Common Mistakes to Avoid in Affiliate Program

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Summer Updated: July 01, 2021


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Regardless of products or services you are selling, starting up an e-commerce Affiliate program will help you develop a new stream of income. Why do I say that? Affiliate program allows you to seek to a potential sales team who have a long-term cooperation with you basing on the beneficial relationship. That helps you possibly achieve the higher profits while the sales people can make money when referred visitor creates an order.

However, the achievement Affiliate program brings will be enormous if there are not regrettable mistakes from eCommerce business when starting and running Affiliate program. Here are five common mistakes you should have avoided. If you are committing anyone of them, you may be owning an ineffective Affiliate program.


Common Mistakes in Affiliate Program

Lack of visibility

An Affiliate program may be a significant promotion you are launching, so it is necessary to advertise it and enhance the awareness of that you have started one and how they can earn commissions.

To make your Affiliate program visibility, you can place a banner in the corner of your homepage or whereas you think it is easy for shoppers to grab. The following example may be a helpful suggestion for you:


Your program doesn’t do well if they don’t know it exists. Another way for you is generating your explainer page, which will show the rights and responsibilities of participants in Affiliate program. Ensure the shoppers don’t want to work with the ambiguity.

Paying not enough commissions

In the competitive market, many businesses take advantages of Affiliate program to draw more and more revenues. Thus, you are in danger of being ignored unless you seek to stand out, and the offered bonus for Affiliates plays an important role of that. You shouldn’t have paid the uncompetitive or high enough commission. For example, most people aren’t going to sell something for a 10 percent commission, or just a dollar or so. All of them are hoping to get 20 dollars at least if not more per sale. The greater commissioned products will naturally attract better affiliates.

Make marketing materials unavailable

It is rare if someone create their graphic by themselves, then promote your products up. That should be your work including referral link, banner advertising, marketing graphic, affiliate widget. Plus, you can also track their efficient directly as well as have a prompt change to get the highest result.

Not Communicating with your Affiliates

The conversation will bring more benefits than you think. This makes Affiliates happy with your concerns to work better while you can sound what the audience review and what products they want and need. Why do you try talking more with your Affiliates now?

Not Taking Care Of Your Affiliates like Business Partners

This is the common mistake of eCommerce businesses when working with your sales people. You are treating members as they’re employees instead of the trading partners they are. They’d love working how they want and when they want, so avoid making too many rules and ask them to jump through because you can lose lots of good affiliates without prediction.

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Starting an Affiliate program is right for your store

Setting up an Affiliate program is the smart strategy in the long-term of your online business. The five mistakes are listed you need to check and avoid even if you are starting or running the program. Hope your Affiliate program are always on the right foot, which will arm you to achieve the desired results in the future.


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