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  • Magento 2.4.6 Release Notes - Highlight Features & How to Upgrade

    Magento 2.4.6 was launched on March 14, 2023.

  • Magento 2.4.4 Release Notes

    Perhaps you haven’t forgotten Magento 2.4.3 released in August 2021. It’s an excellent release for Magento lovers, isn’t it? Today, of course, is a great day as we continue to bring you an exciting newsletter regarding the latest version of Magento released by Adobe. It is Magento 2.4.4.

  • Mageplaza Launches Brand Refresh and New Logo

    Not just a new look but a new set of values and beliefs

  • Mageplaza X Seers: Partnership Announcement

    It is our great honor to announce the official partnership between Mageplaza and Seers Group Ltd., a dynamic privacy and consent management platform, in order to help e-commerce companies comply with current privacy regulations.

  • Magento 2.4.3 Release Notes

    To meet the needs and expectations of customers and online store owners, Magento continuously releases different versions of Magento in the market. Previously, on March 9, 2021, Magento 2.4.2 version was released with significant performance improvements for store owners and engaging shopping experiences for online customers. Recently, the latest version of Magento was launched to the joy and anticipation of all in the e-commerce industry - it’s Magento 2.4.3. It promises to bring customers timely updates as well as the most modern features to satisfy the majority of Magento users. Right now, let’s dig into the details of Magento 2.4.3 to discover what’s new and exciting that Magento developers have given us. Table of Contents Magento 2.4.3 Release Date Magento 2.4.3 Releases Highlights Substantial Security Improvements Infrastructure Enhancements Platform Improvements Performance Improvements GraphQL CAPTCHA Page Builder PWA Studio Fixed Issues in Magento 2.4.3 Installation, Upgrade, Deployment AdminGWS Adobe Stock Integration Backend Bundle Products Cache Magento Commerce 2.4.3 release includes The Bottom Line Magento 2.4.3 Release Date

  • Announcement: Finalized T&C of Product Subscriptions for Mageplaza Customers

    Main announcement content regarding purchases made before Feb 01, 2022

  • Magento 2.4.2 Release Notes

    The Covid 19 pandemic is still ongoing in 2021; however, it should not be too much of an obstacle for Magento developers to bring incredible things to the e-commerce industry. It’s the launch of an excellent version of Magento - version 2.4.2, which is not only a performance and security enhancement of Magento for e-commerce stores, but it also improves other platforms significantly. Undoubtedly, upgrading your e-commerce store to this version will result in better customer experiences for shoppers.

  • Mageplaza Announcement: Product Subscriptions Are Coming Soon

    The market is asking us to change The dynamic e-commerce environment has come with not only enormous opportunities but also various challenges that require businesses to quickly adapt. In such a landscape, it is also the responsibility of providers like us to provide innovative solutions and high quality service with the highest commitment.

  • Adobe Commerce Cloud Review: Features, Pricing & More!

    In the spring of 2018, the multinational software company Adobe declared they officially bought the e-commerce platform Magento Commerce, making it a part of Adobe cloud services.

  • COVID-19: Mageplaza supports young Indian businesses during the pandemic

    Business activity in Indian declines because of the impact of the second Covid-19 wave, with the highest damage falling into young businesses - And Mageplaza has duties to support

  • Mageplaza X eComplete: Partnership Announcement

    Welcome eComplete!

  • Mageplaza x BSS Solutions Partnership Announcement

    Welcome BSS Solutions!

  • Mageplaza & Aware Digital Partnership Announcement

    We are pleased to announce Mageplaza and Aware Digital have entered into a partnership. The partners’ purpose is to combine Mageplaza’s products and Aware Digital’s Magento services, forming optimized Magento projects for customers. Given the strength and experiences of both companies, the whole Magento customer base can stand to gain from our collaboration.

  • Mageplaza & Beehexa Partnership Announcement

    We are thrilled to announce our latest technology strategic partnership between Mageplaza and Beehexa. The integration will connect an outstanding integration software solution provider with the most popular Magento extension builder for formulating optimum products and services for the market in the forthcoming time.

