Free Gifts for Magento 2 - PWA, API, GraphQL Ready


Magento 2 Free Gifts extension allows store owners to offer customers free gifts with purchase - ‘surprise and delight moment’ attached with specific products. This module is an effective solution to build customers’ retention and boost sales significantly for online retailers.


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Free Gifts

Free Gifts for Magento 2 - PWA, API, GraphQL Ready

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Free Gifts for Magento 2 - PWA, API, GraphQL Ready

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Benefits and Applications

Free gifts work as an additional incentive to motivate customers’ purchasing behaviors.

Offering giveaways creates more appeal to the main products, so customers are more willing to increase their shopping carts.

It is common that the latest products which have just been released require more attraction from potential customers. One of the effective marketing strategies is the giveaway campaign. Attaching free gifts will help new products become outstanding and more attractive when coming out the market.

It is a good way to show the understanding of customer demand by offering personalized freebies. For example, customers who buy shower gel will feel satisfied when they get perfume gift with the same scent. Another way to provide personalization may be giveaways which are printed with customer’s name, or offering a list of gift options.

According to Doug Guyer, co-Founder and President of IDR Marketing Partners, a network of over 700+ Online Retailers, relevant giveaways brings buyer “surprise and delight moment” which significantly leaves the profound impression on the buyers. These customers tend to rebuy and become loyal to online retailers. This is regarded as an ultimate “win-win scenario” for both sides.

The “surprise and delight moment” of free gifts also leads buyers to share their experience with their friends. In other words, this gives way to brand recognition and product association towards new potential customers.

Almost 90% of free gift receivers tend to buy more frequently from the online retailers.

65% of free gift receivers share their experience with others online, and about half offline

4 out of 5 American buyers share the gift-receiving experience with others offline about the shopping sites they visit.

"Buy one, get one", "two for the price of one", "two for one" or "2 for 1" is the common forms of this free-gift application. For example, a store encourage customer purchasing by offering the promotion “Buy MacBook Air get a free pair of Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones”

Getting a bargain is a very satisfying experience and customers often are attracted by a discount- particularly if the competitors are not offering the similar one. For example, buy iPhone XS Max get Apple Watch Series 4 with 50% off.

In this case, if a customer pays for X, he/she will gain a chance to select specific gifts from an available giveaways list. Because of receiving the preferred gifts by their own selection, customers will feel much more satisfied. For example, buy a MacBook Air, customers will be allowed to choose one gift from the list including Bag, Mouse and Headphone.

When the total of the purchase reaching a specific amount, the customer will be awarded a free gift. This encourages customers to collect their necessary items in one time to earn their winning reward. For example, one Chanel lipstick will the gift offering to the order with a total from USD300

Mageplaza Free Gifts PWA-ready

Optimize mobile shopping experience of the free gifts feature with the ready solution of PWA compatibility. Guaranteed to work smoothly on all screen types

  • Compatible with SimiCart PWA
  • Excellent mobile-friendly interface
  • Ready-to-use solution for PWA Studio storefront
  • Works perfectly with Magento Venia storefront

Display gifts on the Product Page and Shopping Cart Page

The gifts are notified to customers right on the Product Page and the Shopping Cart Page.

Customers are able to select their gifts right from the Product Page before adding to cart.

These are two important positions to encourage shoppers to make purchase decisions by appealing gift offers.

Auto or manually add gifts

Free Gifts extension by Mageplaza allows admins to choose the action for adding gifts: automatic or manual. In case, admins set automatic option, when customers add products to their carts, the gifts will be automatically added.

Otherwise, if the option is manual, the gifts will be manually added by customers by selecting gifts they want from a gift list.

Pick options and change gifts

Not only do customers can choose their preferred gifts from an available list but they also can select attributes for a configurable gifts, for example, color and size.

Besides, if later the customers change their mind, they can remove an added gift and pick the new one from the gift list freely. This feature brings the flexibility and convenience for customers to gain their most satisfactory winning gifts.

Apply rules to assign gifts

Free Gifts assists admins to set rules for awarding gifts when a customer picks items into the shopping carts. The rules will be based on cart conditions or product conditions.

