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As digital marketing strategies have evolved and spread their wings at a breakneck pace, most entrepreneurs will have the same question: “Is email marketing still working?”

The answer is definitely yes. Email marketing yet proved its irreplaceable role in the market via a report:

  • Forecast the number of emails activated in 2023 will reach 4.3 billion

  • For every $1 business spends on email marketing can return $42 of ROI

  • Out of every 10 marketers, 9 decide to use email marketing to distribute content organically

The truth that your business needs email marketing to not fall behind the competition. However, to run successful email marketing campaigns is not easy.

Email marketing services exist to help you do that without much effort. This post will take you through the most popular email services you should not miss.

Read on to discover the best one for you!

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Why does email marketing service matter to your business?

If I have to use a phrase to describe email marketing, it must be “a game-changer”. Why?

  • The ROI rate email marketing delivers is much higher than others. Hence, the most cost-effective marketing strategy for small businesses

  • Enable business to build a massive community of devoted followers

  • Able to reach anyone in the world

  • Easy to check ROI

But before thinking about wonderful ideas for your future email campaigns, you need “an email marketing service.”

Just know that lots of competitive and successful email marketing depend mostly on the email marketing software your business chooses. Because:

  • Software is responsible more ensuring that your emails actually get delivered

  • Facilitate business to send and monitoring email campaigns without much effort

  • Wonderful features like A/B testing, automation, and personalization allow you to run multiple campaigns to engage with an increasingly fragmented audience

  • Manage and handle all the essential elements in your email campaigns (like subscribers, content, monitor, etc.)

An email marketing service provider will offer strategic business tools that make your email marketing effort worthwhile. The difficulty here is that most email marketing services provide quite similar features.

So, in conclusion, what email platform is the most effective and suitable one for you? Choosing the right service can cut your learning curve while saving you time and money.

Let’s dive right into 9 best email marketing services, which are popular in the market these days.

7 Must-have features of an email marketing service

A good email marketing service always comes with a cost. And making the right choice for an email service will determine whether your investment is profitable or not.

Of course, no one wants to waste their money and effort on useless things. So it’s worth investing your time on thinking about the most suitable email services that can match perfectly with your business.

We understand that it can be quite overwhelming when you face numerous choices, as there are thousands of email marketing solutions on the market. That’s why we suggest you some basic factors to consider when marketing your email service decision.

  • User interface: The email marketing service’s primary function is to ease marketers’ jobs, not making it more complicated. That’s the first standard of a right service is that it must offer an intuitive user experience

  • Email automation: Email marketing in the past is a job that requires lots of manual tasks. So email marketing automation is a must-have feature to save time and marketing resources, ranging from scheduling emails to user engagement auto-tracking, etc

  • Pre-built templates: How annoyed it is when you are in need of a basic email template design but your email service doesn’t support that? Remember to check the number of templates you have at different plans for an email service before making your choice

  • Non-technical editor: Your email marketing service should allow you to design your own emails with easy to use editor functionality especially if it is for restaurant email marketing.

  • Analytics dashboards: Open rate or performance click-through rate are 2 among lots of metrics that help marketers test their email campaigns. A good email marketing service will usually support its users with detailed email reports and analytics dashboards

  • A/B testing: This is a time-tested technique so that marketers can analyze their content performance and make data-backed improvements. In email marketing service, you can live-test multiple version of your emails for its most optimal results

  • Pricing: The outermost essential factor. No doubt that the email marketing plan you invest in must fit your budget

Top 11 Best email marketing services you can trust

1. AVADA Email Marketing

Avada Email Marketing

If you are searching for an all-in-one marketing automation specialist in email marketing solution, then Avada Email Marketing is what you need.

With this software’s support, you can easily set up and manage all your email campaigns, especially Abandoned Cart Email and Follow-up ones.


  • A cost-effective email marketing automation tool

  • Easily create unlimited automation campaigns for converting customers through their buying journey on site

  • Allows store owners to run multiple email campaigns (e.g., Abandoned cart emails, welcome emails, order confirmation, and follow up emails, etc.)

  • Easy-to-use drag and drop email editor

  • Provide several professional and beautiful templates for your email campaigns

  • Build your subscriber list will popup and “spin to win” features

Best for: The smart investment and the best email marketing Service for eCommerce

Try AVADA Email for Free!

2. ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign acts as an excellent alternative to mainstream email marketing software tools like MailChimp. You will be amazed by how cheap ActiveCampaign is, which makes it so successful in the market of small businesses.