  • Mageplaza X Magestore: Partnership Announcement

    We are pleased to announce Mageplaza and Magestore have entered into a partnership, combining the well-known most popular Magento extension builder and the world’s #1 Magento POS provider.

  • Mageplaza officially becomes Adobe Innovate Exchange Partner

    Mageplaza is thrilled to announce that we have joined the Adobe Exchange Program and officially become an Innovate Exchange partner. This exciting partnership will extend Mageplaza to more innovative technologies and will enable us to create more values for clients around the world.

  • Mageplaza x NeoSolax: Partnership Announcement

    Mageplaza is excited to include NeoSolax as one of our partners. NeoSolax is a privately-owned technology company focusing on eCommerce solutions, especially on Magento. Mageplaza and NeoSolax have a common mission: we’re striving to help our clients grow their business.

  • Mageplaza and NaviPartner: Partnership Announcement

    Mageplaza is glad to announce that we’re currently in a new exciting partnership with NaviPartner - an innovative POS and eCommerce solution provider helping worldwide clients optimize and grow their business.

  • Mageplaza Stand with #BlackLivesMatter: It’s About Time to End Racism

    To our valued customers, partners, friends and fellow employees,

  • Magento 1 End of Life, What's Your Plan?

    In September 2018, Magento announced that it would stop supporting Magento 1 by the end of June 2020.

  • Partnership announcement: Mageplaza and Codilar

    Mageplaza and Codilar are pleased to announce that we’ve entered into a strategic partnership - combining Mageplaza’s high-quality and cost-effective Magento 2 eCommerce solutions with Codilar’s best Magento eCommerce technology and development services. This promising partnership brings exciting opportunities for us to reach out to more global customers who want to develop their eCommerce business.

  • New Partnership Announcement: Mageplaza and Elogic Commerce

    Mageplaza is glad to announce our strategic partnership with Elogic Commerce, one of the most dedicated and outstanding Magento Development company in the industry. With the sets of goals in common, Mageplaza and Elogic Commerce will strive to work towards valuable ideas and provide innovative solutions for customers through up-coming cognitive collaboration offerings.

  • Exciting new partnership announcement with West Point Digital

    Mageplaza is thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with West Point Digital - a full-service Magento and Shopify eCommerce agency. Our common goal is to help the eCommerce world better. Mageplaza and West Point Digital will be working on innovative ideas to bring in more helpful solutions for clients to achieve their business goals.

  • COVID-19: Mageplaza supports young e-businesses during the pandemic

    Businesses are hurting, especially new firms - And Mageplaza has duties to support

  • Mageplaza x Sinners Projects Partnership Announcement

    Partnership Statement

  • Mageplaza x Webiators Partnership Announcement

    Partnership Statement

  • Mageplaza x Ethos Binary Partnership Announcement

    Partnership Statement

  • Mageplaza Lunar New Year 2020 Sale

    On the occasion of Lunar New Year, we want to send peaceful and happy wishes from Mageplaza to all of you, our customers, and your family. Wishing you love, luck, and longevity in the New Year. We also want to show our appreciation for your supports and feedbacks in the past years that make us improve and become a better version of Mageplaza today.

  • Top 10 Mageplaza best-selling extensions

    Magento keeps it up at the top of the most popular platforms for online stores. With the launching of Magento 2, many businesses have been putting their efforts in moving to the new version to protect their store and use advanced functions of it.

  • Black Friday - The Biggest Sale of the Year - How You Can Save up to 40% on Mageplaza Store

    Let’s kick off the holiday shopping season with Mageplaza Black Friday Sale! One of the biggest sales that you should not ignore.

