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Short Overview.

Magento 2 SEO Extension has a bundle of outstanding features that are auto-active when you install it from Mageplaza without any code modifications. It is also friendly with your store if you need to insert meta keywords and meta descriptions for your product. It will perform perfectly to better your SEO.

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Improve the site ranking
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Duplicate content

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Some of the features that are gonna blow your mind off
magento 2 seo duplicate content

Stop Duplicating Content

By automatically preventing the duplicated content, Mageplaza SEO extension will eliminate traffic loss and negative effects to the search ranking of your site. As a result, this helps boost the SEO performance significantly.

Structured Data

Mageplaza SEO extension will add schema structured data (Rich Snippet) to your Magento 2 store automatically without configuration to help Search engines display your web pages better and more attractively.

seo structured data
magento 2 seo seo templates

Metadata template rules

For the marketers, it’s critical to understand and use the metadata that helps to drive the visitors from the search engines. With Mageplaza SEO extension, it’s completely a huge advantage that you can set mass and dynamic metadata information for products, categories, pages, layered navigation.

Hreflang tag

You can easily use the ‘Hreflang’ tags to tell the Search Engines which language you’re using in the specific page, so when the visitors search in that language, your page will rank higher.

magento 2 Hreflang tag
SEO checklists

SEO Report

Thanks to the SEO report feature, you now can take care and solve the 4 biggest problems in SEO.
SEO report contains:

  • Checklist
  • Duplicated content issues
  • Missing metadata issues
  • Low word count pages
  • 404 pages

Page Analysis

It helps admins preview Google search results (Rich snippets) in the backend without submitting data to search engines.

magento 2 page Analysis
magento 2 sitemap

HTML/XML Sitemaps

While the XML sitemap is specifically written for the search engine spiders, the HTML one is primarily for users. Hence, creating those 2 sitemaps will make your site easier to understand for both search engines and the users.


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  • "This SEO extension has rapidly increased my store rank in search engines. I have never seen any SEO extension that can be more outstanding than Mageplaza's one."

  • "The extension operates smoothly on my website. Moreover, I really satisfy with the Social optimization which I believe to be only available in Mageplaza’s SEO extension. That’s a clever feature."

  • "I was a little confused at first but the friendly support team was so productive that they solved the problem in a short time. You guys are doing a great job and I have nothing to complain about. "


Checkout more details of Mageplaza SEO

Link Alternate Tag

Easily to provide a link to an alternate version of the site by adding the rel=”alternate”.

Configuring robots metadata tag

Make your site content to be more readable by the search engines by adding options: Follow/Nofollow/Noindex for Products, Categories, CMS Pages.

Support multi stores

SEO extension can easily adapt with your grow business by supporting Magento 2 multi stores.


Crosslinks allow Magento 2 stores link all relevant pages together easily. It supports internal as well as external links.

Layered Navigation supported

A huge advantage when you have the Megaplaza SEO extension is that it’s fully supported by Layered Navigation to make the SEO performance even better.

SEO checklist

A complete list of SEO works to make sure that your SEO process is always in the right way with the best performance.

Smart Pricing

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Crafted for a Great Webstore Start
  • Resolving basic duplicate content issues
  • Structured Data
  • Site Verifications
  • Business information
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Most popular
  • Includes all Stanadard features, plus ...
  • Resolving advanced duplicate content issues
  • Meta tag rules
  • Custom Meta Tags
  • SEO Layered Navigation
  • SEO Redirect
  • View full features list


Unlimited Customization
  • Includes all Pro features, plus ...
  • Cross links
  • SEO Checklist
  • SEO Report
  • Page Analysis
  • Hreflang tags
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience

Q. Why choose Mageplaza?

SEO by Mageplaza is one of the most advanced SEO extension. It comes with poweful features with help you to boost traffic and SEO ranking.

Q. Is it monthly fee?

No, it is one-time payment, and there is no hidden cost.

Q. What edition does this module support?

Mageplaza SEO is compatible out-of-the-box with Magento Open (Community), Magento Commerce (Enterprise) 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x.

Q. Do you offer installation service?

Yes, you can see our installation service here or there is an option while adding to cart.

Q. Where can I find user guide?

You can read the user guide by click here.

Q. What are your policy or terms and conditions?

You can check our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here.

