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Short Overview

Magento 2 Reward Points is the most powerful Loyalty program, in which Reward System helps convert your buyers into loyal customers effortlessly by building an automatic points earning and spending system. Through this, stores can boost sales, conversion rate and have their customers around now and again.


See the power of reward points

Build customer loyalty effectively

As known as an effective loyalty program, Mageplaza's Reward Points module provides a reward system for various customer behaviors. By rewarding buyers for performing specific actions such as repurchasing, subscribing, rating and reviewing, shopping doers are engaged and encouraged to commit to your online stores.

Magento 2 reward points system help Build customer loyalty effectively

How Magento 2 Reward System works?

See the workflow of reward system
Set up Reward System rules
Set up Reward System rules
Customers interact on store to earn reward points
Customers interact on store
Customers get Reward Points
Customers get Points
Customers spend reward points on next purchases
Customers spend points on next purchases
Highlight features

See what make Reward Points stand out

Magento 2 custom reward points label

Customize Reward point labels

Point labels are cool things to consider when you use Loyalty Point on your store. As this makes earning points more enjoyable and playful, buyers will likely be attracted to your reward program, hence are interested more in shopping on your website.

Online stores are able to name their reward points with eye-catching labels such as coin, flower, heart, and so on.

Points spending slider

Beside other different ways to select point spending like entering a number, a spending slider can be used to increase customer's shopping experience. By pulling the slider, things seem to be easier and more playful. The Point spending slider can be displayed on the Cart page and the Checkout page.

Reward Points with points spending slider feature
Magento 2 Earning and Spending Points Rules

Reward points by Earning & Spending rules

A system of conditions and respective actions can form unlimited earning and spending rules. This feature offers a much greater flexibility in the way online stores set up reward levels.

Reward for Social Sharing

Buyers can be also rewarded points when they share products on social channels. This feature encourages buyers socialize your online stores. Facebook, Google +, Twitter … are supported.

Buyers can rewarded points by social sharing
Earn Reward Points for Behaviors

Reward for Behaviors

Besides rewards for purchasing, other customer behaviors on stores can be tracked and rewarded such as subscribing, product reviewing, rating, sharing and others.

Sell by points

Customers can use their reward points to buy products from your stores. Sell products and accept points as a payment method.

Customers can use their reward points to buy products
Magento 2 Earn Points by Refer friends

Reward for referring friends

Customers can earn loyalty points by referring friends. Referred friends can also earn points or get a discount when shopping on your store.

Track Reward program via advanced report

Compatible with Report extension. An advanced report on point earning and spending will be shown on the Dashboard with a friendly interface.

Learn more
Reward Points extension can report on point earning and spending
Reward Points for Magento 2 extension

Support API

Integrates with other third-party modules or apps in rewarding system. From this, buyers from other platforms do not miss any rewards from your stores.

Import & Export reward points

Helps cut down workload for admins by easily importing or exporting customers’ reward points transaction. No more manual and complex work.

Magento 2 Import and Export Points
Magento 2 reward points system with Milestones Program

Milestones Program
(coming soon)

A powerful version of reward point program which customers in other levels get different reward point tiers. This is a wise strategy to form lasting customer loyalty.


See more details of Reward Points extension

Magento 2 Reward points for purchasing

Reward points for purchasing

Based on settings on the backend, buyers can get points for each successful order placement.

Magento 2 Reward Points expiration

Reward Points expiration

Points expiration can be configured. Buyers will get a notification email when their points are about to expire

Magento 2 Reward Point indicators

Reward Point indicators

Show how many points are rewarded on the Category page, Product page, Cart, Mini cart and Checkout page.

Magento 2 Points Earning and spending rate

Earning/spending rate

Configure the reward rates for various customer groups with their own priorities

Magento 2 Points Transaction management

Reward Points Transaction management

A detail transaction report of how buyers earned and spent points on your store

Magento 2 Points icon

Reward Point Icons

An icon can be uploaded by store admins to use as a symbol for reward points

Magento 2 Refundable reward points

Refundable reward points

Store admins can configure reward points to be refundable or not

Reward Point spending restriction

Reward Point spending restriction

The minimum and maximum amount of reward points spent in a time can be limited

Magento 2 Customer group reward

Customer group reward

Reward point rates can be configured in specific store views and customer groups

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience

Q. What is Magento 2 Reward Points?

Magento 2 Reward Point is a rewarding system allowing merchants to bonus points to customers when they perform specific actions such as repurchasing, subscribing, or reviewing. Merchants can set rules for all rewarding actions.

