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Exciting new partnership announcement with West Point Digital

Jade | 03-31-2020

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Mageplaza is thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with West Point Digital - a full-service Magento and Shopify eCommerce agency. Our common goal is to help the eCommerce world better. Mageplaza and West Point Digital will be working on innovative ideas to bring in more helpful solutions for clients to achieve their business goals.

How Mageplaza x West Point Digital partnership benefits our clients?

Mageplaza - West Point Digital partnership
Mageplaza - West Point Digital partnership

In the partnership between Mageplaza and West Point Digital, our ultimate goal is to solve every problem for customers when launching or running an eCommerce store and more.

In both Mageplaza and West Point Digital, customers can find any solutions for every Magento 2 stores, such as website development, website optimization, website management, or migration.

With the extensive knowledge of the Magento 2 and eCommerce landscape, we make sure that you can find the most useful solutions that address your online stores’ problems remarkably. You’ll have the ability to access the most consistently updated extensions with ready-to-use features as well as fast and scalable eCommerce solutions from both Mageplaza and West Point Digital.

Whether you’re starting to launch your own online store from scratch or migrating to another platform, we have everything you need. Both Mageplaza and West Point Digital attach great importance to customer support. We don’t just stop at making customers happy with what they’ve purchased. To create a risk-free investment for customers, we’re always trying to offer superb support and after-sales service.

Besides, both sides get to offer customers more streamlined, cost-effective products and services. West Point Digital clients can buy Mageplaza extension at the best price and access to the full support.

About West Point Digital


West Point Digital
West Point Digital

West Point Digital is a growth eCommerce agency that provides solutions for the development of a fast, stable, and scalable Magento 2 webshops and customization.

With a team of experienced and top-notch members in the Magento and eCommerce space, West Point Digital always creates practical and novelty solutions that help customers build, devise, and improve their online stores.

West Point Digital claims to help customers establish a user-centric and high-converting eCommerce store for both B2B and B2C companies by using growth-driven design.

Outstanding products & services

  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Development

Connect with West Point Digital

  • Website:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:

About Mageplaza



Mageplaza is one of the most popular Magento 2 extension providers that dedicates to help clients grow their online businesses. With over five years in the industry, Mageplaza is proud to develop more than 166 extensions for every Magento 2 store. We gain a total of 3.2 million extension downloads and build in trust for over 60.000 customers around the globe.

Strictly following the Magento coding standard, Mageplaza guarantees all extensions are high-quality and fully compatible with third-party applications or themes. You can avoid significant conflicts or bugs when adding Mageplaza extensions to your stores.

Customers are at the heart of Mageplaza. Therefore, the Mageplaza team not only focuses on developing the best extensions for our customers but also provides them the best support.

Product & services

  • B2B solutions
  • Checkout improvement
  • Navigation & search
  • Sales motivation
  • Shipping & fee
  • Payment
  • User experience
  • CRO

Contact information

  • Website:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • LinkedIn:

Together we make differences!

This collaboration is an excellent opportunity for both sides to learn from each others’ strengths and bring a unique set of optimal solutions to the Magento and eCommerce market.

Mageplaza and West Point will continue to update and adopt innovations to provide better solutions to our customers. Have any questions on this partnership or about Mageplaza and West Point Digital? Please leave your comments below or contact us here.


Jade is a content creator, book lover, and a hodophile. She loves to learn skills and practical knowledge to excel at marketing, especially content marketing.

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