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Top 10+ Digital Marketing Trends You Should Look Out For

Summer Nguyen | 01-28-2019

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Nobody can dispute the power of effective digital marketing, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Unfortunately, what constitutes effective is constantly changing. Technology and the internet are constantly evolving with new innovations coming out every single day. A good marketing expert has to adapt to this constantly changing environment. Social media changes at the drop of a hat, which is why you have to be on top everything that is trendy right now. Here are 10 Digital Marketing Trends you should keep in mind during the following year.

1. AI that’s too good at its job

Artificial intelligence is the technology of the future, but the future might be closer than you think. Thus far we’ve seen AI adapt to do a lot of things in the field of digital marketing. Where you put it to work on your portfolio depends on your goals and channels.

If you haven’t started working with digital marketing teams that make use of AI, you’re most likely falling behind the curve. A significant portion of marketers use AI for product recommendations and its use in campaign optimization shouldn’t be forgotten either.

You might be wondering how does artificial intelligence actually achieve these goals? The main method marketers use is personalization. AI can now deliver real-time personalized advertising insertions on websites with ease. Image search shopping is another benefit of AI technology. Machine learning allows you to search products just based on their picture and some surrounding descriptive text.

2. Content Marketing

Good content is perfect Digital Marketing Trends

If there’s anything that attracts consumers, it’s quality content on websites. Whether this quality content is an ad or not doesn’t really matter. Content marketing is still a top priority for anyone trying to sell anything on the internet. The quality of the content marketing has always mattered, but by now there have been some changes.

People are becoming more and more aware of the presence of advertisements in their feed and it’s inhibiting them from purchasing things. Content mảketing is a way to make people disregard the ad portion of a video or post, while still motivating them to make a purchase.

For good quality content, having a deep and sophisticated understanding of your target audience is crucial. This will allow you to target this specific audience in a precise way, leading to a more effective digital marketing campaign. To achieve optimal results with your new content, you’re going to need some quality content creators and influencers.

Getting good content out there can be quite a risk. You have to come up with something that is trendy while not creating something that feels forced and fake. People can sense these kinds of things, especially if they think it might just be an ad. Cooperating with influencers and creators is essential if you want an organic experience for your audiences.

3. Personalized E-mails Marketing

Hardly anyone remembers the lonely E-mail. It might seem like an old-timey method of communication, but online marketers know better. E-mails marketing are still extremely popular and useful channels of communication and they can’t be disregarded when it comes to online digital marketing. Whether we like it or not, E-mails are here to stay. Since the dawn of E-mails, marketers have been trying to sell products through them.

With time, people have become accustomed to a certain kind of advertising method in E-mails. These no longer work and the market has evolved to give people what they want, and what they want is more focus on themselves.

There has been a huge shift from generic E-mail advertisements marketing to more personalized content aimed at individuals. Automation allows you to reach a huge audience in a personal way without breaking a sweat. The browsing history of users is an invaluable tool that lets you pick out what kind of product you should try to advertise them. The reason E-mails are so important is that they act as a kind of final step in the purchase of an item. If you’ve been searching for something specific online and you encounter it in your E-mail, it’s very likely going to lead to a sale.

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4. Video marketing

Digital Marketing with Video advertisement

Videos are becoming the most precious asset a digital marketing expert can have at their disposal. Platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and Facebook Live are giants in the industry, and they’re steadily rising even more. Content marketing that people used to watch on television is now projected on their phones at the click of a button.

This means advertisements are moving fast as well. It’s estimated that around eighty percent of all internet traffic will be represented by videos in a couple of years. The real question is why should you wait any time at all? Might as well make use of this rising trend right now, while it’s still rising.

Since consumers are spending so much of their time watching videos, it’s only natural that video ads are going to be shown as well. Catering to this medium is a recipe for increased revenue. Creativity is the motto when it comes to video advertisements. Spontaneous, in-the-moment videos are where it’s at right now. Live videos are becoming a trend on their own, so much so that they are expected to make up about thirteen percent of all video traffic in the coming years.

5. Chatbots for Marketing

Robots are the thing of the future, but it seems that they aren’t too far away. Chatbots marketing aren’t exactly real robots, but they’re as close as you can get to a virtual concierge on websites. They are a specialized form of software that communicates with users and assists them in completing certain goals. They work by communicating through chatboxes on web pages. They’re mostly text-based, but there are some audio versions you can have a nice conversation with.

Customer support is one area where they shine. Websites like Facebook adore them because they can handle basic Q&A functions. A user will ask a specific question and the chatbot will do its best to answer it if it has the answer in its database. It usually sticks to simple things. The most common questions are things like the weather and page-specific details.

