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Magento 2 Daily Deal   v1.0.0

Magento 2 Daily Deal
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Magento 2 Daily Deal extension attracts new buyers and converts them to repeat customers. The module enables stores to feature appealing daily deals to customers and motivates them to purchase as quickly as possible. Daily Deal extension by Mageplaza boosts sale and increase customer retention.

  • Display daily deals with countdown timer
  • Easy to configure 4 types of deal pages
  • Support sidebar widgets and floating deal slider
  • Display daily deal blocks at any place



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x - 2.3.x

Why you need daily deals?

3 noticeable statistics in daily deals

  • According to MerchantCircle survey conducted in June 2011, well above a half of businesses - 58% - mentioned daily deals as an effective tool for customer acquisition
  • According to ForeSee Results Survey conducted in March 2011, roughly a quarter of daily deal buyers, 38%, were already loyal to the brand which offered a deal while a slightly smaller figure was recorded for those who were new customers, 31%.
  • According to Rice University Survey conducted in June 2011, a large percentage of deal buyers (77%) in Groupon, LivingSocial, Travelzoo, and BuyWithMe were new customers who spent more than the actual value of the deals. One-fifth of these new customers when turned to be repeat customers.
  • Daily deals play an important role in customer acquisition and converting new buyers to repeat customers. Also, limited deals offered in a certain period of time stimulates buyers’ desire for the products and motivate them to quickly purchase.

    Why daily deals?

    Boost customer acquisition
    When it comes to buying something online, there is often a lot of hesitation from the shopper’s side. A not-yet customer may doubt your product/service quality. This is why daily deals actually work when online businesses want to attract more new customers. As an example, Groupon was successful to have 77% of deal buyers be the first-time buyers.

    Convert new customers to repeat followers
    20% of new customers were converted to loyal customers in the most popular shopping platforms like Groupon, LivingSocial, and BuyWithMe. As the first-time buyers have a chance to experience your service and have a chance to know how daily deals work on your online store, it’s easier for them to shop more regularly.

    Increase customer engagement
    Online stores which offer regular daily deals attract a big number of followers. Besides daily deals, businesses can also offer other special discounts like random deals, bestseller deals, and upcoming deals which draw customer’s notice.

    Daily deals with countdown timer

    Daily deal with a countdown timer enabled indicates customers when the deal ends. This motivates buyers to quickly purchase not to miss the chance to get a good bargain.

    The countdown timer can be easily configured on the backend. Admins are free to select the colors for the outer and inner background of the timer. The color of the text displayed on the countdown timer can be changed with ease also.

    Magento 2 Daily deals with countdown timer

    Easy to configure limited daily deals

    Daily Deal: Easy to configure limited daily deals

    A daily deal can be configured for each product on the backend with some simple clicks. After selecting an item, related information on the product including its original price and available quantity will be shown to notify admins of its current status.

    Admin can set up a discount price and define the deal’s quantity easily on the backend. Limited time set for the daily deal can also be selected.

    Easy to configure deal pages

    Deal pages including New deals page, Featured deals page, Bestseller deals page, and Upcoming deals page which keep customers up to date with your deals and draw more attention to your marketing effort.

    Admins can easily set the URL and title for each page. A short link to the deal pages can be configured to appear at 3 main positions like in the Header, Footer, and Category menu.

    Easy to configure deal pages in Daily Deal

    Sidebar widgets

    Magento 2 Daily Deal with Sidebar widgets

    Sidebar widgets containing random deals, top-selling deals, and upcoming deals can be displayed to enhance the effectiveness of daily deals. Magpelaza Daily Deal extension allows admins to name the widget, select a position to place it, and limit the number of items shown in a widget.

    Also, admins can allow or disallow showing remaining/sold quantity of each product appearing in a block. This helps notice customers of how many items are left.

    More features

    Customizable countdown timer

    Admins can change the color of the countdown timer to enhance its appearance to daily deals buyers

    Customizable deal label

    Admins can change the discount label, select a display position and customize the label’s design

    Floating deal slider

    An easy-to-customize floating deals slider appears at 2 main positions to remind customers of current special offers

    Display deal blocks

    By inserting a snippet, admins can place a daily deal block at any place they want. No restriction for display position

    Easy to manage deals

    Daily deals can be easily managed in a grid. Deal price, deal quantity, deal time and status are well noticed

    Redisplay deal slider

    The daily deals slider can be redisplayed after a configured time or can be shown one time only to customers

    Full Features List

    For store admins

    General configuration

    • Enable/disable module
    • Allow/disallow showing the number of remaining items in daily deals blocks
    • Allow/disallow showing the number of sold items
    • Enable/disable countdown timer
    • Customize the design of the countdown timer
    • Change the discount label
    • Allow/disallow the discount label
    • Display discount labels in 2 main positions: under product price or above product image
    • Customize the design of the discount label

    Easy to manage deals

    • View all information on existing deals in a grid
    • Easy to edit an existing deal
    • Easy to add a new deal for a product
    • Enable/disable deals
    • Allow/disallow present products on featured deals
    • Ability to set a new deal price and deal quantity
    • Select store views for the daily deal
    • Select a timeframe for a daily deal

    Ability to configure sidebar widgets: Random deals, Top-selling deals, Upcoming deals

    • Allow/disallow showing side widgets
    • Allow/disallow showing the number of remaining items in the widget
    • Allow/disallow showing the number of sold items in the widget
    • Enable/disable showing specific deals in the widget
    • Ability to name the block title
    • Select a position to place the deal block: at the top or at the bottom of the
    • sidebar
    • Limit the number of items which are allowed to show up in a block
    • Use a snippet to show the daily deal block at any place

    Ability to configure deal pages: All deals, New deals, Bestseller deals, and Featured deals

    • Enable/disable the deal page
    • Select a position to place a quick link to the deal page: Header/Footer/Category menu
    • Change to page route (the page URL)
    • Change the page title

    For shoppers

    • View deals at any place on a page
    • Be noticed of the deal expiration time by a counter timer
    • Be noticed of the remaining quantity of products
    • View the deal price of products
    • View daily deals, upcoming deals, bestseller deals, all deals on a page
    • View top-selling deals, random deals, upcoming deals on sidebar widgets
    • Keep noticed of hot deals by a floating slider

    Reviews (3)

    • assignment_ind
      Great plugin

      Posted by Abdulrahman on 10 November 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
      Again with every new extension, I always find a great support service. And they're always willing to help no matter what you need. It's will be done as soon you ask for.

    • assignment_ind
      Easy to use this extension

      Posted by Phil on 10 November 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
      As always Mageplaza delivers a lovely extension, which allows me to create a quick special deal. It is very to install and to use with a detailed guide. Thank you, Mageplaza!

    • assignment_ind
      What a useful module!

      Posted by Stephanie K. Curry on 06 November 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
      I have been applying this extension to my discount campaigns for the recent three months and it works effectively. I would recommend this module to everyone. It's great. Thank you so much!

    Release notes

    • v1.0.0

      14 September 2018
    • Initial Release

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