  • Mageplaza x Ambient Infotech Partnership Announcement

    Partnership Statement

  • Mageplaza extensions and ArrowHiTech Supro themes - Full compatibility with Exclusive offers

    Main Content

  • Mageplaza extensions are NOW compatible with AHT Claue themes - Exclusive discounts included

    Main Content

  • Magento 2.3.3 Release Notes

    Table of contents Magento 2.3.3 release date Important notice Magento 2.3.3 new features & updates Security is enhanced more sustainably Upgrades to core platform Performance boosts Enhancements in infrastructure Improvements in merchant tool Improvements in Inventory Management GraphQL PWA Studio Google Shopping ads Channel Magento Shipping Vendor-developed extension enhancements What’s fixed in Magento 2.3.3 Where to find the full Magento 2.3.3 release notes and support How to download and install Magento 2.3.3 Wait for Magento 2.3.4 Release

  • Mageplaza x Cloudways: Grand Ecommerce giveaway 2020

    In eager anticipation for this year’s Holiday shopping season, we’ve joined the Grand Ecommerce Giveaway 2020 held up by Cloudways. The giveaway also gathers many different giants in Magento landscape bringing along with appealing premium tools. Make your entries and take a closer step to go big this Holiday season!

  • How to Switch Customer Groups Automatically by Milestone Extension

    Are you running a Magento website with a huge and diverse customer base? Is it hard to arrange and control all customers groups yet still keep them motivated to purchase more on your stores? It’s time you need a solution to deal with customer groups management. In this post, we would love to introduce Milestone extension, or often called Auto Switch Customer Group. How powerful this extension is and which functions make it so outstanding rather than other modules? Let’s explore together!

  • How to Manage Orders Effectively by Better Order Grid

    Are you looking for an effective tool to manage the Order Grid on your Magento 2 store? Since the Default functions supported by Magento is pretty limited, with the huge number of orders to deal with, admins sometimes cannot handle their order data. Hence lower your administration performance, which directly affects your sales and revenue. In this blog, we want to introduce Better Order Grid extension by Mageplaza, one must-try assistance for your stores.

  • Magento Imagine 2019 - Recaps and Personal Experience from Mageplaza

    Table of Contents Overview New Challenges & Opportunities Progressive Web Apps - the future of mobile shopping are here PWA Studio to have a native and robot integration to Paypal Braintree Integration with Adobe Commerce Cloud Magento Roadmap Power of Adobe Sensei to be brought to Magento Commerce Amazon Sales Channel Integration Google Shopping ads Channel Integration Omnichannel Order Management Future of Magento and Adobe

  • Why online store need Custom Order Number

    As the online stores have to handle hundreds or thousands of orders each month, the store has to face a significant amount of information about orders. Because of that reason, the custom order number will appear as an identifying code that will be unique for different orders. This will provide the ability to easily keep track of every single order along with controlling its status which can be a time-consuming task for the sellers.

  • Magento 2.3.2 Release Notes

    Table of contents Magento 2.3.2 Release Date Magento 2.3.2 Release Notes Increased focus on Security Performance Improvements Infrastructure developments Merchant tool improvements Vendor-developed extension enhancements Inventory Management enhancements GraphQL Storefront accessibility improvements BlueFoot to Page Builder content migration Magento 2.3.2 new features Support Policy from Magento 2.3.2 How to Download Magento 2.3.2 Magento 2.3.x Demo Wait for Magento 2.3.3 Release

  • Better Static Block - Effectively Manage your Blocks

    Content management plays an indispensable role on Magento 2 websites. Yet, it is not always easy to handle as the way you want. Admins have various contents to deal with and to make sure that those can reach customers in the best way. Static Blocks take the majority of all content on your websites. Hence, in this post, we would love to help you know more about Static Block functions as well as suggest a Static Block extension supporting your stores effectively.

  • Quickly Update Bulk Products by Mass Product Actions

    Let’s think about several large websites such as Amazon, BestBuy or Alibaba who sell hundred thousands of products to online customers. How can they manage and update their stock in time and in the most efficient way? How many administrators and related people must work together to finish updating their products one by one? Almost they cannot do that way. People need to save their time to think and do the creative works that machines generally cannot replace. Hence, a Mass Product Actions tool seem to be indispensable for online websites. This blog helps you know well the importance of Mass product actions as well as its amazing features to be a great assistant of any store admin.

  • The Outstanding Applications of Membership Extension

    Clarifying customers into different Membership groups so far is an excellent way to serve them better. Memberships will receive corresponding benefits to their levels. It is also a way that online stores encourage their clients to conduct more purchases so that they can be upgraded to higher levels with appealing incentives. In this blog, hopefully, visitors will get some basic knowledge of Membership plugin, a helpful tool for store owners to manage their membership programs effectively.