If you’re wondering when an event is going to happen, they’ve got you covered. There are several advantages to using chatbots. They let the users feel like they’re interacting with a personalized system catered to them. This lets you get the necessary information across without using too many human resources.


6. Facebook Marketing

Facebook Digital Marketing

While it’s not the trendiest of subjects, Facebook has all the numbers on its side. Facebook is still the most popular social media platform in just about every country. With over two billion active users, its influence is hard to ignore. The only thing that has changed regarding Facebook is the demographic it influences most.

It’s estimated that around half of its current users are over the age of forty. Last year wasn’t a very good year for Facebook, partly because of the alleged data breach that happened. Their CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, testified in front of the American Congress in order to talk about this breach.

Even with all the controversies surrounding it, Facebook is still number one on every digital marketing experts’ list. In order to make the most of advertising on the website, you need to know which audience you’re aiming for. While younger audiences are tuning out, people over forty still regularly check in on the website every day, so keep that in mind.

7. Voice searches marketing

Voice recognition software is getting better every day, and it’s making its way to our homes. Through verbal commands, you can ask a smart speaker to order items online or even control other smart devices in your home remotely. Voice commands are also a potential goldmine for marketing profits.

For starters, letting prospects use their voice makes searching for things and purchasing them easier. Not only that, but typing on a phone can be a hassle, and voice commands are quite a bit faster.

Products like the Amazon Echo, introduced a few years ago, are becoming a household commodity that can work as an ideal tool for marketers. Why are these speakers and virtual assistants so helpful? People usually go to specific websites when they want something from far away delivered to them. When they want to shop locally, they’ll ask their virtual assistant software if anything close is available.

The way talking works also influences the way you set up your marketing strategy. Speech is more conversational than typing, which is why you should focus on making your website content the same way to match.

8. Accelerated mobile pages

Mobile phones might just be the most important tools for digital marketing

Mobile phones might just be the most important tools for digital marketing nowadays. It’s estimated that around sixty percent of search engine traffic that goes through Google is done through mobile phones. With websites getting more and more bloated, their load times can increase dramatically. With higher load times come higher bounce times when you ping the website, and this will lead to a lower Google ranking.

Because of this, Google has started the AMP project. Pages that fall under accelerated mobile pages load in under zero point five seconds, making them very fast websites and they get high ranks for this advantage.

AMP itself isn’t listed as a way to increase your websites’ rankings, but the noticeable difference in loading is. The increased ranking gives your website a guaranteed local SEO increase. Mobile phones represent the majority of ad views and revenue on social media, making them a priority for marketing experts.

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9. Influencers do their job

Looking at the big picture is great, but sometimes you have to think of the micro. Getting individuals to endorse products has always been an effective way to advertise them. Nowadays, popular individuals and celebrities can act as influencers that can bring your product to popularity in no time. However, most businesses can’t exactly afford high-paid celebrities to come out and recommend their product. Don’t let this discourage you at all. It’s important to start off small.

Consider creating a team of smaller influencers that will spread the message of the usefulness of your product. Less popular influencers have their own benefits. Not only do they cost less to hire, but they also have a different effect on target audiences. Celebrity endorsements can feel plastic and fake to people who are used to seeing this type of thing.

Hardly anyone will believe that Brad Pitt cares too much about the brand of cleaning product he uses. Less popular influencers can be more flexible and more convincing. Micro-influencers can be legitimate enthusiasts in whatever product you’re advertising. This helps them garner more trust from your audience.

10. Omnichannel marketing

Digital Marketing: 10 Trends You Should Look Out

With the rise of the internet, consumers have become more sophisticated than ever. Before purchasing anything, they’ll check just about any and every possible channel for additional information. This is why it’s important to have all your bases covered. Potential prospects can be introduced to your company through channels like Twitter or Facebook, for example. E-mail subscribers are still quite numerous and shouldn’t be disregarded.

Omnichannel marketing also allows you to keep track of the potential buyers’ interactions even when they are interacting with you on a different channel. This way you give off the impression that you’re paying attention to details. The interaction could start from social media, through which you gain the necessary information to give the person targeted ads on both other websites and E-mails. From there it’s smooth sailing for getting their phone number and leading to a sales qualified lead.

11. Inclusive marketing

Inclusive marketing, which creates content for everyone

Inclusive marketing, which creates content for everyone

With heightened awareness, marketing now emphasizes inclusivity. Gone are the times when brands ignored minorities in their marketing messages.

