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Magento 2 Google Tag Manager   v2.0.2

Magento 2 Google Tag Manager
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In order to apply Google Tag Manager for Magento 2, only need to insert Google Tag ID, which you get from creating Google Tag Manager account , into the Magento Admin and then, enable it to use.

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Simplify the management of Google tags
  • Support dynamic remarketing
  • 70+ tag types
  • If it makes you hard to install and setup, we can help See more.
  • Compatible with Mageplaza GDPR - Helps stores comply GDPR



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Compatible With

CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

In order to apply Google Tag Manager for Magento 2, only need to insert Google Tag ID, which you get from creating Google Tag Manager account from Google, into the Magento Admin and then, enable it to use. Magento 2 Google Tag Manager extension will help your Magento store to integrate Google Adwords, Google Analytics, etc, from which you can manage all through the site. It is so easy and simple to reach such awesome extensions at Magento 2 extensions.

Improve website performance

As usual, for Google Analytics or Adword, you must put many codes on the source of website and the speed of your site is lower than normal because it is hard to load. However, with Google Tag Manager, it is called as the third-party to handle all your script-tags and you only need to add its code into your site.

In this case, we test, the DOMContentLoaded: 848ms, page loaded in 2.58s

Google Tag Manager Improve website performance
Magento 2 Google Tag Manager help remarketing better


Remarketing from Magento 2 Google Tag Manager allows showing your ads again and again to people who visited your site and click on them. With the remarketing program, it is fantastic to take visitors come back and get your offers they have missed.

Enhanced eCommerce Data Tracking

All eCommerce Data sent to dataLayer, so any 3nd-party services can integrate such as Google Analytics.

Magento 2 Google Tag Manager Enhanced ecommerce (UA) tracking

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Full features of Google Tag Managers for Magento 2

Google Tag Manger supports the following tag types

Featured tags

  • Universal Analytics
  • Classic Google Analytics
  • AdWords Conversion Tracking
  • AdWords Remarketing
  • DoubleClick Floodlight Counter
  • DoubleClick Floodlight Sales
  • Google Optimize
  • Google Surveys Website Satisfaction
  • Custom HTML Tag
  • Custom Image Tag

Other tag types

  • AB TASTY Generic Tag
  • Adometry
  • AdRoll Smart Pixel
  • Audience Center 360
  • AWIN Conversion
  • AWIN Journey
  • Bizrate Insights Buyer Survey Solution
  • Bizrate Insights Site Abandonment Survey Solution
  • ClickTale Standard Tracking
  • comScore Unified Digital Measurement
  • Crazy Egg
  • Criteo OneTag
  • DistroScale Tag
  • Dstillery Universal Pixel
  • Eulerian Analytics
  • Google Trusted Stores
  • Hotjar Tracking Code
  • Infinity Call Tracking Tag
  • Intent Media - Search Compare Ads
  • K50 tracking tag
  • LeadLab
  • LinkedIn Insight
  • Lytics JS Tag
  • Marin Software
  • Mediaplex - IFRAME MCT Tag
  • Mediaplex - Standard IMG ROI Tag
  • Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking
  • Mouseflow
  • AdAdvisor
  • DCR Static Lite
  • Nudge Content Analytics
  • Oktopost Tracking Code
  • Optimise Conversion Tag
  • Message Mate
  • Perfect Audience Pixel
  • Personali Canvas
  • Placed
  • Pulse Insights Voice of Customer Platform
  • Quantcast Measure
  • SaleCycle JavaScript Tag
  • SaleCycle Pixel Tag
  • SearchForce JavaScript Tracking for Conversion Page
  • SearchForce JavaScript Tracking for Landing Page
  • SearchForce Redirection Tracking
  • Shareaholic
  • Survicate Widget
  • Tradedoubler Lead Conversion
  • Tradedoubler Sale Conversion
  • Turn Conversion Tracking
  • Turn Data Collection
  • Twitter Universal Website Tag
  • Upsellit Confirmation Tag
  • Upsellit Global Footer Tag
  • Ve Interactive JavaScript
  • Ve Interactive Pixel
  • VisualDNA Conversion Tag
  • Xtremepush - Web Push & Onsite Engagement
  • Yieldify

Other Features

  • 100% Open-source
  • Support multi-stores
  • Support multi-languages
  • Easy to custom

Reviews (17)

  • assignment_ind
    Great customer support

    Posted by John on 15 January 2019 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Our developer was able to get support assistant right away. The extension works great on our clients Magento site. Thank you for all your help.

  • assignment_ind
    Very High Quality Extension

    Posted by Dean on 05 December 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
    I wish Mageplaza made more Magento extensions. I have used both their SMTP and this Google Tag Manager extension. They work perfectly. I wish they made an extension to turn Magento into a Marketplace. I purchased Webkul's extensions for that and their quality doesn't even come close to Mageplaza's. Maybe it's that Mageplaza focuses on much smaller extensions to ensure they get everything right but I can definitely tell the difference in quality. I used this Google Tag Manager extension to enable Facebook Pixel on my site and it's great. I didn't have to embed any code in my application and Facebook pixel auto detects events like Add to Cart and Purchases and Google Tag Manager wires it all together with the help of this little gem.