  • How to secure data access by Catalog Permissions

    Many pages and blocks are built in online stores to serve customers better. Sometimes, store owners want to hide specific categories, CMS pages, and blocks unnecessary to store visitors with their shopping demands and the store’s selling purpose. Thus, a tool to restrict some particular sites/blocks is undoubtedly essential for any online store.

  • How to perform Mass Order Actions with a few clicks


  • Better Sorting - A Smart Filter for online stores’ visitors


  • Better Wishlist - Greater Customer Experience in Magento 2 Stores


  • How 95% Of Mageplaza's Users Are Satisfied With The Services


  • How Import Export Categories reduces workload for Magento stores


  • Magento 2 stores - Attract more customers by Custom Stock Status


  • The Power of Better Product Reviews on E-commerce stores


  • How Magento stores manage orders effectively using Order Archive


  • Future of Magento: The Impact, Success and Issues

    About the Author: Md. Ehsanul Haque Kanan is one of the top-rated tech writers from Upwork(dot)com. He has been involved with producing tech articles for the last six years. At present, he is working as a tech writer for His favorite topics to write about are Magento, WordPress, Linux, and web servers.

  • Double extend to 60-day money back guarantee

    Working hard as a Magento 2 select extension builder for 3 years, Mageplaza has been always known for its good-quality extensions and excellent support services. However, we have never stopped striving to figure out the way to serve customers better and to bring them the best we could offer.

  • Magento 2 Product Alerts - Sales Driver for Online stores


  • Age Verification - How it works to protect your contents & customers


  • Also Viewed - Cross-sell effectively


  • Magento 2 Multiple Coupons - Motivate customers to buy & Eliminate losing money


  • How Magento 2 stores benefit from Store Credit

    Contents What is Store Credit? Why online store must use this awesome tool? Compensation for a poor shopping experience Encourage sales for specific products or during certain periods Cashback to customers’ store credit as a loyalty program Highlight features of Mageplaza Store Credit Edit store credit balance with ease Buy store credit product with a better price Credit balance notification Full features list Store Credit for store admins Store Credit for customers

  • Required Login - When and How to restrict page access

    Table of content When and How online stores need to Restrict Page Access? Categorize customers: logged-in and unlogged-in visitors Generate more leads: Offer registration right on the required login pages Improve sales by introducing appealing promotion and new products release Highlight Features Only allow logged-in customers to access web pages Apply Required Login at any pages Redirect customers to certain pages after successful login Enable/DIsable visitors to create accounts Full Features List

  • 3 Outstanding Benefits of Tiered Pricing Application by Better Change Qty


  • Top 6 benefits of an optimized Thank You Page


  • Store Localization - Solution for global ecommerce stores


  • Magento 2 store Payment restriction - 4 most common case studies

    Magento 2 Payment Restrictions is a supportive tool which helps store owners to restrict the use of payment methods based on specific conditions such as store views, customer groups, countries/states, product attributes and more.

  • Magento 2 Order Export - optimal solution for your sales management

    As you know, exporting the orders plays an important role in each Magento store. Especial when you integrate your store with 3rd parties, this feature is more necessary at all. Fortunately, it is integrated into Mageplaza Order Export extension.

  • Mageplaza appears as a Silver sponsor in Meet Magento Asia 2018

    Our friends,

  • Daily Deal - awesome sales motivation tool

    According to, there are nearly 83 million people who subscribe to a daily deal site to look for discounts. Naturally, when comparing similar products, the price difference is the first thing listed at the top of customers’ concern. Understanding this behavior, Daily Deal extension for Magento 2 supports your site to create and manage deals for multiple products with ease. Customers can’t help but visit your site every day to check on new bargains, which means that the traffic will dramatically raise.

  • Mageplaza Custom Order Number releases

    In Magento 2 default, stores can create an order increment ID by a 9-digit number which starts from 00000001. However, this order number system, in many cases, results in the ineffective management of stock. Therefore, store owners want to change this number structure as well as other invoice documents. As you can not do it with the original Magento 2, you may need another tool.