Q. How to enable Magento 2 Reward Points extension?

To enable Magento 2 Reward Points extension: Log in to Admin Panel > Admin Panel > Store > Configuration > Mageplaza Extensions > Reward Points > General configuration and turn the Enable to Yes. Follow our guide to discover further settings.

Q. What are name of reward points I should call?

There are so many options you can name for points such as pounds, cash, dollar, cent, etc or you can call creatively as star, flower, heart, or love etc. Remember that maybe it is the smart way to impress your customers.

Q. Which extensions can collaborate with Reward Points to enhance the promotion campaigns of online stores?

To optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns, Reward Points should be used with the extensions such as: Affiliate module, Layer Navigation, Gift Voucher, Milestone, Newsletter Popup, Abandoned Cart Email,etc.

Q. What if I have some parallel reward point programs?

If so, you have to set the priority for each. The earning rate with a higher priority with be applied first

Q. Can I try creating a loyalty system for Magento 2 with Reward Points Module?

Of course, yes. You will have great experience in building loyalty program with the live demo extension.

Q. How to create a reward program in Magento 2?

To create a reward program in Magento 2: Log in to Admin Panel > Marketing > Earning and Spending. Here you can set up the point that customers gain when performing actions and the points they can use to purchase.

Q. How to use reward points?

You can use reward points to delight customers by providing points when they purchase or interact with your online store. When customers get certain points in your store, they will be more likely to come back and use the points to buy products.

Q. Can I create many programs at the same time?

Yes, you can do that by setting various earning rates in the backend

Q. What languages does this extension support?

Feel free to set up languages for your store; it can be English, French, German or anything.

Q. What is a milestone program?

Milestone is a tiered/level program you can create when installing Reward Point System - the Ultimate version. Different tiers/levels such as Platinum, Gold, Silver come with different benefits. The higher tier a customer reaches, the more rewards he will gets.

Q. How to track customer’s point transaction?

From Magento Admin Panel, you can see the details of transaction including created time, used point, point balance and status.

Q. How often will you update the reward points module?

Whenever there is a new version, we will update and you can download it by going to My Account > My Download Products.

Reviews (21)

What our customers say
  • Excellent, as usual!

    This extension does exactly what it says. Easy to understand and configure. And our customers love building up and spending their points!

    Posted by Bill Rust on 24 August 2020
  • Not bad

    Not bad

    Posted by alan on 23 July 2020
  • Director

    We installed it seamlessly within a few hours. Features are great and covers all our requirements

    Posted by Anil Bhat on 20 July 2020
  • Great service.

    Great products and great service. They offer the best service in my experience for all my Magento extensions I have purchased. Highly recommend.

    Posted by Andy on 09 April 2020
  • Mageplaza Never Fails

    Wonderful extensions. Easy installation, really hassle-free. Many options to customize. Definitely the best in the budget.

    Posted by Bartosz on 04 April 2020
  • Wonderful!

    an easy module to install. Cart and Behavior rules give a wide variety to configure the reward system. Also, MagePlaza support is such a quick, professional and very efficient service!

    Posted by Mayyar on 30 January 2020
  • Good and Good

    Instantly quick fix made by Bruce which saved my day! The support was awesome!

    Posted by MohanaKrishnan on 29 November 2019
  • Blown away!

    Best support service. We will purchase more extensions in futures and refer Mageplaza for our clients.

    Posted by MohanaKrishnan on 01 November 2019
  • Thank you so so much

    Always fast and friendly support from Mageplaza. My site worked again!

    Posted by Jan Hemmingsson on 29 October 2019
  • Unbelievable Support!

    In general, the extension works as advertised. Lots of features and a ton you weren’t expecting that are really great. I’ve been working on Magento for 10 years and I can confidently say that these guys know what they’re doing. Clean and reliable code. That’s all fine and great but what really got me off my ass to write this review was the dev support, I had some features that I really needed, and I asked if they were ‘possible.’ I was expecting a bush-league workaround or a simple “nah” but I was SUPER impressed by the response I got instead. Thomas, one of their devs immediately jumped in and wrote a whole new plugin for my cart to work correctly. He even followed up a few days later to see how things were going. – Blown away. As if the extension doesn’t do enough to begin with, the cost was worth the support provided to follow, alone. These guys will get as much business as I have to give them going forward.

