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According to Success.com, there are nearly 83 million people who subscribe to a daily deal site to look for discounts. Naturally, when comparing similar products, the price difference is the first thing listed at the top of customers’ concern. Understanding this behavior, Daily Deal extension for Magento 2 supports your site to create and manage deals for multiple products with ease. Customers can’t help but visit your site every day to check on new bargains, which means that the traffic will dramatically raise.

The Daily Deal helps store’ s owners solve two things: create new customers and transform them into loyal ones. Regarding the former task, almost not-yet-customers on your site have some wonder that stops them place orders. However, with the deals offering, customers are no more hesitated to buy from yours.

Furthermore, when customers have a chance to buy on your store, knowing that your site offers them daily deals, then they are likely to subscribe and follow you to wait for discounts of their favorite items. It is how you get loyal clients.

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Highlight features

Display countdown timer

Daily Deal supports a countdown watch, which informs customers how much time left on which they can purchase things with a bargain. This motivates buyers to place order rabidly before the discount goes by. Also, admin can flexibly design the background color and text color of the timer as they want.

Set up deals for particular products

A daily deal can be configured for an individual product at the backend with some simple clicks. It allows admin to insert the original price and quantity of products. Then, he can set the deals price, volume and time of discount as well so that customers see the difference that they can get from your deals.

Set up deals for particular products

Easy to customize deal pages

Daily Deal supports configuration in All Deal pages, New ones, Bestsellers, and Featured Deal Pages. In each type of pages, admin can set the pages’ name, URLs name related and where to put that link (at Header, Footer or Category Menu).

Easy to customize deal pages

Display multiple sidebar widgets

Sidebar widgets including random deals, top-selling deals, upcoming deals, and floating deals can be displayed to enhance the effectiveness of daily deals. Magelaza Daily Deal extension allows stores’ admin to name the widget, choose a position to place it, and set the number of items shown in a widget. Also, the plugin enables to display the remaining/sold quantity of each product appearing in a block.

Display multiple sidebar widgets

Full features list

For admins

  • Enable/disable module
  • Enable to show the number of remaining/sold items in daily deals blocks
  • Enable/disable countdown timer
  • Configure the design of the countdown timer (background and text color)
  • Flexible showing/design the discount label
  • Choose a position to show the discount label
  • Support four types of deal pages: All deals, New deals, Bestseller deals, and Featured deals
  • Enable/disable the deal page
  • Enable to place a quick link to the deal page at Header/Footer/Category menu
  • Change page route (the page URL) and page title
  • Ability to configure sidebar widgets: Random deals, Top-selling deals, Upcoming deals
  • Allow/disallow showing side widgets
  • Allow/disallow showing the number of remaining items in the widget
  • Allow/disallow showing the number of sold items in the widget
  • Enable/disable showing specific deals in the widget
  • Ability to name the block title
  • Select a position to place the deal block: at the top or the bottom of the sidebar
  • Set the number of items which are allowed to show up in a block
  • Use a snippet to show the daily deal block at any place
  • View all information on existing deals in a grid
  • Easy to edit an existing deal
  • Easy to add a new deal for a product
  • Enable/disable deals
  • Allow/disallow present products on featured deals
  • Ability to set a new deal price and deal quantity
  • Select store views for the daily deal
  • Set up a timeframe for a daily deal

For shoppers

  • View deals at any place on a page
  • Be noticed of the deal expiration by a counter timer
  • Be noticed of the remaining stock of products
  • View the deal price of products
  • View daily deals, upcoming deals, bestseller deals, all deals on a page
  • View all deal types on sidebar widgets
  • Keep noticed of hot deals by a floating slider

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