Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields extension


Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields extension allows online stores to add more checkout fields and display them on the different positions on the checkout page. This extension helps admins to collect sufficient information at the checkout step, perfect the order process, and satisfy customers.


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Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields for Magento 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

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Custom Checkout Fields
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Custom Checkout Fields

Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields extension

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Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields extension

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Benefits of Custom Checkout Fields

On Magento 2 Default, the checkout fields only include some familiar information such as name, email address, delivery address and shipping method.

As a matter of fact, demand from online stores for more checkout attributes is reasonable. With additional attributes, customers’ orders are much more specific and individual, which supports stores satisfy customers more easily and perfectly

That store owners get all specific information of orders makes the trading process much easier.

When processing orders are faster, customers will feel more contented. Consequently, they are more likely to keep buying from the store and become loyal customers gradually.

The additional attributes to the checkout page with the expectation to understand customers’ wishes or feedbacks will help stores prove to be customer-oriented and more professional.

Collect more information at the checkout page

When Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields is installed, this extension allows admins to create more fields on the checkout page. In addition, this extension is highly compatible with Magento 2 One Step Checkout.

This extension supports store owners to gain more customers’ information or expectation about their purchasing such as order comments, delivery time, surveys. For example, some additional questions may be:

  • What another address can you receive the product?
  • What time would you like to receive the product?
  • What are your favorite products which you bought from our shop?
  • Would you like to use the gift wrapping service?
  • Please select your preferred gift pattern paper?
  • Do you have any other notice before delivery?
  • Do you have any feedback for our store?
  • And any attributes without limitation if store owners find it necessary to process the orders successfully.
Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields

Various input types for checkout fields

Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields extension

There are 11 selections of input types that Mageplaza Custom Checkout Fields supports which are:

  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • Date
  • Yes/No
  • Dropdown
  • Multiple Select
  • Single Select with image
  • Multi-Select with image
  • Media Image
  • Single File Attachment
  • Content

Depending on the kind of attributes, product types or certain purposes of store owners, the input types are selected suitably.

Configure a field depending on others

It is possible to configure a field to make it dependent on the other related field(s). For instance, the attribute “Please select your preferred gift wrapping paper” will display in case customers have answered “Yes” to the question “Would you like to have your order gift-wrapped?”

In addition, a checkout filed can be displayed based on the selected shipping method. For example, gift wrapping will be applied with the shipping service as priority or first-class.

Magento 2 Add Custom Checkout Fields to Checkout page

Display on Sales Order Grid, PDF Invoice and more

Magento 2 Add Custom Fields to Checkout Page

From the backend, admins can add extra checkout field to Sales Order Grid. Here can admins have an overview of all checkout field of the orders so it is much easier to update, follow and process customers’ orders. Noticeably, PDF Invoice and Transactional Emails sending to customers can also be added the new attributes easily. Please install PDF Invoice extension to apply custom order attributes. Learn more

With the frontend, on Checkout Page, additional checkout fields can also be added to different sections as Shipping Address, Shipping Method Top, Shipping Method Bottom, Payment Method Top, Payment Method Bottom, and Order Summary. Besides, login customers can view these attributes via the Order View Page.

Custom Checkout Fields's More features

Management grid

Show additional checkout information on the order grid

Tooltip supported

Display the guide/note beside an extra field

Set input validation

Require the input data (such as email, phone, URL) to follow standard formats.

Limit visibility

Set a checkout field to be visible to specific store views or customer groups.

Attribute priority

Set the priority for displaying checkout attributes. The smallest number has the highest priority.

Extension compatibility

Properly compatible with Mageplaza extensions: PDF Invoice, One Step Checkout, Extra Fee, Gift Wrap

Full Custom Checkout Fields Features

For store admins

Configuration and Properties

  • Enable/ Disable the module
  • Set default label for the checkout field
  • Add attribute code used in the backend
  • Select input types for the extra field
  • Set default value
  • Set the field to be required or not
  • Select input validation
  • Select input/output filter
  • Enable to add to Sales Order Grid
  • Allow adding the added fields to PDF Invoice
  • Allow adding extra checkout fields to confirmation emails
  • Able to set a field to depend on others and shipping method

Frontend Properties

  • Choose positions for extra custom fields on the checkout page
  • Enable tooltip with the guide for the fields
  • Select store view and customer group that a field is visible to.
  • Allow adding to Sales Order View
  • Set the priority for a checkout field

For customers

  • Be able to note more information to orders when checking out
  • Be more likely to receive orders quickly and satisfactorily


Yes, absolutely. please follow this tutorial: How to insert Order Attributes to PDF Order Template.

To add order attributes to transactional emails, please follow this tutorial: How to insert to Transactional Emails.

Yes, the module is properly compatible with Mageplaza One Step Checkout. Both extensions support each other very well.

Yes, it can be done easily by creating the new attribute named Order Comment from Manage Attributes section from admin backend.

Yes, it can be done easily by creating the new attribute named Delivery Time from Manage Attributes section from admin backend.

Yes, it can be done easily by creating this field from Manage Attributes section from admin backend. Note that please select drop-down input type for gift paper selection.


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20 October 2020

The Solution we required

The extension provided the solution we were looking for. It serves as a great extension for our development

OX Vijay -Verified Purchase
20 March 2020

The best of it's kind

What I really like about this extension is the plethora of functions. I mean, besides the fact that you can add the order attributes, you can even select their position in the checkout form and make conditional attributes. All this while being able to display them in E-mails too! Amazing! Everything went on smoothly from install to configuration. Amazing extension and great job as usual Mageplaza!

Sorin -Verified Purchase
19 November 2019

Good integration with other Mageplaze Products

The Order Attribute extension works well with OneStep Checkout and PDF Invoice. Only the possibility to add and edit values within purchases orders is missing. You need this if a customer has forgotten to enter value or has entered wrong value. The support is really fast and helpful.

Martin -Verified Purchase
18 September 2019

110% satisfied

We can really recommend Mageplaza - they are doing an awesome job! We are using the Order Attributes in an M2 OS store where a third party checkout is active, which ignores the standards. They made the module work so that we can use it. This is a really great service, thanks a million. Special thanks to April & Bruce.

Jan -Verified Purchase
06 August 2019

Excellent quality and exactly what we needed.

Unlike many Magento Marketplace extensions, this one is very well written. It also does exactly what we need it to do, which is to add additional fields to the checkout process. The new fields need to appear conditionally based on responses to other attributes. This extension does an excellent job allowing for that scenario. It saved me many hours in my own team's development time.

Anthony Brittis -Verified Purchase
26 July 2019

Great job!

I can only spend these words for your support: fast, helpful, clear, amazing. Thank you!

Michael -Verified Purchase
25 January 2019

Highly recommend Order Attributes from Mageplaza

We wanted to add extra fields in the checkout page of our Magento webshops. We could easily create these with the "Order Attributes" extension from Mageplaza. Installation and configuring was simple, did not take much time. We can highly recommend the "Order Attributes" extension from Mageplaza if you need extra input fields in your Magento store.

Henry Jansen -Verified Purchase
25 January 2019

Product was as my expectation

The product is good and as per my expectation. There were some issues but all were fixed with support. The support was awesome. The guy who worked on my tickets had resolved all my issues and gave me updates every-time. Once again Thanks!!

Pravin -Verified Purchase

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