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Banner Slider for Magento 2   v2.0.3

Banner Slider for Magento 2
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Banner Slider by Mageplaza is a powerful marketing tool that helps store owners insert unlimited eye-catching banner sliders on shopping sites. The extension enhances visual effects and UX of visitors then increases CTR for your promotional campaigns.



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

How does it work?

With a simple configuration at the backend, colorful dynamic banners will be shown in any pages at the storefront. You can flexibly apply available types for banners: FadeOut, RotateOut, FlipOut, RollOut, RoomOut, SlideOutLeft, SlideOutRight, LighSpeedOut. When customers click on a banner, they will be navigated to the website or pages that administrator configured at the backend.

The benefit of customers’ sharing shopping experience

Support visitors to make the purchasing decision

Placing the slider of attractive and eye-catching banners on the home page or other main pages will help customers quickly notice about top sellers or new arrivals. As a result, it is easy for visitors to make the decision on purchasing quickly.

Improve customer experience

Using banner sliders is an effective way to beautify shopping sites. Colourful and high-quality big images make the sites more impressive, more professional, especially, more interactive to the users. As a result, banner sliders enhance user experience on the site significantly.

The useful tool for advertisement campaigns

Banner sliders prove their efficiency in marketing campaigns. Big-sized motion images on main pages work as the highlight of the promotion, campaigns or upcoming events. Therefore, they increase customer retention then boost conversion effectively.

Unlimited sliders with unlimited banners

Mageplaza Banner Slider module allows store owners to upload unlimited images to make banners with ease. The module supports multiple image types such as jpg, jpeg, gif, and png. The flexibility of locating unlimitedly banners and sliders with animated effects will support well store owners’ purposes.

Besides, the diversity in design and appearance of banners and sliders helps store sites look more attractive and gain the typical views.

Magento 2 Banner Slider

Various animation effects to present slider

Banner Slider

Animation effects significantly beautify sliders display and make them more impressive to customers. Magento 2 Banner Slider extension by Mageplaza allows admins to select flexible slider effects with 9 options including;

  • Slider
  • Fade-out
  • Rotate-out
  • Flip-out
  • Roll-out
  • Zoom-out
  • Slide-out-left
  • Slide-out-right
  • Light-speed-out

Customizable slider design

Store owners can easily design the banner sliders to meet their expectation. Besides the animation effect, Banner Slider module allows customizing various attributes of sliders including:

  • Width
  • Height
  • Infinity Loop
  • Next/Prev Buttons
  • Dots Navigation
  • Lazy Loading Images
  • Autoplay

Banner Slider

Advanced demo templates with the editor

Magento 2 Banner Slider templates

For admins who are familiar with coding, uploading images can be made quickly by inputting codes into editor section. The module supports advanced demo templates which can be edited by using the backend editor.

Besides, this function can help admins upload multiple images at the same time by adding their links to the editor.

Locate banner sliders anywhere

The module allows admins to set location for a slider easily from the available selection list of with various positions on site, with the main positions including product view page, product list page, home page, footer and header.

Besides, another way to manually locate banner sliders is creating Banner Slider widget and add to any CMS Page or CMS Static Block of store sites quickly. The strategic location of banner sliders play an important role in increasing customer retention and encouraging purchasing behaviour.

Banner Slider

More features

Management grid

Easy to view and edit banners and sliders from management grids.

URL with banner

Attach an URL link with a banner to display a new tab after clicking on.

Slider visibility

Allow a slider to be visible to specific store views and customer groups

Display time

Set a timeframe to display a slider

Multi-device responsive

The display of banners slider is well responsive with mobiles, desktop, tablets, and other screen sizes

Statistic report

The report on Click and Impression data reflects the power and effectiveness of banner sliders

Full Features List

For store admins

Banner Configuration

  • Add a new banner
  • Set name for the banner
  • Enable/Disable the banner
  • Select types for banner: Image or Advanced (Template Editor)
  • Upload an image as a banner
  • Edit/Add images by template editor
  • Add URL link to a banner
  • Enable/Disable to open a new tab after clicking on the banner
  • Manage/Edit all banners in a grid

Slider Configuration

  • Add a new slider
  • Compatible with Page Builder by Magesolution
  • Enable/Disable the slider
  • Select slider position by available list or using a widget
  • Set visibility for the slider
  • Set timeframe for display
  • Set priority for the slider
  • Select banners for the slider
  • Select the animation effect
  • Enable/Disable Responsive/Auto width/Auto height/Infinity Loop/Show Next/Prev Buttons/Show Dots Navigation/Lazy Loading Images/Autoplay
  • Compatible with Mageplaza's extensions: Reports, Layered Navigation Ultimate, SEO Suite, Static Block

For customers

  • Update the latest news/promotions
  • Feel more interested in surfing store site.
  • View banner sliders on mobile/desktop devices


  • filter_drama Can I add the banner to any places I want on my store site?

    Yes, absolutely. You can do it easily by embedding Banner Slider widget to any CMS Page or CMS Static Block.