Q. Do I need to purchase the support package?

No, you don’t. We provide 1-year support package to go along with our SEO extension. If you need technical support after 1-year, then you will have to purchase 50% price to renew your package. Contact us at helpdesk for further information.

Q. Can I install it on our test sites?

Yes, definitely you can install on one live site installation and one test site installation. If your store is running multi-stores, multi-domains in the same Magento installation, we count it One installation/license.

Q. Can I install it by myself?

Yes, you absolutely can! You can install it like installing any extensions to website, follow our Installation Guide. Or you can purchase Installation Service option, our Magento experts will install on your website and resolve any issue arise during installation.

Q. Does it support multi-stores?

Yes. Our SEO extension supports multi-stores. You can use multiple stores in ONE Magento installation.

Q. Can I ask for a customization?

Yes, of course you can. We can custom the module as your needs. Note that, customization may cost extra fee. Please submit your request at Helpdesk for more information.

Reviews (56)

What our customers say
  • Good

    This XML Google Sitemap helps optimize the site and navigate the site more easily. The support is great and the extension is great too,

    Posted by Allan W on 09 February 2019
  • Good

    Very useful extension to SEO. Crosslinks is what I like the most. Ability to refer categories and products by ID's instead of URLs is what I was looking for. Other parts like pages analysis work fine as well.

    Posted by Allan W on 09 February 2019
  • Effective extension

    This SEO extension has rapidly increased my store rank in search engines. I have never seen any SEO extension that can be more outstanding than Mageplaza's one.

    Posted by Mahesh kumar on 07 February 2019
  • Useful extension

    A very useful extension and so far so good. A decent site map is essential. I can highly recommend Mageplaza with their responses to any issues you have.

    Posted by Akatsouris on 30 January 2019
  • Extremely fast support team

    Lightening Speed Support. Awesome! After the ticket has been created, I got instant replies in just 10 minutes. Thanks guys. Keep it up!

    Posted by Balamurugan on 18 January 2019
  • Exellent Module

    The extension is very useful and easy to configure and the support service is so excellent and fast. Must Have. Thank you so much Mageplaza team. Great Job Mageplaza!

    Posted by Erc07 on 15 January 2019
  • Really good product

    This is a very useful extension to SEO. I have used it and learn a lot about SEO with this tool. I used this tool with Magento 2.0 and it is simply amazing

    Posted by David on 07 January 2019
  • Excellent!

    Great extension. Crosslinks is what I like the most. Ability to refer categories and products by ID's instead of URLs is what I was looking for. Other parts like pages analysis work fine as well. Fully satisfied, and saved quite much on 3rd-party SEO specialist. Thank you!

    Posted by Rafael on 30 December 2018
  • Excellent modules and support!

    The supporters of Mageplaza are super good at what they do. They have great kinds of stuff and help with the small or big problems until it goes to work. I am super happy with Mageplaza and I prefer to use all Mageplaza modules for my store.

    Posted by Samir Akbari on 21 December 2018
  • A very nice feature extension for SEO and a instant support team.

    The best-ever extension with a required feature to test the site. I had bought this extension for my Magento 2.2.6 site and got my SEO related issues fixed with the use of Mageplaza_SEO extension. The Best ever support given by the support team. the support team gives instant replies and quick solution for the issues faced. It's simple to install and easy to configure. Recommended for fixing SEO related issues. Best ever SEO extension for increasing site's Google Rankings. A big thanks! to a support team.

    Posted by Ubed on 07 December 2018
  • Very useful extension

    This is the best SEO extension I have ever used. I have tried a few of them, all SEO extensions were partial. Not even like what Mageplaza offers. Great reports, superb tools. Also, it's so easy to use and install. Most of all no errors. Thanks, support team!

    Posted by marina on 27 November 2018
  • Top extension

    This extension works just as it should. There're no problems at all. The setup was very fast and easy to complete. The outcome is amazing! I really recommend it and would buy it again.

    Posted by Thomas on 26 November 2018
  • Good extension

    Getting support within 10 minutes of issuing a ticket that too on a weekend is a pleasant experience. This sets a benchmark for support. Kudos to Prime and the entire Mageplaza team. Thanks!

    Posted by SaaSoh Info on 20 November 2018
  • Great support!

