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7 Best B2B Websites Examples that Will Inspire You a Lot

Years ago, face-to-face meetings and exchange of business cards were the very first interactions that a prospect would have had with a company. Time flies and everything has changed a lot! Websites have taken over as the top way of making a business introduction.

As a B2B company, you might have invested time and money in your website with the hope of getting your phone ringing in no time. But then, you realize that your B2B website isn’t working as you expect. Why?

Well, first, calm down! Think about it: If you handed your site to a stranger, would they tell what your company does within 5 seconds?

If they couldn’t, probably you’ve got a website problem!

So, if you’re finding solutions to your problem, you’re in the right place! This post will walk you through 7 best B2B websites that will inspire you a lot. After all, you’ll learn something interesting to apply to your own business website.

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Table of contents

What is a B2B website?

A business-to-business website, or B2B website, is a marketing tool specially designed to sell your products or services to another business and organization online.

What is a B2B website?
What is a B2B website?

Instead of communicating in a single sales message to an end consumer, a B2B website can speak to different clients (teams of business decision-makers) at different stages of their buying journey. The ultimate goal of a B2B website is to deliver value, build goodwill, generate leads, educate prospects, and drive sales.

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5 Important elements a B2B website must have

When it comes to setting up a website for your B2B company, there are several elements that need consideration. Of course, while it’s crucial to build all of the elements over time, you’ll first want to focus on the most important ones.

These elements are what we call the critical website features, which you need to address at the start of any development process. And here’s what they are:

Organized, user-friendly and responsive design

You may not hire someone who doesn’t attend an interview well-dressed, why should a client trust your company if your B2B website is obsolete, messy, and unprofessional?

Visitors are likely to make an immediate judgment on how something looks before they even start reading any piece of information. Plus, if your B2B website is not functional, they won’t engage with it at all. So, no flash, no elements that slow down the website, and certainly no massive text.

Besides, it’s essential for your B2B website to be viewable across different devices because you never know what type of device prospects will use to access your site. Responsive web design agency brings back a lot of advantages for your website, including ease of management, flexibility, improved UX, cost-effectiveness, and SEO benefits. So make sure your B2B website is responsive, has good UI/UX, and responsive. You can consult professional web design company to help you build a great website that includes all these considerations.

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High-quality content

Without content, your B2B company has no way of engaging and maintaining the interest of potential clients. Even if those prospects are finding the exact products and services your business provides, without content to make them aware of that fact, you’ll fail to attract them to the website.

High-quality content is an important element on B2B websites
High-quality content is an important element on B2B websites

So, every B2B company should educate clients through thought leadership content (blogs, guides, white papers) or third-party proof (social proof, case studies, testimonials, project galleries).

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Clear brand messaging

We often see B2B websites - particularly in the technology space - with unclear and inconsistent messaging. We check out these websites, read the “About us” section, step back, and still have no idea of what they are doing.

It’s a real issue. There is nothing much worse than accessing a site you think might have the solution to your business, only to be confused as to what the business actually does.

So, the simplest way to make sure your B2B visitors understand your business and what it does is to condense down into a few words. Try to avoid too much jargon, too! Furthermore, highlight your unique value proposition to help them understand what you have to offer them.

Outline specific products or services

A robust B2B website design distinctly outlines products and services that a prospective B2B buyer can expect to get from you. This sounds obvious, but many websites are really vague, especially service-based B2B companies.

Outline specific products or services on B2B websites
Outline specific products or services on B2B websites

For example, some B2B companies may define themselves as “a media company” or “financial consulting”. They can fail because they don’t emphasize on the specific services they deliver within such a general industry.

So, when designing your B2B website, ask yourself these questions:

  • What areas do you specialize in?
  • Who are your ideal clients?
  • Do you have a particular process in delivering these services?

Conversion opportunities

Make it easy and straightforward for users to engage with your firm. You can start by making your contact information visible and accessible. It’s vital to have a variety of options for “conversion,” depending on where the potential client is in their buying journey.

Some examples of conversion opportunities include:

  • Sign up for a demo
  • Sign up for newsletter
  • Schedule a consultation
  • Follow us on social media
  • Download this guide

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To create a unique and strategically effective website that inspires prospects to become your loyal brand advocates, read our other relevant articles as follows:

7 best B2B websites that will inspire you a lot

Dropbox for Business

At first, you’ll see that the Dropbox for Business page is a little overwhelming, as their pricing options are right front and center on the landing page, just below the fold (the first portion of a website that is visible without scrolling). You might wonder: Why do they devote so much space to their pricing plans before even explaining what they do?

Well, this site design shows how well the company understands its audience. Business leaders don’t access this site to learn what Dropbox is; anyone that doesn’t live under a rock is already somewhat familiar with this popular file-hosting service. So, they visit the site to learn what plans Dropbox offers for them, as well as each plan’s advantages and disadvantages. This simple and straightforward site design provides all that information upfront, with no clutter or unnecessary details.

