How to Design Content for better User Experiences?

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Going backdate and fitting content to the design seems like Cindrella’s sisters fitting their feet to her shoes. However, content and design are extremely important to create a powerful website. But the question is what needs to be done at first? Creating the content or the design. I mean without the right content in place, all that well-planned and laid out design and development will be of no use. It will all be a waste of time.

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Creating a powerful website requires both strong content and an eye-catching design. However, making your content fit your design can be tricky, like trying to fit Cinderella’s glass slipper on her stepsisters’ feet. Luckily, Wepik has a wide variety of templates to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your needs.

What is the design-first approach?

Now you must be wondering why I cannot choose the design-first approach; what’s wrong in that! After all, both of them share equal importance. Well, humans have always been visual creatures. Seeing things with our own eyes helps us to understand things in a better manner. Moreover, you don’t have to conceptualize and use your imaginations. Also, seeing what your website will look like before having anything prepared for real is great! But at the same time, it is more putting the metaphorical cart before the horse.

Creating a web design at first is a misstep leading to waste of both time and money, let me show you how. Let us assume the fact that we have started designing before we have content. As of now, we have created a beautiful package even way before we decide what’s going to go in it. So what to do, we have two choices left.

First, do everything again from scratch and the other one is trying to fit the content in the existing design.

However, many of you choose the second option and try fitting the content into an existing design. Which isn’t very satisfactory. Rather than driving substance into a lovely structure, the delightful plan ought to be made around the real substance to feature the most significant data in an important and easy to use way. Plan first consistently happens to set a site up to miss the mark on conveying extraordinary client experience. Additionally, If the substance must be packed into a structure, you’ll likely need to forfeit key UX standards to make everything fit together.

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What is the content-first approach?

Content-first approach
Content-first approach

Content is everywhere. I mean you will come across lots and lots of articles, blog posts, tweets, the information generated by users, shared and saved. According to stats, roughly 2.5 billion GBs of data is being generated per day. This has certainly led to the increased popularity of content strategy. Now, content-first isn’t a new concept in the digital realm.

Many eCommerce development companies like Etatvasoft agree to the rise of responsive and adaptive layout. Also, let’s not forget why people go online in the first place. Of course, they are looking for interesting and useful content. In simple words, nobody visits a website just to admire the visual design or clean UI.

Presently envision you are given the assignment of structuring the bundle for supposing a cleanser brand. The primary arrangement of inquiries you may consider is - is it a cleanser bar or gel? Additionally, what is the amount? Any sort of aroma does the cleanser have? What is its shape in the event that it is a bar? Imagine a scenario in which the customer says, aroma and shape haven’t been chosen at this point.

So what to do? All things considered, how about we make the bundling first remembering a nonexclusive cleanser bar. These things can be viewed later on. So first of all, what hues will you use? What will be the message given on your bundling? What sort of visuals would you use? Will you have the option to think of a plan for the bundling with none of these cognizant subtleties?

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How does content-first work?

Ideally, all departments are asked to get involved in developing the product. To begin with they must have a solid understanding of who their target customers are; needs, likes-dislikes, objectives for using the websites or products. Using the content-first approach is all about making the shift from lorem ipsum to the actual content. Many companies allow the content to be reviewed and perfected with assistance from real customers so that the journey becomes easy.

Do you download an app or land up on a website just to see how beautifully crafted it is? Well, nobody does! Content is extremely important which must be reflected by the design.

Content first, Design second
Content first, Design second?

Step 1: Start with a purpose

Often web-designers prefer looking at the full picture of how all content will be seen. So before you start writing; make sure you have a strategy in mind that in turn benefits the marketing and business goals such as generating 10% more leads over a couple of months.

Designers have been given some large pieces of puzzle to play around. For example, the objective of driving 10% more leads and coming up with specific design ideas or layouts.

Step 2: Prioritize only one: content or design

Design and content never go hand-in-hand. When talking about the design-first or content-first approach; it means one happens before another. However, the ideation works well for both sides at once. Both content writers and web designers must leap through ideas about how to resolve problems of consumers and meet business goals in a suitable manner.

It means they should be working in a non-linear fashion so that all departments can be assured of the outcome eliminating all the points of contention down the line.