    The support team was amazing. very prompt responding and resolving the ticket, and super helpful!

    Posted by Kaha Aznaurashvili on 31 October 2018
  • Great SEO extension and responsive support

    One of the only free SEO extensions is available but it does not lack in quality and features. The developing company also has a great number of other extensions, so we are likely to come back for our additional needs.

    Posted by JemLink on 30 October 2018
  • Great product and even better support

    SEO Ultimate is so amazing and saves a lot of time, as it shows SEO checklist while creating the content. Besides, I can't go without mentioning Megaplaza's support. This is the 6th plugin we purchased from Megaplaza and every time we have a problem or a question, they never make disappointed. They are super prompt and helpful.

    Posted by Kaha on 14 October 2018
  • A nice feature

    It is indeed better than the integrated SEO feature in Magento 2. It's simple and fast to configure. The support is really helpful, so I strongly recommend all Mageplaza extensions.

    Posted by Paweł on 12 October 2018
  • Awesome support

    Their support team has fixed an issue with another extension. The support service is so excellent and fast!!

    Posted by Jason on 28 September 2018
  • Good extension

    Prime - your supporter was great to work with, and very responsive on installing SEO Ultimate extension. We did have a snag on the first deployment. Our site was using an older version of Porto Theme on Magento 2.2.5. Once we updated our Porto Theme to version 3.1.5 Deployment completed as expected. Thanks again!

    Posted by Mason McMehan on 28 September 2018
  • Probably the best SEO extension from Mageplaza

    A great extension and the support team is exceptional! This extension is an absolute must-have for any store. The settings are easy to understand and configure. I’m happy with the results and definitely recommend it.

    Posted by N Pinnath on 17 September 2018
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    Feature Comparison Table

    Mageplaza SEO includes three packages: Standard, Professional, and Ultimate. Let's take a glance at the comparison table.

    Feature Standard Professional Ultimate
    Verifications: Allows admins to use verification codes to confirm the ownership for using Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Pinterest and Yandex Webmaster Tools x x x
    Default structured data x x x
    Prevent duplicate content in product pages and category pages x x x
    Ability to enable or disable HTML sitemap in Categories, CMS Pages, Product Page x x
    Enable/Disable additional links x x
    Ability to include sitemap link in the footer x x
    Optimize XML sitemap, able to remove the link of the CMS page using for homepage x x
    Add more custom links into sitemap XML file x x
    Add Canonical URL to Meta header in product pages, category pages and CMS pages x x
    Disable Canonical URL for Noindex pages x x
    Ability to disable Canonical URL for certain pages x x
    Automatically creates human-readable URL based on filters (Layered Navigaiton) x x
    Redirect 404 pages to another page (or Homepage) x x
    Use H1 Heading for Product pages and Category pages x x
    Automatically search photos without titles and insert titles for them x x
    Create SEO rules for products, categories, CMS pages and Layered navigation x x
    Set store views for SEO rules x x
    Set priority for SEO rules, 0 is highest x x
    Set SEO rules by conditions and actions x x
    Allows using SEO rules to set Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords template x x
    Allows using SEO rules to set Nofollow and/or Noindex x x
    Preview results after rules and actions being set x x
    Analyse keywords and titles to assess their competence in SEO x
    Notice store admins if keywords or titles are unqualified by a color strip including red, yellow and green x
    Create/Edit/Add/Delete crosslinks to insert to keywords x
    Track and insert cross links into certain keywords on product pages, category pages and CMS pages x
    Restrict the number of keywords to insert cross links x
    Allows admins to select where to insert cross links: Product description/short description, Category description, CMS page content x
    Set short description for the link title x
    Customize how content can be shown when crosslink are clicked: in a new tab, in a popup window or in the current page x
    Allows admins to select the how the module insert cross links: Top-Down, Down-Top or Random x
    Set priority for terms to insert cross links x
    Dashboard reports help admins keep track SEO issues such as: Duplicate content, Missing metadata, 404 pages, Low count words x
    Notify store admins whether or not the site is optimized/ready for SEO by notification: Success, Error, and Warning x
    Hreflang tags are set as default in Homepage x
    Ability to enable Hreflang tags in Product pages, Category pages and CMS pages x
    Ability to use Magento default language code or Mageplaza SEO’s custom language code   x
    Ability to set a language code as default x