Why Title tag is important in SEO?



What is Title tag?

Title in SEO is no different from the titles in books, but only other thing is that it has standards to help articles rank higher on the search results of the search engine. The task of the title writer is not only good but also attractive and must be SEO standards.

Title Tags are the content that is described in a way that is the most accurate and concise of the content of a page. In other words, the title tag is more like the name of the website for Googlebot and network users.

However, with ecommerce sites, since they usually have hundreds of product pages, writing title for every page manually is obnoxiously time-consuming. Luckily, you can automatically generate meta title tag with Mageplaza SEO all-in-on module.

Title tags are the soul of the whole article so let's try to write naturally and not be forced by SEO keywords.

How SEO Title Tag works

One of the most important problems is that the keyword must be in the title tag. This helps Google Bot understand what keywords you are SEO in the page and help customers understand the fastest information. Furthermore, title tags are one of the key factors in creating a better user experience and search engine optimization.

Title tag in SEO

Title Tag Optimization

Title tags are one of the most important elements of Onpage SEO optimization. However, optimizing it is not difficult, it requires less effort but brings high efficiency for SEO. Here are some recommendations for Seoer to check whether the title tag of the website has been optimized:

Give the title a unique content

A unique content will help Google bot understand that your site has the valuable content. From that, Google will appreciate your website. You imagine, on the search results page has million the results with the same content and you have to create the title uniquely to make the users view the content on your website.

Pay attention to the title length

Maybe you do not know, search engines will truncate your site’s title tags in search results if it exceeds a certain length. The length of the title is not more than 70 characters. If the title tag is too long, the search engine will display an ellipsis, “…” to imply that a title tag has been cut off. Hence, the user does not understand the main content of the page in question or the message that the business needs to send to the user is not displayed fully. This will affect the conversion rate for the site, which reduces overall revenue.

Therefore, it is much better for businesses to write a good website title, which can increase conversion rate and attract more clickers instead of haunting the user with a long title tag filled with information.

Put the keyword at the first of the title

Placing the most important keywords at the head of the title tag will give the website a lot of advantages in ranking the search results of the search engines. Besides that, putting keywords at the top of the title tag increases the percentage of users who click the website in the search results table.

Write the title to touch the user’s emotions

Creating an attractive title tag will attract more users to access from the search results page. It will be crucial for Seoer to think what users really want to look for and how the user experience is. The title tags are the first interaction of a visitor with a website, and are the first overview of the user when they find a website in the search results page. So, you have to make the title tag the most impressive for the users.


Title tags in SEO are the most difficult part of an article. Because of this reason, you must create great and unique content for the title if you want the users to click your site. I recommend you should use our SEO extension for me that you can be possible help you have the following topics post

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