Step 3: Keep content and design in tune with each other

Preparing appropriate content will allow you to figure out certain things such as how to make the web page a grand success, decide on contents before drawing up any pixels or wireframes.

Moreover, it will enable you to: figure out whether the elements within the specific content area which is apt for the project at hand.

Creating a website is also storytelling.

Imagine a situation where someone is talking about love and admiration and the scene looks like a horror place. Everything seems pretty confusing right?

Therefore, discord between your content and design can result in similar types of confusion among the visitors. Now great content kicks off with a great story. With this approach, the designers get to focus on the overall user experience and the story they want to convey to the visitors or customers. The same is applicable to the content as it turns out to be a part of the design. So what’s the story, you have in mind? How did the client end up here what issues he found being faced by his target audiences? And what is the result? Now it’s time to begin developing the content and structure it properly. Divide each web page into different sections featuring definite objectives right from headlines to the last link.

How does content-first methodology help you stand out from the crowd?

Down beneath I might want to make reference to why eCommerce developers and planners need to begin embracing a content-first methodology.

Content helps shape the plan

When it comes to planning important, utilitarian interfaces that unravel the need of your client, content rules. I am certain you run over Lorem Ipsum content that occupies the space you permit it, however it stays insignificant. The quantity of characters of the continuous substance isn’t known. Presently, the second you supplant the placeholder content with definite substance in the HTML/CSS stage, there is a high likelihood that the number of characters may surpass or not fit into the apportioned space, and this could break the web design.

At the point when you lock the substance, it turns out to be path simpler in making an altered search for your site keeping the client and his/her needs as a top priority - the hues to be utilized, the structure components, for example, inspire catches, vectors, and so forth. The style of the substance – the manner of speaking of the content, and visuals assist with the style of the UI Design also.

Responsive Design

Deciding on content before starting the design helps decide on break-points in text layout while designing for various device sizes. Initially used Lorem Ipsum, and not replaced with final content- this was what used to happen earlier but not anymore. In the end, we end up trimming the substance indiscriminately, from work area plans to fit into the little screen-sizes, in the very late outcomes in a ton of important substances being scratched away. This during times when 80–90% of clients visit your site through Mobile gadgets is an exceptionally wrong technique. If you’re struggling with important content being compromised due to poor responsive design, using a Magento site audit checklist can help you identify and improve it.

responsive design
Content-first approach leads to responsive design

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Incredible Consistency

When each piece is assembled independently from each other, there will in general be something lost in the association. Content gets cut, plans get reshuffled ultimately, or the story is conflictingly told. Substance and configuration should cooperate in general, and that can possibly happen when substance starts things out.

Improved Productivity

Design-first web advancement doesn’t simply prompt conflicts between the accounts told nearby. It additionally prompts conflicts between colleagues as substance makers decipher the vision one way and creators another. Rather than investing energy contending each side’s point, you can be increasingly beneficial by working together legitimately on your site’s story.

Streamline Process

The procedure you follow now may appear to be productive just as powerful. In any case, in the event that you are not building your WordPress locales around content, at that point you likely may need to manage flighty task degrees and timetables.

Conversion Optimization - There is only one possibility of high conversion optimization and that is when user experience turns out to be smooth and pleasant. Having a perfect content-driven user experience means your words are pretty clear with a prominent call-to-action and a value proposition. On and all, your content acts as a favorable voice which will eventually boost your conversion rates. Creating a content that converts requires certain aspects such as:

Find keywords that will focus on targeted customers and relate to your services as well. Create better, informative and readable content around specific keywords.

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Consider these content-writing tips

  • Keep your messages clear and concise
  • Use content formatting and writing tools to improve user experience
  • Know your end users inside out
  • Make use of funnel analysis to create content which people might eventually need
  • A compelling voice is a must

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That’s a wrap!

For many of you even today content might be the last thing in your mind. But it’s high time that you do realize the fact that content, design, and development are largely firmly related, they can be handled in whichever request appears the most helpful. So make sure you do an adequate amount of research, analyze things and present content accordingly. By being increasingly vital and concentrating on making a reliable story all through your WordPress site, you can start utilizing this content-first approach in your procedure today—and receive the rewards instantly. Also, this is the best way to provide some value to your audiences.

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