ActiveCampaign is hands-down the most powerful automation tool ever, allowing you to set up virtually any automation you can think of – sales follow-ups, automated segmentation, dynamic email content and many more.

Apart from basic features like segmentation, triggered emails, this tool also offers other advanced functionalities such as multi-user editing, managed deliverability, and so forth.


  • Powerful and well-structured automation

  • Offer its users with a lot of options, even in the free version

  • Performs multi-channel marketing like sending SMS, personalized messages to their web visitors, or managing Facebook ads

  • In case if you already have a different email marketing software, ActivateCampaign offer free migration

  • Purchase tracking is available for some most popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce

  • Offers all email marketing solutions you could think of at a very affordable price


  • The tracking functionality can be complicated with new users

  • The price for the premium plan might be high for small businesses

  • Take a lot more time to get familiar with ActiveCampaign’s advanced features than other tools

  • With those who only need basic email sequences, Avada Email Marketing or MailerLite are far more budget-friendly and more comfortable to use

  • Don’t offer landing page editor


  • Lite Plan: $9 a month - Offer unlimited email sending, email marketing tool kit, subscription forms, marketing automation, up tp 3 users with chat & email support

  • Plus Plan: $49 a month - Up to 25 users with more advanced capabilities such as CRM with sales automation, landing page, SMS marketing, dynamic content, etc

  • Professional Plan: $129 a month - Up to 50 users with a full set of features. Plus, 3-one-on-one monthly trending sessions

Best for: Small businesses and self-employed customers who want to advertise their business via newsletter emails and serious about marketing automation.

Furthermore, if you need an email service that integrates sales and marketing platforms for your business, ActiveCampaign can help you streamline your sales follow-up process.

Visit ActiveCampaign

3. Moonsend

Moonsend software

Moonsend is a powerful email marketing service with a variety of features at an affordable price. With this platform, you can create email newsletter campaigns, landing pages, and multiple forms effortlessly.

Like other major email platforms, Moonsend offers a drag and drop editor for crafting beautiful and professional email newsletters from scratch. Moreover, with the advanced automation features, you can create specific campaigns for your audience segments.


  • Excellent drag and drop functionality

  • Provide detailed reports and analytics for result measurement

  • Offer A/B testing feature

  • Good integration with Salesforce, WordPress, Google Contacts, and so forth

  • Excellent customer support via chat, phones, email

  • Users have 100% access to all the features regardless of their account’s sizes

  • Provide advanced automation workflow builder

  • Approximately 40 built-in templates available, useful for all sorts of different industries from real estate to e-commerce.


  • Its sigh-up forms might need some additional customization
  • Native integrations are lacking

Pricing: Offer a free plan for up to 1.000 subscribers

  • Pro: Starting at $10/ mo and $8/ mo (billed annually)

  • Enterprise: Need to contact the service provider

(The pricing of Moonsend is baked upon your number of subscribers)

Best for: An excellent choice for small businesses or entrepreneurs who are looking for a powerful email marketing solution without the hefty price tag

Visit Moonsend

4. SendInBlue

SendInBlue software

One top email marketing service, SendInBlue is one of the best marketing solutions that involve email and SMS marketing. An extremely easy-to-use platform with excellent support tools to create well-crafted and engaging emails.

SendInBlue allows marketers to optimize their email campaigns, including advanced email automation, segmentation, personalization, landing page optimization, and forms.


  • All of SendInBlue’s plans don’t limit the number of contacts

  • Easy-to-use drag and drop email editor

  • Able to segment your audience based on demographics or lead scores

  • Easily manage your email list by importing, exporting, or editing the contacts

  • Equip your business with SMS marketing tools

  • Create seamless workflows for automatic follow-up emails

  • Offer landing page builder functionality


  • Order multiple logins and different user access level

Pricing: SendInBlue offers a free plan for businesses with up to 300 email sent per day; however, all those emails will have the service provider’s branding. Paid plans start from $25.

  • Lite: Starting at $25/ mo (Up to 100.000 emails, no marketing automation)

  • Premium: Starting at $65/ mo (Up to 1.000.000 emails, include automation, landing page builders)

  • Enterprise: Need to contact with SendInBlue (Offer everything in Premium and other advanced functionalities)

(The plans vary in cost based on the email numbers a business sends per day or month)

Though the price of its entry-level plan can be higher than GetResponse or MailChimp, the number of emails that SendInBlue support for lite is up to 100.000 (2 times larger than the number of GetResponse)

Best for: Both small and big businesses with a massive list of subscribers want to target their audience more effectively. The best Email and SMS marketing platform.

