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Magento 2 Freshsales integration is a great solution for auto-synchronizing customer and order data from Magento 2 stores to the Freshsales system. The module helps you update and manage all necessary information to enhance customer relationships and implement stores’ campaigns successfully.


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Freshsales for Magento 2

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Freshsales for Magento 2

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Why Magento 2 stores should choose Freshsales integration?

Freshsales is a powerful CRM (customer relationship management) system built by Freshworks. It supports all business types to attract, manage, analyze and nurture their leads.

Freshsales provides a great user interface and an all-in-one function set (including AI-based lead scoring, automatic intelligent workflow, built-in email and mobile, customizable visual reports, and so on). It definitely gives merchants everything they need to utilize their leads and improve sales without install multiple tools.

Imagine how much time you have to spend on manually inputting data to Freshsales? A huge amount! With Freshsales integration module, admins only need to set up the schedule and sync rules, then the systems will account for the rest.

The extension also allows Magento stores to arrange which data is synchronized to which objects on Freshsales, which can be different for each sync rule. This function creates the flexibility in matching data between two systems, ensure the accurate information allocations.

Magento admins can set up the schedule to update customer and order data continuously to make sure Freshsales use the latest information to take care of their customers more accurately in real-time.

Auto synchronize data by schedule

With Freshsales extension, data from Magento 2 stores can be automatically synchronized to Freshsales system using cron. Admins can easily select the schedule to send product or customers info by:

  • Minutes: 2, 5, 15, 30 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Automatic synchronization helps Magento 2 stores save significant time and minimize mistakes when transferring the data between two systems.

Easily synchronize order data

Order data can be transferred and updated from Magento 2 to Freshsales completely into a friendly interface which helps Magento 2 admin to follow them so easily.

Orders (in Magento) or called Deals (in Freshsales) are synchronized with the following information: Order Name, Order Amount, Base Currency Amount, Customer ID, Expected Close Date, Closed Date, Territory ID, Probability.

By the up-to-date order data, Freshsales can support online stores to take care of their customers far better.

Quickly sync customer data

Customer data in Magento 2 system can be allocated to three modules in Freshsales: Leads, Accounts, and Contacts.

  • Leads: Raw information of people who may become your potential customers. Leads are the initial input for running Sales and Marketing programs in Magento stores.
  • Accounts: Includes information such as company address, business type, annual revenue, etc., will definitely support Magento 2 stores to better understand and serve their B2B customers.
  • Contacts: Valuable details to connect and acquire customers as well as follow up them effectively via Email marketing campaigns. Contacts in Freshsales are especially important for B2C businesses.

Create unlimited sync rules

Rule-based synchronization is the most powerful feature of Freshsales extension.

Magento 2 admins can generate various rules for synchronizing customers and orders data by selecting specific conditions for customer attributes and order attributes.

For instance, admins can choose to synchronize only customer data which are created from June 2019 to Freshsales. So that, they can run the promotion campaigns to maintain high engagement with these new customers.

Arrange synchronized data via mapping fields

Magento 2 admins can create a mapping field for each sync rule. This map includes Magento attributes and the corresponding Freshsales information. In order words, at backend, admins are able to assign specific Magento 2 fields to be synchronized to various Freshsales data.

An example is that the change of a Magento customer address can be accordingly updated in Freshsales Contacts, Leads or Accounts at the same time.

Thanks to the flexibility of mapping fields, Magento data can be updated accurately and fully in all related sections on the Freshsales system.

Check sync-results by queue report

With Freshsales integration, Magento 2 stores can view the report of synchronized data. Through these queue reports, admins can track which data is updated to Freshsales successfully and which are not to make instant adjustments.

The queue report of each rule contains the following info:

  • Pending Requests
  • Total Objects
  • Total Requests
  • ID
  • Objects
  • Status
  • Creation Time

More features

Sync data manually

Admins can manually select certain objects to be synchronized

Auto-add data to queue

Any change in Magento data is auto-updated into Freshsales queue

Website to get data

Choose certain websites to get Magento objects synchronized to the Freshsales

Manage queue grid

Allow admins to view queue details and delete them in the queue grid

Auto delete queue log

Set the schedule to auto-remove queue log

Number of sync objects

Specify the maximum number of objects synchronized per time

Full Features List

General Configuration

  • Enable/Disable the module
  • Enter your Freshsales domain
  • Fill in Freshsales API Key
  • Test Connection between Freshsales and your Magento store
  • Compatible with other extensions: Salesforce, RMA, Zoho CRM, Quickbooks Online

Queue Schedule

  • Schedule time to auto-delete queue log
  • Schedule time to auto-synchronize data to Freshsales
  • Define the number of objects sync per time
  • Enable/Disable developer mode for testing the module functions

Manage Queue Grid

  • View/ Delete selected queues
  • Synchronize selected queue manually
  • Filter queue information: Magento object, Freshsales object, website, status, etc.
  • Data changes in Magento will be auto-updated in corresponding Freshsales queues
  • Follow queue synchronization results

Manage Sync Rules

  • Allow admins to edit/delete sync rules
  • Able to add sync rules to queue
  • Change status of sync rules
  • Create new sync rules
  • Select Magento objects and corresponding Freshsales objects
  • Choose the website to get Magento data
  • Name the sync rule
  • Set priority for new sync rule
  • Define conditions (based on customers and order data) for new sync rule
  • Arrange the mapping fields to match objects of two systems


This extension supports synchronizing Customer data and Order data to Freshsales. In which, Customer data in Magento is equivalent to Leads, Contacts and Accounts in Freshsales. And Order data in Magento is the same as Deals in Freshsales.

First of all, admins need to configure the sync schedule, then create sync rules by choosing matching objects at two systems, selecting specifics conditions of customer/order attributes. After that, all the data meet the rules will be stored at Queue grid and they are auto-synchronized by the schedule set initially.

Yes, in case the changed data is selected objects in the sync rule. The module will keep synchronizing all the rules following the schedule until they are disabled.

Yes, all of our modules support you to install quickly via the composer. If you have no technical skills, you can always have us install the module for you. See the installation service here.


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05 February 2021

Thumbs up

I had a great experience with your support team. They always make sure that I am taken care of. Big thumbs up for you and your team. You deserve more than 5 stars!!!

Vicky Hans -Verified Purchase
02 February 2021


A good solution to integrate with Freshsales system. I purchased a few times from Mageplaza and still you guys didn't let me down. This time is not different. Everything's perfect. Thanks.

Sonia Chapman -Verified Purchase
27 January 2021


I'm using Freshsales CRM and luckily there is an extension that is compatible with it so that I don't need to spend time manually put information in the system. The queue report is fantastic as well.

Ryan -Verified Purchase

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