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Mageplaza Webhook for Magento 2 helps online store to configure to send an API request to a configurable destination (URL) when specific event entities occur. This is a very useful tool supporting stores updates instant, real-time notifications.


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Magento 2 Webhook for Magento 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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Webhook for Magento 2

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Webhook for Magento 2

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How does it work?

Webhooks are triggered by specific events. When specific events actually happen such as New Order, New Order Comment, New Customer, New Product; the webhook which is created before will collect the data, and sent it to the URL specified by you.

Webhook and great benefits

Let’s take an example picture of a doorbell system including a button near the door and a bell in the living room. When a visitor pushes the button, the doorbell ring and you notice that someone is at the door. This is the signal which is sent from the button to the doorbell.

Webhook works on the same concept. Webhooks are basically user-defined HTTP callbacks which are triggered by specific events. When a trigger event occurs in the source site, the webhook sees the events, collect the data and sends it to the URL in the form of an HTTP request.

  • Recognize an event which has just taken place instantly
  • Ensure the data to be synchronized across multiple web applications
  • Shipping method service: Specific Webhooks are appointed to specific shipping methods (e.g., by air, by rail, by sea)
  • Connect two or more applications where the event in one application triggers the event in another application.

Send API requests when specific events occur

Magento 2 Webhooks by Mageplaza realized instantly any updated events and send API requests to other servers or applications at the exact time when specific events occur. Admins can create hooks based on any events related to:

  • New Order/Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memo
  • New Order Comment
  • New/Update/Delete Customer
  • New/Update/Delete Product
  • New/Update/Delete Category
  • Customer Login
  • Abandoned Cart

Send API requests when cart abandonment happens

One of the noticeable features of Webhooks for Magento 2 is to allow sending API requests in case cart abandonment occurs.

In case a store has Customer Care or Sales departments, the notification about abandoned carts is very important and need updating by seconds to solve the issue or take care of customers shortly.

Send leads/customer data to CRM or Email Marketing tools

Magento 2 Webhooks extension supports very efficiently for online stores using CRM and/or Email Marketing systems. The new data such as new order/new customers or any related updates will be sent automatically to these servers.

Therefore, with Mageplaza Webhooks, store owners will be happy with the united and updated important data, then the sales and the after-sales process will be progressed smoothly and effectively accordingly.

Log requests and response

Hook logs are supported to help admins update the status of hooks: success or error. With the error hook, there is a message displayed on the log for a quick view.

Besides, admins can view the hook details including Log ID, entity and especially preview the response quickly from the action field of the log.

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More features

Send alerts

Notification emails about errors during sending API requests

Auto-clear logs

Automatically clean logs if the total of logs reaches a specific number

Resend requests

Resend a new request after fixing its errors..

Full Features List

For store admins

  • Disable the extension
  • Set time to send abandoned carts notice
  • Allow sending an alert email when an error occurs
  • Select email template
  • Set a total number for keeping logs
  • Clean logs daily
  • Resend hook feature
  • Order Status selection for Order hook

Manage Hooks

Hook Logs

  • View all status, entity, a message of logs
  • View error messages of logs
  • Select action for a log: Preview response or Replay (with fixed logs)


Yes, absolutely. Please select hook trigger entity is new order and insert your payload URL of CRM system from the admin backend.

Yes, it can be done easily from adding time by minutes in the admin backend.

It is not fixed. You can set the number from the backend. When the total of logs reaches a specific number, the system will automatically process cleaning logs.

Please enable alert function from the backend, this allows sending notification about errors via email.

To prevent this issue, you can take a look at Magento 2 SMTP which can meet your expectation.

Mageplaza Webhook extension the standard version is still free on Github. However, the Github version does not include Mageplaza technical support package. If you still consider downloading the Webhook module on Github, please visit here.


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21 August 2019

Many thanks to your team

Awesome support, thanks a lot! You save my site!

Roman Shostak -Verified Purchase
04 July 2019


Great products, works just as explained. If we could also get webhooks for when reviews were done would be 5 5 :D

Christopher -Verified Purchase
03 July 2019


The extension is very good. Easy to use and also a lot of good options I would like to use it in my multiple projects as well. Thanks Mageplaza

Muhammad Umar -Verified Purchase
25 June 2019

Great Webhook extension

This extension works very perfectly. Thanks to this module I can use API call very easily without creating it by myself!! It saved a lot of my time. It provides also logs for the Webhook, very useful and easy to use!

xdev -Verified Purchase
30 May 2019

Webhook customization is perfect

Thanks a lot. The work you have done was exceptional with great content and with complete concentration. You were also punctual about the completion of the work. Wish you more success, Mageplaza.

Shawn -Verified Purchase
26 March 2019


This extension works very perfectly and I purchased a lot of extensions from Mageplaza. Support is responsive as well, answering my questions quickly and with good details. It really should be part of Magento. Perfect plugin. 5 stars.

Ercan -Verified Purchase
25 March 2019

Great Extension

Highly recommended extension for your shop. Both support and extension are very successful. Thank you Mageplaza!

wrc -Verified Purchase
06 March 2019

Excellent extension plug in

Great extension and great plug in. I would like to thank Mageplaza for this free extension. Great Webhook extension for Magento 2. Great service and great support.

mohamed -Verified Purchase
02 March 2019


The tool is really good. I will use this tool for another couple of sites that I have. The installation was pretty easy and the use is, too.

Japhet -Verified Purchase
25 February 2019


Webhook extension for Magento 2 is simple and easy to utilize. Finally, find this extension that it improves our work with Magento 2. I recommend to go with this

Harsha -Verified Purchase
24 February 2019


Great Webhook extension for Magento 2. Finally, find this extension that improves our work with Magento 2. Great support. Great job. Thank you very much.

Sami -Verified Purchase
18 January 2019

Finally Webhook for Magento

Great Webhook extension for Magento 2. Finally, find this extension that improves our work with Magento 2. Great support. Great job. Thank you very much.

Yechiel -Verified Purchase

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