5. Mailmodo

Mailmodo is an ESP with one novel offering - interactive emails that let people complete an action inside their emails.

We’re talking about AMP emails with forms, shopping carts, calendars, and more, that the user can fill out and submit without leaving the email. The result? Lesser drop-offs and upto 3x higher conversions.


There’s a drag-and-drop editor to build these emails, plus all the usual features of an ESP - like email automation, transactional emails, and contact segmentation. So instead of sending emails that ask users to go to your website or app, you can use Mailmodo to send a mini-version of those to their inbox. and watch your conversions skyrocket.


  • No-code, drag and drop editor to create AMP email templates that also automatically creates an HTML fallback

  • Customizable templates library of over 100 templates according to different use-cases

  • Affordable pricing that doesn’t depend on the number of contacts, so you don’t break your bank while scaling

  • GDPR compliant and also ensures deliverability

  • All-time available customer support


  • Free plan - 10,000 emails/month
  • Silver plan - $99/month - 75,000 emails/month
  • Gold plan- $249/month- 250,000 emails/month
  • Platinum plan- $599/month- 1 Million emails/month

6. AWeber

AWeber software

Having more than 20 years of experience, Aweber provides email marketing services for more than one million small businesses. This turns them into one of the most reliable and popular service providers in email marketing.

Aweber is well known for its deliverability and a dedicated support team that works 24/7. It provides users with plenty of automation options, from creating, curating to sending targeted messages.


  • Offer an entirely free plan

  • Comes with a vast source of templates

  • The price is relatively lower than serval similar solution

  • Integrate with some of the best e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and CRMs (Salesforce)

  • Extensive reporting capabilities

  • Offer all of its feature with every plan (except the free one), even the advanced tools


  • Can’t include multiple segments at once when you send an e-newsletter

  • Don’t provide A/B testing or ways to use Facebook pixels/ Google Analytics cookies in a GDPR compliant way

  • The RSS to email template is not available to edit if using Aweber’s standard drag and drop email builder

Pricing: Weber offers a free plan with most essential email marketing tools for under 500 subscribers, 3000 emails sent per month, and 1 list profiles limited.

  • Pro: Starting at $19/ mo to $149/ mo for up to 25.000 subscribers

Best for: Those who are just getting started with email marketing. Or small businesses want to find straightforward rates and every inclusive feature at each pricing tier, then AWeber is the best choice.

7. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Another renowned email marketing service provider we could not miss is Constant Contact.

It has been in the email marketing game since 1995 and managed to become one of the most used email tools in the world, boasting over 650.000 customers.


  • Provide 240+ pre-made templates which are able to customize

  • Drag and drop email builder is available

  • Each template is responsive

  • Users can get access to insightful reports for every campaign (report the open rate, opt-outs, bounce rate, etc.) for future improvements

  • Offer “Plus” features that enable you to execute specific types of campaigns (e.g., Coupon offers, donation collections, or surveys)


  • Doesn’t offer the most advanced automation even for the premium plan

  • Relatively low price-performance ratio (high compared to what their plan offer)

Pricing: Offer 60-day free trial (no credit card required) and a 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Email: Starting at $20/ mo (Don’t include automation functionality, limit 3 users)

  • Email Plus: Starting at $45/ mo (Full set of functionalities and offer 10 users)

(Price for 2 plans will vary based on the number of subscribers on your email list)

Though Constant Contact is geared towards small businesses, its price isn’t the most affordable one.

Best for: Small business as it has everything they need to create effective campaigns. Best use for website builders.

8. GetResponse

GetResponse software

GetResponse is another famous name when it comes to email marketing Service. To be more specific, it is more like an all-in-one marketing service specializing in automation.

It’s worth mentioning the Autofunnel feature of GetResponse, a tool that allows its users to create a comprehensive for sales, leads, webinars, and so forth.

Once a target audience enters your funnel, every task is fully automated by GetResponse to lead customers down the funnel via several digital touchpoints.