  • Boost upsell by Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar

    For online stores, the shipping cost incurred is mostly not included in their profit, and it even contributes to the cart abandonment rate. It’s because customers seem to hesitate to spend a little more money to receive their favorite products at hand without traveling. They enjoy the convenience of online shopping but do not want to pay the cost for that convenience; it is the truth, sadly.

  • Power of an effective FAQ page

    Do you always think that the contact page is one of the most important and valuable contents on your website? Yes, however, according to recent studies, your contact page is not the most valuable page. That is an FAQ page. The FAQ is short for Frequently Asked Questions.

  • An optimal solution for multi-channel online stores

    Selling your products through different channels such as Google shopping, eBay, Amazon, and Facebook is an excellent idea as they gain a massive amount of traffic every day. However, online stores often get in trouble with managing and inventory their stuff among those channels. Magento 2 Product Feed is born to solve this problem.

  • Better Popup - A better solution for leads collection

    Popups are becoming a phenomenon nowadays when almost online stores use it. Integrating popups into your store will be an amazing solution for visitors to pay attention to them. With the help of the popups, all latest and hot stuff on your site will be transfer to visitors in the shortest way.

  • Quick Order - A must-have tool for professional wholesalers


  • Mageplaza Size Chart - Awesome features


  • Mageplaza Is Now A Select Magento Extension Builder

    Mageplaza has become a Magento partner - We are now a Select Extension Builder

  • Mageplaza Valentine's day promotion: Up to 32% off

    On the occasion of Lunar New Year (Tet holiday), Mageplaza want to wish you all our customers a year full of happiness and success. On behalf of this occasion, we also want to show our sincere appreciation to you for all your supports and feedbacks to make us better. When the threshold of the old year and New Year is almost here, we want to announce our most attractive promotion ever as a sincere thank you for accompanying with us for such a long journey.

  • How to boost sales by using daily deals and featured products blocks in Magento 2

    The marketplace has been becoming increasingly competitive since the outbreak of several online merchants. Therefore, how to make yourself outstanding to attract customers is of utmost importance. After that, to persuade customers to purchase your products is even a more difficult mission that requires store owners to put much effort.

  • Mageplaza Top 5 Bestsellers

    The year 2017 is perceived as a successful year of Mageplaza as we released many outstanding extensions which were developed based on our realistic experience in Magento. Most of them quickly became our top modules favoured by thousands of merchants and developers around the world. After one year, thanks to our customers’ support and suggestions, we’ve made a great progress in perfecting our products. Hence, Mageplaza extensions have a good reputation among global Magento enthusiasts.

  • Pre-order PDF Invoice Announcement

    Hello folks, I hope you’re doing great in this up-to-ears season wonderfully. Today is the turn of a special offer in the series which are believed to deserve just quick 2 minutes to learn about it. Keep your breath :)

  • Introduce PDF Invoice for Magento 2: Save-time-up solution

    ★ Essential of PDF Invoice in Magento 2.

  • Product Recommendation - Boost sales and increase shopper satisfaction

    I. Why your ecommerce needs a product recommendation engine

  • Creepy Halloween Sales - Up to 100% on all Magento extensions

    Creepy Halloween Party - Mageplaza Treat or Trick

  • Mageplaza Review Reminder revamps your brand

    ★ How essential are reviews for Marketing?

  • Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email - Save your e-commerce

    Unlike brick-and-mortar shopping with transactions in person, virtual sellers have to face an uncontrollable behaviour from consumers all the time: shopping cart abandonment. It comes from a simple action chain: shoppers come to shop, pick up their favour items and drop into the online cart, but then they leave without experiencing the checkout process properly, due to many reasons we can’t capture in any comprehensive ways.

  • Mageplaza Automatic Related Product in must-have list, why not?

    More than 600,000 companies are selling extensions for Magento platform stores, don’t you feel you’ve got too many selections to make the final decision? Maintaining an overload number of extension on one store also causes you having trouble integrating from different vendors? Are you looking for a new marketing solution that can handle thousands of products at the same time?

  • Introduce Mageplaza Frequently Bought Together module

    What is Frequently Bought Together for Magento 2?

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