Dropbox for Business
Dropbox for Business

Another excellent point of Dropbox is they include an FAQ section, where customers can click on one of four common questions to receive an answer in a dropdown box. It’s effective because it’s exactly what Dropbox’s users would look for when they visit the Dropbox for Business site.

They also punctuate their brand message on each page by providing an easy and quick “Start your free trial” call-to-action, with the added promise that they will help to “Get your team in sync.”

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Asana’s website impresses you with two strong design elements - a well-placed call-to-actions and simple animations. No image sliders, no distractions. Just one short statement on what they offer, supported by an impactful image to display the collaboration and productivity they provide their clients.

Also, Asana’s website proves itself as an example of the right way to use animations. Remember that, when used incorrectly, an animation can be an attractive distraction at best and a confusing eyesore at worst. However, Asana does a good job. Animations show exactly what the Asana platform looks like in action. As a project assistance tool, Asana is all about motion and progress, in which users move tasks from one step to another, assign tasks to specific employees, rearrange calendars, and so on.

Asana’s website
Asana’s website

These are simple features, but they rely on motion, so animation is more appropriate than a series of screenshots. In short, Asana articulates a key pain point that businesses and organizations face, and their website quickly explains why they are a solution. If you’re exploring different project management options, considering an Asana alternative might offer alternative solutions tailored to your needs.


Hootsuite is created to help people connect on social media platforms and do amazing things together. While they have a lot of things to share, they do a great job outlining the specific features, benefits, and experience of their service.

Once clients land on Hootsuite’s website, they’re asked to pick the bucket their business falls into Pro level for smaller businesses and Enterprise for larger corporations. Interestingly, they have other pricing plans aside from those two, but they keep things simple by offering the two ends of their pricing spectrum. This gives visitors a quicker way to learn more about the plan that fits them best.

Hootsuite’s website
Hootsuite’s website

They have a lot of other pages to go into much further detail on all the benefits, so it’s effective that their homepage is kept more simplified at the stage before a client has self-selected what they want to learn more about.


HubSpot provides a number of solutions for marketing, sales, service software, and customer service professionals that helps companies grow exponentially. It would be impossible to represent the full scope of their offerings on a single page, and HubSpot wisely doesn’t attempt to do so.

HubSpot’s website
HubSpot’s website

Instead, by giving the menial copy and uncluttered layout, HubSpot calls for attention to other subpages, on which they want their visitors to click next - the Free HubSpot CRM, CRM Hub, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, etc.

Each of these subpages features much more copy than the homepage does, but they include enough multimedia elements that remain client engagement to scroll through.

Avada Commerce

Avada’s website features a wide range of interesting design elements, including an emphasis on customer photographs and subtle animations. But what’s outstanding most is Avada’s unique icones, which you hardly see on other B2B websites.

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These cartoonish drawings are almost childish in their simplicity, but they add a fun touch to pull clients’ eyes. If you take away one lesson from Avada’s website, let it be this - look for small ways to stand out. In fact, a creative icon design will not make or break your company, but will help set your company apart from others in your industry.

Furthermore, other pages go into further depth on the service itself, pricing strategies, and how they help optimize the email process for your business. But in a nutshell, the site is kept simple and clean, reflecting the value proposition that Avada Commerce is a useful means to simplify email for their B2B clients.

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If you’re working in the B2B space, you might have ever heard of Salesforce at least once. The software company provides the most popular CRM platform all around the world, together with a number of supporting tools and integrations.

Salesforce’s website
Salesforce’s website

The Salesforce site showcases a perfect blend of personal and creative design elements. Their website features images of real human beings along with the “Trailhead” cartoon character, which “embraces the fun side” of their company. This combination of realistic and imaginary designs makes the Salesforce website simple and unique, lighthearted and personal, engaging and informative.

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Trello is a project assistance tool that bears several similarities to Asana. While Asana’s site includes realistic animations, Trello uses interactive slideshows on their website to display the progress in action.

Trello’s website
Trello’s website

They also show how businesses can benefit from the security and control of the paid subscriptions. The website is organized and clean, with plenty of white space. Plus, each pricing plan page has a call-to-action button, as well as details that follow up the “Why Trello?” question.

Therefore, no matter if you’re an individual or a team looking for a way to keep better track of your project progress, the Trello site promises to be there to help.

The bottom line

Across these seven examples of B2B websites, we’ve explored a broad variety of amazing design elements. We’ve discussed CTAs, animations, photography, and more. We hope you can find some new ideas to inspire your next website rebrand.

Of course, a site design that works for one business might not work for yours. So, make sure you develop a website that aligns with your business goals, products, services, brand image, and most importantly, your audience and their specific needs. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes, and you’ll be able to build a website they revisit time and time again.


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