  • filter_drama Can I change the animation effect of the slider?

    Yes, you can do it easily from the backend. And please note that Banner Slider module supports 9 options for flexible change.

  • filter_drama Does this module support available template for banners?

    Yes. We support 4 templates which you can use for customization. Please select Advanced Type then choose the demo template. More info

  • filter_drama How can I create Banner Slider Widget?

    You can file the widget when following this path: Content > Elements > Widgets, then select type Banner Slider Widget and Design Theme. More info

Reviews (19)

  • assignment_ind
    Excellent support

    Posted by Amit on 25 July 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Mageplaza team is the best in Magento 2 service provider.

  • assignment_ind
    Excellent banner slider

    Posted by xdev on 25 June 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    It's almost the same as the product slider, good quality, customizable really easily and so many features... it's a free extension but it's like a paid module in terms of quality and utility!

  • assignment_ind
    Good but has got may troubles

    Posted by Jithin Jayan on 14 June 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    I got exceptions when trying to edit and save banner without selecting an image

  • assignment_ind
    Best support of Mageplaza

    Posted by Paul Lauer on 01 April 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Thank you very much to Drake for the help! I could not deploy the application so that it worked without errors. Drake told me to remove one record from the database and reinstall the extension. It helped me and now the slider extension works without errors! Thank you very much for the new experience and professional help!

  • assignment_ind

    Posted by Dave on 28 March 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    This extension is very useful and working perfectly. You can improve customer experience with banner slider extension. And this extension compatible with the Magento 2.3 version. Once again thank you so much Mageplaza!

  • assignment_ind
    Excellent support

    Posted by Priyanka on 19 March 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Being a free plugin, I was not expecting much in terms of support. The plugin works out of the box and is easy to use. However, my theme had a slider in a different position so using it with the theme required some customization. I wrote to the theme support and Drake was super responsive to my emails and did his best to make it work with the theme. He resolved the issues on priority. I will highly recommend the theme and the Mageplaza!

  • assignment_ind
    Best Free Module

    Posted by Suhas on 04 March 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    This one is one of the best free modules available. It is installed very easily and easy to be configured. Also, it is very easy to use. Thanks, Team. (Y)

  • assignment_ind
    It is more flexible module

    Posted by Biju on 21 February 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    It is the greatest module and it has a lot of useful features. Its installation and integration are more flexible and ease of use. Its support team is very helpful and give a quick response. Thanks.

  • assignment_ind
    Free module with best feature

    Posted by harsha on 16 February 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Very helpful module to banner slider simple use and blocks to display anywhere. A great free tool, integration has no issues with the latest version as well.

  • assignment_ind
    Very Helpful

    Posted by Rishi on 13 February 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Awesome & excellent design. When I'm stuck about to creating a very unique slider, this could be a very helpful module to complete my design. I suggest everyone use this for your better slider design.

  • assignment_ind
    Easy to use

    Posted by Harsha on 11 February 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Banner slider is set up simply, Good to use with simple interface and installation. The product is also compatible with the latest Magento version.

  • assignment_ind
    A very good banner slider

    Posted by Avechi on 07 February 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    It works well and from a developers point of view, it's very easy to use and also implement. The option to add images is quite easy and naming the images gives it a more personalized view

  • assignment_ind
    Nice Product

    Posted by Prasad on 15 January 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    The product was good and support team was excellent. I personally prefer to work with this team in the future.

  • assignment_ind
    Nice Product

    Posted by Prasad on 15 January 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Nice product and helpful support. I will prefer to work with this team in the future for my work. The product is also compatible with the newer version. Lots of thanks team.

  • assignment_ind
    Very good

    Posted by Jason on 07 January 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Thanks, team. The extension is very good and useful. I used for my project and only took 30 minutes to set up a banner display on my website.

  • assignment_ind
    Works exactly as axpected

    Posted by Birju on 28 December 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Hi, I have used this module for one of my client's site and it amazingly works very fine. Perfectly as per requirement and expected. Can use the same banner for few sliders and create a various number of sliders and managing them is very easy. Thanks

  • assignment_ind
    The Best for a free module!

    Posted by Raman on 23 December 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
    The module is made at an excellent level! Convenient and intuitive management, good documentation with explanations and video. There was a slight roughness with the slider widget without directly using the slider, but this was easily fixed by myself. In general, the integration of the module went very smoothly. Thank you so much for a quality product!

  • assignment_ind
    Fast reply and fast fix

    Posted by Mahdi Danash on 21 December 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
    You are the best support I have ever experienced. The Banner Slider extension is a great tool for every Magento website. Thanks for making it compatible with RTL themes. Also, you should mention that this extension supports RTL in the details on your main website.

  • assignment_ind
    Very cool for free product

    Posted by Egor on 19 December 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
    As usual, I see similar extensions with the same functionality but with the price. In this case with a free Banner slider of Mageplaza - I have great functionality which neither corrupts nor breaks my environment!

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