Inclusive marketing means creating content for everyone, no matter their identity or background. In 2023, brands should focus on creating inclusive content that matches various audiences, including people with disabilities.

To create inclusive content, businesses should understand customers and create resonant content. This includes using inclusive language, images, and videos that reflect the diversity of their audience.

Additionally, when businesses build content for disabilities, content should include alt text for images, closed captions for videos, and ensuring that websites are designed with accessibility in mind.

12. Gen Z Marketing Strategies

Gen Z is the next consumer generation, and they are expected to have a considerable impact on digital marketing in 2023.

Your business should be fully aware of how Gen Z’s online shopping behaviors differ from Millennials, as well as Gen X and Baby Boomers. Is your digital marketing strategy reaching this new customer wave?

Gen Z is a young generation that values authenticity, transparency, and inclusivity in their interactions with brands. They are more likely to trust brands that are suitable for their values and interests, and they expect brands to be environmentally conscious and socially responsible.

Businesses should focus on understanding their values and interests. This includes creating content that is authentic, transparent, and inclusive and that reflects the diversity of their audience. Additionally, it is necessary to create content that is fast and easily digestible, as Gen Z will have a shorter attention span compared to previous generations.

13. LinkedIn

LinkedIn connects with potential customers

LinkedIn has been continuing to grow its user base, making it a valuable platform for professional networking, business development, and connecting with potential customers. Therefore, it is indeed important to use LinkedIn to connect with potential customers in 2023.

LinkedIn provides a range of features that can help businesses generate high-quality leads and conversions. For example, LinkedIn’s advanced targeting options allow marketers to reach specific audiences depending on job title, industry, company size, and more.

Additionally, LinkedIn’s content marketing features, such as LinkedIn Pulse and SlideShare, provide businesses with a platform to share thought content and interact with their target audience.

In 2023, LinkedIn is expected to continue to develop and offer new features that will help businesses reach their marketing goals. For example, LinkedIn is currently testing a new feature that allows users to share short-form, ephemeral content with their network. This feature could be a game-changer for B2B marketers who are looking to create more compelling content and create connections with their audience in new ways.

This functionality can potentially revolutionize the playing field for B2B marketers seeking to curate more compelling content and establish connections with their audience in innovative ways.

14. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered a vital aspect of digital marketing. In 2023, it is expected to become even more important as businesses compete to rank higher on search engine results pages. Optimize your website to increase higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs) for keywords, thereby boosting overall visibility.

In 2023, companies need to create high-quality and optimized content for search engines. The website must provide helpful and valuable content. Besides, it also consists of using relevant keywords and phrases in your content, optimizing your website’s structure and design, and building high-quality backlinks to your website.

Additionally, more and more people are using voice assistants like Siri and Alexa for online information search, and optimizing content for voice search become a crucial aspect of digital marketing strategy.

People often use voice commands to search. Entrepreneurs should adapt content to match users’ natural speech. This involves incorporating conversational and long-tail keywords, focusing on local search optimization, and ensuring content is easily digestible when spoken.

15. Customer experience optimization

Prioritizing customer experience in digital marketing strategy

Because everything is going digital, prioritizing customer experience has become an integral part of successful business strategies.

Today, customers can find reviews and opinions about almost everything in just a few seconds. The failure of a company to provide a satisfactory experience will quickly spread through digital channels, discouraging potential customers and directing them toward alternative options.

A robust digital marketing strategy, therefore, requires a persistent focus on optimizing customer experience. The company’s webpage should not only be user-friendly but also quick in delivering information.

Besides, transparency becomes essential. Crucial details must not be hidden from users, and a coherent site structure further improves user navigation.

Therefore, a definitive trend in digital marketing for 2023 is the significant improvement in customer experience.

16. Ethics considerations in digital marketing

When consumers become more aware of data privacy and security concerns, brands must prioritize ethical practices in their digital marketing strategies by being transparent about data collection and usage and respecting consumer privacy.

Brands should only collect the data they need and inform consumers about the data they collect. They should also ensure severe data protection measures and be transparent about how they use the data.

In addition to data privacy, brands should also focus on responsible advertising practices. This includes avoiding false or misleading advertising and respecting intellectual property rights. Besides, it also needs to avoid offensive or discriminatory content.


In conclusion, online digital marketing trends aren’t the easiest things to predict. Times have changed. Having a catchy slogan and good logo won’t do the job alone. You have to think of digital marketing as a game of chess. Think three steps ahead and you’ll always be ahead of the competition. Keep in mind your competitors are also trying to cash in on the newest marketing trends, which is why you should get to work on improving your marketing strategy right away.

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