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How Small Businesses Prepare for Valentine’s Day

How Small Businesses Prepare for Valentine’s Day

When the Valentine’s day is on the way to come soon, online merchants are now busy preparing for this occasion to boost sales. Because on this occasion, people have high demands for purchasing gifts for their lovers, it is absolutely defined as a good opportunity for small and medium enterprises to increase their revenues dramatically. Therefore, store owners need to equip themselves detailed plans to make the best of this chance. Following are 4 musts that marketers should keep in mind to be successful in this shopping season.

Have an strategic marketing plan


It is necessary for any business to have a careful preparation before running any marketing strategy. To get ready for this Valentine’s day, you have to team up and plan an attractive promotion to draw customers’ attention.

After that, allocate the tasks for each member appropriately. For example, who will be responsible for banner design, who will be in charge of answering live chat, and so on. Remember that having a well-organized plan and responsibility distribution is the determining factor for a successful shopping season.

Defined the expected sales


Setting goals is important step before jumping into any real campaign. To have the most suitable objectives, there are several criteria for you to take into consideration such as your company’s capacity. Once you can estimate the expected sales, your team will have more determination to achieve it. Although measure high objectives can be an effective motivation; however, overestimating the expected sales may let your spirit down at last. Therefore, let down to earth to make wise decisions.

Extend promotional hours


Similar to Christmas shopping season, on Valentine’s day occasion, store owners should lengthen their promotional time. If you start your marketing plan with an attractive promotion exactly on 14th of February, you will miss a lot of deals. A research has shown that several people begin looking for a gift two weeks before Valentine’s day. Therefore, try to start a little bit earlier, for example one week before the official day. One tip for shop admins is including Saturday and Sunday in to your promotion time because it is when customers have much more time than usual to search for a present.

Facilitate supporting extensions


If you are familiar with e-commerce, especially Magento 2 platform, you will understand that your online stores need the support from other extensions to maximize its effectiveness. For example, you will need the Social Login extension to enable your customers sign up and sign in just in a blink of an eye, you will find the One Step Checkout extension helpful in satisfying your buyers. Especially, a Gift Card extension will help you meet customers’ demand about the most convenient and favorable gifts.

To sum up, getting well-prepared for the shopping occasion is of utmost important for any e-commerce. Start making a plan for your business right now in order to not miss any bargain. If you want to find out some other helpful extensions to maximize on this occasion, visit us to explore yourself here:

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