    Posted by Michael on 13 June 2019
  • Very useful

    It's really useful to increase customer loyalty at your store. For the customer, this extension is easy to use and the Mageplaza support is reliable!

    Posted by Simone on 08 April 2019
  • Does a great job

    Does a great job and has helped my sales. Is easy to configure and offers a good solution. Should be on the top of your list of addons.

    Posted by Martin on 25 March 2019
  • The best addon

    This is hands-down the best addon you can have for your store. Not only does it drive engagement through sharing and repeat orders, it gives customers an incentive to order MORE to get more points. Sort of like micro-transactions. A+

    Posted by Jerry on 17 March 2019
  • Awesome extension

    I used Reward Points from j2t before and they were just OK. But Mageplaza Reward Points extension is a huge step UP. Ultimate edition of this module makes my revenues go and go...I can't wait for milestones feature, this will be a huge step forward. Thanks, Mageplaza.

    Posted by marina on 27 November 2018
  • Awesome extension !!!

    This plugin is very easy to use. I really love it!! Customers can earn points and redeem for cash!! It's the best extension I found after a long search. I'm very happy and highly recommended.

    Posted by Benny on 14 November 2018
  • Perfect Extension

    This little add-on has a major impact on customer loyalty and helps you to stabilize and increase sales:-) The useful adaptations of this module you can do is that you can customize this extension as your needs.

    Posted by Patrick on 04 November 2018
  • Great loyalty program

    This is an amazing extension which is a must-have for every e-commerce store. The set up is very easy to install. Just try and see. Much more easy to retain customers :-)

    Posted by Lubomir on 24 October 2018
  • Incredible support and respect for the user

    I am very satisfied with this extension because it's very useful for my store. I did have an issue with the translate of extension, they worked quickly to resolve the issue. I am very happy with the support.

    Posted by Pawel on 20 March 2018
  • Our loyal customers' number has increased by nearly 30%

    It's such a big surprise for us to experience this for the very first time. After having Mageplaza Reward points extension installed in our store, our conversion rate is growing significantly. Many one-time buyers visit back our website and purchase more. The last holiday shopping season was awesome, customers were more interested in shopping. It’s so cool after all.

    Posted by Vernon on 09 March 2018
  • Great support from you guys

    It’s always so easy to be satisfied with the way I’m supported in Mageplaza. The guys solved the compatibility issue in my store so well that I couldn’t ask for more. Reward points extension is working properly and plays its role exactly as it’s claimed. Can’t wait to see the Ultimate version showing up.

    Posted by Angelina Badger on 09 March 2018
  • Basic yet useful

    Got this from a slot of Pre-order event. Mageplaza Reward Points extension is basically perfect for our store. Everything is working well and the extension’s brought many benefits so far. The support team works so efficiently, thank you guys!

    Posted by MK. Fardy on 09 March 2018
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    Feature Comparison Table

    Mageplaza Reward Points includes three packages: Standard, Professional, and Ultimate. Let's take a glance at the comparison table.

    Standard Professional Ultimate
    General configuration
    Enable/Disable the module
    Customize Reward point labels
    Configure Reward point icons
    Rewards for Customer group
    Rewards for Specific store views
    Set the Maximum Available Points Balance
    Earning Configuration
    Set Rounding point method: Up or Down
    Allow earning points from tax
    Allow earning points from free shipping
    Enable/Disable Point refund
    Allow earning points after Invoice created
    Enable admin to set the Point Expiration
    Spending Configuration
    Minimum Balance to Spend Points
    Insert the Discount Label
    Set the Maximum Spending Points per Order
    Spending Points on Tax
    Restore Spent Points after Order Refunding
    Use Max Points by Default
    Display Configuration
    Display Total Points on Top Links
    Display Earning Points on Minicart
    Email Configuration
    Enable Email Notification
    Subscribe Customers by Default
    Set the Email Sender
    Update point balance email
    Points expiration email
    Integration and other features
    Reward points by earning and spending rules
    Display reward point on the Category page, Product page
    Reports of Earned and Spent points
    Sell products by points
    Reward for Social Behavior
    Display Social button on frontend
    Choose Page to Display Social button
    Reward for referring friends
    Invitation email for referral
    Allow inserting default refer URL
    API integration
    Import/Export reward transactions
    Import points
    Reindex management
    Auto-fit with every device (Mobile, Tablet, PC
    Support multiple stores
    Support multiple languages
    Fully compatible with Mageplaza extensions
    1-year free support
    Lifetime updates
    60 days guarantee money back