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Magento 2 Free Gifts extension
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Magento 2 Free Gifts allows store owners to offer free gifts with purchase - ‘surprise and delight moment’ attached with specific products. This module is an effective solution to build customers’ retention and boost sales significantly for online retailers.


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Free Gifts

Free Gifts for Magento 2


Benefits and Applications

  • trending_upBoost sales for targeted products

    Free gifts work as an additional incentive to motivate customers’ purchasing behaviors.

  • ring_volumeAppeal attention to newly launched products
  • how_to_regEasy to personalize gifts
  • moodIncrease customer loyalty
  • beenhereImprove brand awareness

Almost 90% of free gift receivers tend to buy more frequently from the online retailers.

65% of free gift receivers share their experience with others online, and about half offline

4 out of 5 American buyers share the gift-receiving experience with others offline about the shopping sites they visit.

  • looks_oneBuy X get Y free

    "Buy one, get one", "two for the price of one", "two for one" or "2 for 1" is the common forms of this free-gift application. For example, a store encourage customer purchasing by offering the promotion “Buy MacBook Air get a free pair of Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones”

  • looks_twoBuy X get Y with discount
  • looks_3Buy X get specific selected gifts A, B or C
  • looks_4Get the gift X for reaching a specific subtotal amount Y

Add unlimited free gifts

Magento 2 Free Gifts by Mageplaza allows store owners to create a diversity of free gifts with no quantity limitation. From the backend, admins can choose any available products to set as additional gifts. Besides, the number of gifts for each main item can be set freely.

Magento 2 Free Gifts

Rule-based free gifts

Magento 2 free gift with purchase

It is logical that to create a free gift a specific condition is needed. In this case, Mageplaza Free Gifts for Magento 2 assists admins to set rule for awarding gifts when a customer places particular products in the shopping carts. The rules can be classified into 3 types:

  • Set rules based on product attributes: Apply gifts based on product category, SKU and more. For example, get gifts (mouse/laptop case) for Laptop category, or for only Macbook.
  • Set rules based on cart attributes: This module allows approving gifts to products according to specific conditions of the cart. For example, with subtotal more than 100$, customers can get a free iPhone case.
  • The combination of both above cases.

Manually or Automatically add Gifts

Magento 2 Free Gifts extension by Mageplaza allows admins to choose the action for adding gifts: automatic or manual. In case, admins set automatic option, when customers add products to their carts, the gifts will be automatically added.

Otherwise, if the option is manual, the gifts will be manually added by customers by selecting gifts they want from an available list. Also, admins can set the number of gifts allowed to choose.

Magento 2 add free product to cart

Easy to select attributes or change gifts

Magento 2 free gift extension

Not only do customers can choose their preferred gifts from an available list but they also can select attributes for the attributes of the gifts, for example, color and size. Besides, if later the customers change their mind, they can re-select gifts freely. This feature brings the flexibility and convenience for customers to gain their most satisfactory winning gifts.

Compatible with One Step Checkout

Magento 2 Free Gift by Mageplaza is properly compatible with M2 One Step Checkout extension. On the checkout page, customers can clearly notice the appearance of gifts added to the main items they have picked.
That both main and extra items are displayed in the shopping cart helps customers to manage their shopping cart easily.

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More features

Sales price options

Admin can choose what price type is attached to the gift: free, discounted percent or fixed amount.

Gift icons

Attract customers’ attention by gift icon displayed on the product image.

Customizable gift message

Set content, button color, text color for the notice label of selecting gifts.

Rule priority

Set priority for the gift rules to run in order.


Set time for valid activation of a rule.

Gifts management

All gift rules’ information can be viewed, managed and edited via a grid.

Full Free Gift Features

Free Gift for store admins

Gift rule setting

  • Set name for a rule
  • Enable/ Disable a rule
  • Set state for a rule
  • Set visibility for website or customer groups
  • Set timeframe for a rule
  • Set priority for a rule
  • Set cart conditions to apply a rule
  • Select action type for a rule: automatic or manual
  • Restrict the number of gifts
  • Show/ Hide a notice under gift item name
  • Three sales price type for a gift
  • Add gift information to a gift list: name, SKU, original price, sales, price type
  • Set to apply free shipping
  • Delete gift from the gift list
  • Compatible with Mageplaza extensions: Gift Card Module, Gift Wrap, OSC, Coupon Code...

General configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Select image for gift icon
  • Set content, button color, text color for message label

Rules management

  • View all rules via the management grid
  • Set status, state, visibility and priority to a rule from the management grid
  • Edit the details of a gift rule via the management grid

Free Gift for shoppers

  • Chances to win various types of gifts
  • Gain more benefits and satisfaction during shopping
  • Flexible to choose preferred gifts from an available list
  • Able to choose attributes of a gifts
  • Able to change and re-select gifts
  • Review all gifts right on the checkout page


  • filter_drama I wish that when customers by MacBook Air product they will receive Air Mouse.
  • filter_drama I am making a sales campaign. I wish that when the customers buy our new product named Ingrid Running Jacket they will get a Diva Gym Tee off 70%. Can I do this?
  • filter_drama In case I would like customers can select gifts A, B, C free when they buy the Y product. How can I do?
  • filter_drama I would like to motivate customers’ purchase. I want to give them a selected gift if their shopping cart reaches 500$. How can I do?
  • filter_drama Our store is a multination store. I would like to increase the sales of our new branch in Vietnam. So I would like to send gifts to the orders shipping to Vietnam. How can I do?
  • filter_drama Can I configure that if the the total number of items in the cart is more than 4 items, customers will get a selected gift from a gift list?

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