  • Available in over 20 languages

  • Easy-to-use drag and drop functionality

  • Provide over 500 responsive email designs for newbie

  • Provide you a comprehensive tool kit to grow your subscriber list and monetize those contacts

  • The entry-level plan comes with advanced features a business needs, such as autoresponders, sales funnels. Considered as one of the cheapest email services

  • Integrate with most of major 3rd-party lead generation software


  • The drag and drop interfaces for landing page creation and forms are a bit fiddly

  • Don’t provide phone support (unless you’re on an “Enterprise” plan)

  • The analytics functionality is not friendly and inconvenient for users

Pricing: Offer a 30-day free trial for each plan

  • Basic: Starting at $15/ mo

  • Plus: Starting at $49/ mo

  • Professional: Starting at $99/ mo

  • Enterprise: Starting at $1,199/ mo

(The rate increase when your list grows)

Best for: Business lacks CRM software, then I will recommend the Plus plan. Though this rate can be a little higher than some other services, it still comes with so much more.

9. Drip

Drip software

If all the above email marketing services don’t aim at any business, Drip serves mostly e-commerce companies. This email marketing service focuses on using CRM data to bring back personalized marketing experiences, generate engagement, and build customer loyalty.

What makes Drip apart from the competition is its excellent marketing automation tools, smart email segmenting, and a visual workflow builder.


  • Specialize in eCommerce CRM

  • Great customer service

  • Integrate with several third-party software when needed

  • Flexible automation with easy-to-use rules and workflows

  • Provide good segmentation and managing subscribers capabilities

  • Track and report the overall effectiveness of your email marketing for further improvement


  • Offer a fairly good A/B testing system, but if you want to test your email content, it isn’t easy

  • The email template can be improved to be more professional

  • Lack of CRO feature and the form builder is limited

Pricing: Offer a 14-day trial to test every customer-focused feature. Their plan starts from $19/ mo with all components included.

  • Up to 500 subscribers: $19/ mo

  • 501-2.000 subscribers: $29/ mo

  • 2.500-3.000 subscribers: $39/ mo

If your business needs more than 160.000 subscribers, you have to contact them

(It will vary when the number of people in your account increases)

Best for: Best email marketing platform for eCommerce. If you are running a website to sell several products, Drip is your top choice

10. MailerLite

MailerLite software

In the list of most affordable email marketing platforms, we have to mention MailerLite. It is a simple, effective, and free email newsletter software that does the job.

They offer you excellent free plans, and even with paid ones, it is definitely cheaper than most competitors like MailChimp. Founded in 2005, MailerLite has served and been trusted by 830.000+ companies in the world.


  • One of the cheapest email marketing software

  • Provide a solid landing page and web builder

  • Have easy-to-follow and straightforward interface

  • Provide advanced automation tools for businesses

  • Has all of the essential features to run an email campaign such as automation, surveys, landing pages, etc

  • Integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, Facebook, HubSpot, and so more


Lacks automation for more advanced triggers such as when they visit a page on your website

Don’t include any social tracking, for example, so if you really need these, we’d recommend a tool like Avada Email Marketing.

Pricing: Offer 30-day free trial to premium features

  • Up to 1,000 subscribers: $10/ mo

  • 1,001-2,500 subscribers: $15/ mo

  • 2,501-5,000 subscribers: $30/ mo

  • 5,001-10,000 subscribers: $50/ mo

Best for: Best for basic emails

11. MailChimp

MailChimp software

Mailchimp is the dominant player in the email marketing field and a consistent editor’s choice selection. It’s well-known for seamless controls, a wide range of templates, and smooth integration.

Serving millions of customers in over 175 countries, Mailchimp proves its influence and reputation with those who want to make their email marketing strategies best.


  • Enable you to craft beautify pages with the drag-and-drop content blocks

  • Offer cross-deice email testing

  • Allow you to create complex onboarding series via a series of automation features

  • Provide advanced segmentation and behavioral targeting

  • For e-commerce, store owners can create beautiful welcome email or run a cart abandonment campaign to retain customers

  • Help users cut the learning curve via numerous guides and tutorials for learning and self-help

  • Smoothly integrate with WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and many other platforms


  • Limited when compared its automation features to other providers (te.g. Drip or ConvertKit)

  • The support is complained too slow by the customers and no match to the quality of service you receive from Avada Email Marketing or Constant Contact

  • The free plan only serves basic email marketing and lacks some essential features such as send-time optimization, advanced segmentation, multivariate testing, etc.

Pricing: Mailchimp offers a free plan with a limited number of 2.000 contacts per month. For businesses that want to go over that limit, they need to choose another plan.

  • Essentials: Starting at $9.99/ mo (Up to 50.000 contacts and 2 audiences included)

  • Standard: Starting at $14.99/ mo (Up to 100.000 contacts and 5 audiences included)

  • Premium: Starting at $299/ mo (More than 200.000+ contacts and unlimited audiences)

(With each plan, you can estimate your cost based on the number of contacts your business owns)

I recommend the Standard Plan for most as it comes with several advanced features that can meet your email strategies’ requirements.

