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Daily Deal Review

Magento 2 Daily Deal extension store to create hot deals as many as a need in the countdown time.

A fact in the promotion strategy you need to know is that about 80 million customers are attracted by a daily deal site to get the good bargain, and it is the optimal measure to persuade customers to buy your products when there are a series of the same product at competitors’ stores. With Magento 2 Daily Deal module, allow showing the discount price is highlighted by the countdown timer that certainly makes the customer’s desire go up significantly.

The primary purpose of Daily Deal Magento 2 extension is creating the scarcity of the particular offer and make your workflow smooth as your expectation. Thus, not only boosting your sales but the extension also helps you reduce the inventory cost at the lowest level.

Who sell Daily Deal Review?








How does it work?

Create multiple special deals for specific products

Admin can offer one or many deals for any product at the same time with a surprising discount, an amount of deal quantity, the start and end time.

Show the deals on the product listing page, sidebar, and product page

For the running deals, all of them may be displayed on the product listing page, sidebar, and product page. It is so easy that your customers can get the special deals without missing any deal.

Manage all deals in the best way

Go to Magento 2 Daily Deal settings, store admin can manage a list of deals regardless of they are active or inactive.

Features detailed

Easy to configure

The Magento 2 Daily Deal extension is based on the open-source platform, so it comes with the friendly interface to configure and customize flexibly.

Easily create a special deal

The discounted price is one of the powerful policies that helps you gain the target of profits quickly, so let make the deal ease with the friendly requirements from Mageplaza Daily Deal promotion. Only need to set the special price and the active time for a specific product. If you have multiple stores, you can select which stores show the hot deal. Apparently, with Magento 2 Daily Deal module, store owners can set the price countdown campaign to any product as you need to promote in a simple way.

Publish the deals randomly

Instead of generating the deal manually, Mageplaza suggests Deal Generator tool that allows you to save a lot of time to auto-publish a series of special deals on your store with random discounts and quantity basing on your configuration in the backend. You will set the default time for all products or a specific product. Also, it is more amazing when you can create as well as activate multiple promotions in bulk by Deal Generator. This means your customers feel comfortable to select the great ones for own.

Support many positions for the special deals display

For more convenience, Daily Deal Mageplaza extension makes the deals available on both Product Page and Product Listing Page with full of deal information like price, quantity, and time left to buy. Thus, the clients will get the deal wherever they are.

Countdown timer

The countdown timer is an important key to the success of Daily Deal Magento 2 extension. Why do I say that? The countdown timer creates the urgency to attract the customers and motivates them to get the deal now. Ensure that the countdown timer display will make any client ignore the hesitation to place order.

Support fully responsive themes

Applying Magento Daily Deal module from Mageplaza, the clients can use any device to access your site and take the deal without any trouble. They can use PC, tablet, smartphone, or anything that is the most convenient to them at this time.

Effective UI

All hot deals from Mageplaza Daily Deal are enabled under Accordion effect that let them show as a list view or grid view, that brings a smoother and more interactive movement to the users.

Email Notification

Enable cron job tool to auto-send the email notification about your daily deals to customer’s email address. Thanks to that, your clients will not miss any crazy deal from you while you can drive more traffic to your promotions. In addition, the template of the daily deal email is easy to edit in the Magento configuration.

Full feature list of Magento 2 Daily Deal

For Store Admin

  • Create and manage multiple deals for different products in an easy way
  • Set the price, quantity and expiration time for the deal manually
  • Publish randomly the deal in bulk by Deal Generator
  • Able to show the deal on left and right sidebar
  • Design the personal template for email notification
  • Easy to custom the color of the countdown and the deals slider block

For Customers

  • View the deals on product listing page, product page and sidebar on each page
  • See the countdown timer for each deal
  • Receive the email notification about the daily deal
  • Use any device to get the deal

Other features

  • Open source 100%.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • 1-year Support.
  • 1-year Upgrade.
  • 30 days guarantee money back.
  • Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
  • Supports multiple stores.
  • Supports multiple languages.