Magento 2 Integration Extensions

Integrations are essential for any eCommerce business that want to upgrade their system and streamline business processes. There are many types of integrations depending on your business demands, such as CRM integrations, Quickbooks integration, payment method integration, etc. The following are some of the most common and useful integrations for your Magento 2 business.

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What is Integration?

What is Integration?

Integration is the act of gathering smaller components into a single system that functions as one. In the field of technology, it is the process of stitching together different subsystems to make an detailed workflow in which data can be collected, transformed, and shared easily, quickly, and securely.

This often requires companies to build a structure of applications or frameworks that enables them to combine new and existing software, applications, or any other communication service. The most challenging difficulty is connecting multiple existing systems that can be developed by various manufacturers.

The importance of Integration for Magento 2 businesses

The integration allows companies to enter other markets and locations quickly and efficiently because day-to-day processes are streamlined, like payroll or accounting. As employees can be overwhelmed managing multiple manual processes for everyday business transactions, integrating systems that collaborate with existing software and automate business activities is an excellent way to reduce their burden.

A non-integrated system may be sufficient if the company is small and everything is still manageable. When your business grows, however, integrating your systems and automating processes where possible saves you time and money, so you may expand your business at whatever pace you want.

The importance of Integration for Magento 2 businesses

Mageplaza Integration Extensions for Magento 2 stores

Mageplaza Integration Extensions for Magento 2 stores

Mageplaza provides solutions you need to fully integrate your business with the most modern and intuitive management systems in the market like Zoho CRM, Salesforce CRM, Quickbooks, and Freshsales.

Easily synchronize products to Zoho CRM

With Zoho CRM integration, all your products will be synchronized with this product management system. It supports various types of products, including simples products, virtual products, downloadable products, configurable products, grouped products, and bundle products.

Sync product data to Salesforce

Syncing all of your product data to Salesforce is simple. When new products are added to Salesforce, all information such as the product SKU, name, price, and quantity is instantly updated. This synchronization is contemporary with both orders and catalog price rules.

Enhance customer relationship with Freshsales

With this option, you can quickly synchronize customer data to the Freshsales system, providing better customer management. Freshsale flexibly allows you to automatically update data or manually add any information you want to the system.

A better accounting management system

Quickbooks Online is a cloud-based accounting management software. It helps you to effectively manage customer information, related billing documents, sales, and cash flow. It enables you to set up a schedule for automatic synchronization of data by minutes, hours, daily, weekly and monthly.


Integration is necessary for any business that wants a stable and efficient operating system, even when the workload is overwhelming. Mageplaza brings the most coherent solutions that can enhance all the transactions in your business and uplift your revenue while saving you time and money.