  • Set rules based on product attributes: For example, get a mouse for Laptop category
  • Set rules based on cart attributes: For example, with subtotal more than 200$, customers can get a free iPhone case.

Freely set the gift price

The prices of gifts can be set in three ways: free,discount by percent or any fixed price. Therefore, for each campaign, the store owner can set the appropriate promotions with gifts flexibly.

This function can be applied by specific rules effectively. For example, if the order reaches 500$, get 3 items free. If the order total is under 500$, get 50% off for 2 items.

More features

Restrict gift number

Able to restrict the number of gifts which customers are allowed to add from the gift list

Customizable gift message and icons

Create the appealing content, color for the gift message and upload your preferred gift icons with ease

Free shipping

Able to offer free shipping for certain gifts on the list.


Set time for valid activation of a rule.

Three gift list layout

The gift list can be shown with three layout styles: List, Grid or Slider

Rest API

Rest API for Quote & Item is supported in the extension

Full Features List

For store admins

Gift rule setting

  • Create new gift rule: cart rule or item rule
  • Set name for a rule
  • Enable/ Disable a rule
  • Set state for a rule
  • Set visibility for website or customer groups
  • Set the time frame for a rule
  • Set priority for a rule
  • Set cart/ product conditions to apply a rule
  • Select action type for a rule: automatic or manual
  • Restrict the number of gifts
  • Show/ Hide a notice under gift item name
  • Set the notice content
  • Allow/ Disallow discarding subsequent rules (to restrict the number of rules applied)
  • Three gift price types for a gift: free, discount percent, fixed gift price
  • Add gifts to a gift list: name, SKU, original price, discount type, gift price, free shipping
  • Set to apply free shipping to certain gifts on the list
  • Delete gift from the gift list
  • Compatible with other Magento 2 extensions: Gift Wrap module, Gift Card Module, Checkout Module, SMS Notification

Free Gifts Configuration

  • Enable/ Disable the extension
  • Upload an image for gift icon
  • Set content, button label, text color for the gift message
  • Allow/ Disallow customers to hide gift notification

Free Gifts Rules management

  • View all rules via the management grid
  • Set status, state, visibility and priority to a rule from the management grid
  • Edit the details of a gift rule via the management grid

For customers

  • Chances to win various types of gifts
  • Gain more benefits and satisfaction during shopping
  • Flexible to choose preferred gifts from an available list
  • Able to choose attributes of a gifts
  • Able to remove and re-select gifts


From the admin backend, you just need to configure the condition as follows: Create the rule with the condition as MacBook Air Category, then add the gift as Air Mouse.

Yes. You can do it easily. Firstly, you select the condition as “ If an item is found in the cart with SKU as WJ04 (SKU of Ingrid Running Jacket)”, then you add the gift as Diva Gym Tee with gift-price type as percent and gift price is 70%.

You can do it easily. Firstly, you select the condition as “ If an item is found in the cart with SKU of Y”, then you add the gifts as A, B, C with gift-price type as free.

You can do it by configuring the condition and action for this case. In the condition section, select Subtotal equals or greater than 500$. In the action section, add the gift list you allow them to select.

You can do this with ease by selecting condition: Shipping Country is Vietnam. After that, you add the selected gifts.

Yes, you can do this with ease. From the admin section, please select the condition Total items quantity as 4, then add the gifts you want to the gift list.


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28 January 2021


This is a Wonderful extension. Sometimes customers like gifts more than special price and this extension it’s perfect to create special promotions that can attract a lot of customers. I’m really satisfied with this purchase

Simona -Verified Purchase
26 October 2020


Great choice. Works perfect.

Marco -Verified Purchase
31 August 2020

helpfull extension

Our new shop will use this extension in combination with the free shipping plaza extension by Mageplaza. Both are working well together and the Mageplaza support team, like Victor, is always a helping hand. Fast, polite, and helpful to solve al open questions we had.

Gino -Verified Purchase
14 February 2020


Good extension and works as it should and minimum conflict with other extensions

alan -Verified Purchase

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