Best for: Startups or small businesses because of its flexibility and affordability.

12. Keap

Keap software

If what you are searching for is more than a normal email marketing solution, then Keap might be in your list. It is a sales, marketing automation and CRM service all-in-one.

Keap enables you to organize all of your customer information into one place and then syncs with your Gmail account and Outlook for email management from one central place.


  • Simplify some operational aspects by having marketing automation, CRM, and eCommerce in one place

  • The interface works well and is easy to utilize, even for novice users

  • Offers an easy to use visual workflow builder

  • The Phone and Chat support are useful and reliable

  • Excellent and smooth automation

  • Group and segment your contacts with ease

  • Offer a detailed reporting system


  • The setting process can be a little bit tricky and takes a long time

  • There is a learning curve to get used to this software

  • Some of the reporting features are not as extensive as other CRM programs

  • Limited in the number of custom fields you can add to an individual’s profile on Infusionsoft, leading to difficulty in recording some information


  • Grow Plan: $79 a month - CRM, email marketing, basic automations

  • Keap Pro Plan: $149 a month - Advanced marketing and sales automation, landing page builder

  • Infusionsoft Plan: $199 a month - Full set of features. Plus advanced reporting, lead scoring and company records

Best for: Those who are looking for client management software that aims at turning leads into clients

Beyond the basic: Tips to improve your email deliverability

You have the best idea and perfect email service for your email marketing campaigns with faith in a significant conversion rate increase.

But I need to shoot straight with you about one truth of email marketing - your effort turns completely worthless if all the emails you sent could not make it to the user’s inbox.

Let’s look “out-of-the-box” and talk about the most foundational email marketing level that lots of marketers might get left out - email deliverability.

Some tips below could bring you great ideas with techniques for email deliverability improvement.

  • Build your email list based on audience segmentation. Some commonly used segments are active status, interest, cart abandonment rates, etc.

  • Choose a Professional Email Address for your business (e.g. [email protected])

  • Keep a close eye on your sender reputation. If your emails’ sender score is too low, ISPs will automatically reject them from being sent to users’ inbox

  • Choose the right frequency to send emails for different segments (from 1 to 2 times per week will be ok)

  • Use branding in your “from” name and make it more personalization. Instead of using a regular name, you could try your name from your company name in the “from” line. (eg. Yael from Promo)

  • Cut the dead weight from your list. Make sure you purge your list regularly to make sure no non-existent users are in your email lists or else you will ramp up your bounce rate, hence destroy your send credibility

  • Make your IP valid and trustworthy. At the start of any email campaign, sending small batches of emails to your engaged groups. By this, your IP will start to build trust and not be identified as spam emails. Then slowly increase the email numbers till you scale to your peak volume

  • Optimize your subject lines for higher open rates

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Which is the best email marketing service in your mind?

To wrap up this topic, I will sum up some important points to give you an overview of which email marketing services that are your best options:

  • For small businesses: To get started with email marketing, then Constant Contact and MailChimp are 2 best options for you. They both come packaged with all the essential features you need to grow your email list with extremely affordable prices

  • For e-commerce businesses owners: To personalize your email strategies based on user behavior with abandoned carts, welcome emails etc, we recommend you to use Avada Email Marketing. It is the best email automation tool with excellent email editor features and beautiful email templates for your e-stores

abandoned cart email

Abandoned Cart Email for Magento 2

Solutions to abandoned carts issue, helping online businesses boost sales and enhance conversion rates

Check it out!

  • For professional bloggers and creators: To make your emails apart from other pre-made templates out there but still high-generating engagement, you should check out ConvertKit. A email marketing service built specifically for bloggers and publishers

  • For those who prefer to an unlimited number of subscribers: In this case, Sendinblue with up to 1.000.000 contacts supported in the $65 plan is the most suitable choice

  • For businesses that require a CRM ecommerce integration, you should try out Drip - a marketing service that specializes in CRM data

Read more: 7 Common Email Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Wrap up!

Email these days presents an incredible opportunity to reach customers. A survey of Hubspot even states that 91% of consumers use email. And it will be a waste for your business for not taking advantage of email power.

We really hope this post gives you an overall view of the best email marketing services you should know and have a try. Learn more about Email Marketing from Avada now!

Thanks for reading!

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