  • assignment_ind
    Works perfectly

    Posted by Chris on 26 October 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Google Tag Manager plugin works great and does what it says on the tin, definitely, I will recommend this module. The installation was a smooth and painless process and worked straight away.

  • assignment_ind
    Great extension

    Posted by Radoslav on 13 October 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
    It was very easy to install and setup. Currently, it works exactly as I expected. Thanks, Mageplaza. I would recommend this great module to everyone.

  • assignment_ind
    Great module!

    Posted by KAROL on 02 August 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
    This is a must-have tool for every store. Everything works as promised, this extension works great, much better than free extensions for Google Tag Manager. Also, the good documentation of this extension helps too. I will be a loyal customer for a long time!

  • assignment_ind
    Good service

    Posted by Yusuf Wadee on 19 April 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Very good service. My issues were resolved quickly and extensions are working

  • assignment_ind
    Thanks to Mageplaza support team.

    Posted by Jonathan Cunliffe on 02 April 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Very responsive support. Thanks

  • assignment_ind
    Perfect Product

    Posted by Adriano on 23 March 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
    This extension is very helpful and works well. The support is very good. The installation is very easy. The module is very simple to configure. I recommend for every one to use any extension of Mageplaza.

  • assignment_ind

    Posted by Claudio on 16 March 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Great extension that makes it really easy to work with Google Analytics and AdWords. Makes work easier for my employees. Simple installation and very good manual. I ordered more extensions and had a positive experience everywhere.

  • assignment_ind
    Great for Tracking Multiple AdWord campaigns!

    Posted by Art on 06 February 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
    I need a tool that would let me track multiple ad campaigns as to pay for our affiliates. With this I am able to attribute properly every single different ad campaign and pay my marketers accordingly.

  • assignment_ind
    Great one !

    Posted by Mohamed on 01 February 2018 verified_user Verified Buyer
    This is extension is very good and helps SEO on Google. Helps in marketing as well. Thanks to Magaplaza for introducing this extension. Overall this extension is excellent and very easy to install. Great!

  • assignment_ind
    Great Extension

    Posted by Shayan on 14 December 2017 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Very smooth, all you have to do is put in your tracking id, and there are some configurations, thanks to their great documentation i was able to set this up smoothly and now analytics is tracking the site effectively! love it, great work MP! loyal customer for long!

  • assignment_ind
    Nice extension

    Posted by Sunil on 14 October 2017 verified_user Verified Buyer
    This extension makes it easier for advanced tracking and integrating with google tag manager. Installation was easy and I am happy with it. Thank you, Mageplaza. Keep up the good work!

  • assignment_ind
    Good module

    Posted by Jdfermin on 04 October 2017 verified_user Verified Buyer
    Its very necessary, I needed to enable Google Tag Manager for my Magento store. Then I came across this free extension. and In minutes, I was able to install and use this extension. There is a minor issue with setup, I resolved by myself.

  • assignment_ind
    Quite nice extension.

    Posted by kashish on 23 September 2017 verified_user Verified Buyer
    I needed to enable Google tag manger for my magento store. Then I came across this free extension. and In minutes, I was able to install and use this extension. Worked very well for me. A must have extension if you wish to enable GTM on your magento store..

  • assignment_ind
    This extension guided me to the right path unexpectedly

    Posted by Rosa Royalfern. on 22 August 2017 verified_user Verified Buyer
    At that miserable time, I was just a newbie to Magento 2 who had no idea about Adwords and Google Analytics and HTML stuff and so on at the same time. Everything was a true mess. Until one of my partners recommended me to try Mageplaza's extensions and luckily it's free so I immediately checked it out like Ihavenothingtolose :d Then things turned out pretty ok, the modules are easy to understand and configure. I did figure out that remarketing is basically necessary for every store. Fortunately, Google Tag Manager supported me on this issue really quickly. One more cup of tea in here that I'm no longer maintaining tons of usual code on the source of our website, mostly for the time being I just need this extension only to handle all my current script-tags. Again, thanks Mageplaza for granting me this good chance to practice!

  • assignment_ind
    Nice product

    Posted by Sandeep on 19 August 2017 verified_user Verified Buyer
    This was very helpful for us. We were trying other tag manager but this was good. Installation was also easy when compared to the other extension available in the market. Overall the product was awesome.

Release notes

  • v2.0.2

    07 August 2018
    • Fix: Product sorting error on Category pages
    • Fix: Error on getting the price for Group, bundle product
    • Fix: Showing product with not visible individually on the purchase page
  • v2.0.1

    21 March 2018
    • Fixed GTM script on head tag
    • Performance improvements
  • 2.0.0

    27 September 2017
  • Mageplaza rebuild Google Tag Manger module

    Support the following components:

    • Supports product DataLayer in Category page
    • Supports product impression DataLayer in Product detail page
    • Supports product impresstion DataLayer that it is added to cart event
    • Supports product impresstion DataLayer that it is removed from cart event
    • Supports product information DataLayer in cart page
    • Supports product information DataLayer in checkout page (discound,coupon, shipping fee)
    • Supports product information DataLayer in purchase page (total, tax fee, shipping fee)
    • Supports transactions by product variants (configurable, bundle, downloadable products)
  • v1.1.1

    30 November 2016
    • Fix compilation issue
  • v1.1.0

    12 September 2016
  • Update Core Module

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