no time!

Let us know which one of these content marketing strategies for eCommerce websites you think will be the best for your business!

Author Bio: Maliha Tasneem is a professional content writer who has been writing creative and technical content for 4 years. Currently, she is working at Webappick - a giant WordPress Plugin development company as a content writer.

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