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No matter what, faster is better

According to Google, when page load time increases, the probability of bounce rate increases either

when page load time goes from 1-10s
when page load time goes from 1-6s
when page load time goes from 1-5s
when page load time goes from 1-3s

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How web speed impacts sales and brand reputation? - Statistics


2% lift

Walmart found that a 1-second improvement in page load time leads to a 2% increase in conversions


$1.6 billion

Amazon calculated that webpage load slowdown of just 1 second could cost $1.6 billion annually



Macy suffered a glitch on their site during Black Friday and its Twitter feed was filled with customer negative responses

Website performance refers to the speed in which web pages are downloaded and displayed on the user's web browser. Faster websites undoubtedly result in better customer retention and sales.

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Magento 2 Speed & Performance Optimization

Are you having these problems?

Website speed affects not only whether customers stay on your page for a while but also whether they find it in the top places

Slow page loading
Dropped search rankings
High bounce rate
High cart abandonment rate
Declining sales
Leaving customers
Magento 2 Speed & Performance Optimization

What are potential causes?

Once you have noticed the problems, start to detect the key factors:

Too many third-party extensions & plugins leading to conflicts
Bloated & complicated themes
Incompatible multimedia
Unusable extensions for large-scale events
Obsolete Magento core version
Evaluate your website performance

Why Magento 2 speed & performance optimization service by Mageplaza?

There are many vendors providing Magento 2 Speed Optimization & Magento Performance Optimization Services in the market.

However, not all of them can inspect your website carefully for the right problems and provide relevant & applicable solutions.

When working with us, you will receive excellent technical support and service.


Expert analysis

Go the depth to detect the right problems your Magento 2 speed optimization, including HTML coding, graphics, server, redirects, and many more.


Web developers

Provide you with highly qualified in-house web developers to make sure the best result of Magento performance optimization.


Guaranteed results

You will receive calculated improvement in your rankings, conversions, and customer satisfaction.


Multi-devices optimization

Optimize the website performance in all devices including mobiles, desktops, and tablets.

Numbers speak for us

We know how to accelerate a website because

What we will do together?

Magento 2 Performance Optimization Services

Things we need to do in order to speed up your website

  • Mageplaza Analyze your website
  • Mageplaza Optimize Magento core
  • Mageplaza Fix & optimize 3th-party extensions & themes
  • Mageplaza Rewrite the previous customization
  • Mageplaza Improve your store scalability
Magento 2 Performance Optimization Services

Calculated results that you will receive after the optimization

  • Mageplaza Google PageSpeed Insights Lab Data: reaching all Green score on all pages
  • Mageplaza Google Pagespeed Insights Audit: passing all
  • Mageplaza Server response time: less than 300 milliseconds
  • Mageplaza Backend server response time for cached pages: less than 300 milliseconds
  • Mageplaza During peak hours, holiday shopping seasons, and sales campaigns: no delays even with 3x-5x traffic surge
Magento 2 Performance Optimization Services

Website performance audit

But first, we can start to get to know each other. Let us analyze your website performance.


Analyze bottlenecks


Detailed reports

Carry out a website performance audit before deciding whether to let us fix it

Get started
  • Capture a holistic picture of your website

    We help you run a thorough crawl of the entire website for indentifying problems

  • Analyze bottlenecks

    Figure out causes that are slowing down the website and trigerring cart abandonments

  • Detailed and in-depth reports

    Present reports in the backend, frontend, & hosting performance along with solutions to speed up the whole system.

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Magento 2 Performance Optimization Services

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Magento 2 speed optimization
Magento performance optimization
Nearly 10 years of experience in web page speed & performance optimization
Guaranteed reaching all Green scores on Google PageSpeed Insights Lab Data & Audit
Guaranteed less than 300 milliseconds of backend server response time
Guaranteed no delays even with 3x-5x traffic surge
No break-in functionality and design

Magento performance optimization is the process of speeding up your website loading by optimizing HTML, CSS, and JS structures, resizing your images, and adjusting server settings. After Magento 2 speed optimization, your site will work faster and handle more significant traffic and catalog.

Do you know that more than 50% of visitors leave your website if they wait more than 3 secs for your page to load?

That’s why it’s essential to invest in your Magento site speed optimization. Website loading speed is one of the ranking factors on search engine result pages and a parameter influencing your conversion rate.

You need to run a speed test to know if your Magento 2 site is slow or not. Take advantage of some tools like PageSpeed Insights to test your speed. Just enter your URL and click the Analyze button, then you’ll get results in a few seconds. This tool is a Google product and is free to use.

To improve your Magento 2 performance, it’s critical to consider factors such as your current performance, installed theme, third-party extensions, etc. But we guarantee that the results will meet your expectations.

Magento 2 speed optimization can also be implemented for your backend. If your Magento 2 backend and admin panel loading is slow, we’ll detect problems during the technical audit and suggest possible solutions.

Magento performance optimization is a complicated process, and it’s recommended to rely on experts to implement it. However, a few things can be done by yourself.

Try the following best practices if your Magento 2 site runs very slowly, and you want something to be done immediately:

Use WebP-format images - with this format, you can create smaller, richer images that make your website faster.
Get the Lazy Loading extension - a free and simple extension without code interference that helps you reduce time to the first byte.
Disable unnecessary 3rd-party extensions because they may generate excessive JS code.

Price and timeframe depend on the complexity of your Magento site. You should contact us for free consultations about the estimate of time and cost.

Besides, we’ll set up a staging environment and test optimizations there first. Once you’re satisfied with the results, we’ll port changes live.