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5 Reasons Why Order Number in Online Shopping Important

Summer Nguyen | 05-16-2019

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As the online stores have to handle hundreds or thousands of orders each month, the store has to face a significant amount of information about orders. Because of that reason, the custom order number will appear as an identifying code that will be unique for different orders. This will provide the ability to easily keep track of every single order along with controlling its status which can be a time-consuming task for the sellers.

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What is Custom Order Number?

Firstly, the order number is the important information that customers will receive after each and every successful checkout for identification. With the order number, both the buyers and the owners can gain benefits by supervising the order closely. The Magento 2 default has the order number function with a 9-digit number for the order increment ID that begins to run from 000000001.

Why does Mageplaza Order Number need to be customized? The answer is simple. While stores would prefer to change the number of order’s and other billing document’s structures based on their intentions, the Magento 2 default cannot be set quickly in the backend. An additional tool needs to take place in order to help the owners to set the order number quickly. Custom Order Number extension is a module created by Mageplaza to perfect the flaws or missing details that the stores have to fill in the order number.

Custom Oder Number

Custom Order Number for Magento 2

Change order numbers, and increment ID prefixes to protect sensitive business data.

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Why Custom Order Number is a must have for stores

Easy to track order

Firstly, to fully control the status and supervise a considerable order quantity, the unique digit for each order is a short and concise code to find the order. Owners will not have to primitively memorize or look through every single order to search for the information of an order. When there is a certain order that stores need to review or keep track of the order status, they only have to find the code to look for further details of the order.

Add more information to the order number

The extension has the function to set the invoice number to become more complex which can only be decoded by the store owners and admins. The code will be a method to prevent customers and other competitors from exploiting the store’s information. Besides numbers, the code will be added with capital letters to express order details in brief.

Why Custom Order Number Is A Must Have For Stores

For example, when the admins want to add in the date of the order as well as the specific store buyers purchase the order, the code can be configured to appear like ORD-03-111119-0001. Owners will instantly interpret the order created on November 11th 2019 at store 3, while the code does not bring any value to anyone apart from the owners. In addition, the information displayed in brief form will help admins capture the critical information before reading the order in detail to save time.

Start the order at the appropriate number

It is totally normal when shoppers always want to purchase in popular and reliable stores. However, if they see the number that indicates them to be the first or a few dozen customers to purchase your products, shoppers can think that your store is unprofessional. Something like 0001 as their order number might trigger customers’ doubts about the shop’s credibility. In the worst case, they might think the order number is a sign that can lead them to become a victim of online fraud. For new stores, the number of clients that come to purchase is still minor. As a result, the order will be canceled due to the lack of trust to provide their personal information. These disadvantages in an online store function will severely damage the store turnover, especially to the newly established stores.

Why online store need Custom Order Number

To prevent any losses for the customers our extension can set the order number to begin at any digits and make the number to be more complex to impress the customers.

Protect your business from the peeping eye of rivals

The Internet is the destination where anyone can have easy access to your store sites. You may not notice this when you use the order number of Magento 2 default, the plain digit counting of the order can easily reveal confidential information to customers and also the opponents. When another business wanders around in your store they can easily find specious data and turn it against you.

The information will expose how well your business is working through the changes in the number of orders. Your contenders will base on those figures to estimate your store growth in a specific period. If your store is working well, they can duplicate your marketing ideas. Or even if stores performance decline, they can take the opportunity to dominate the market and steal away your customers.

Why online store need Custom Order Number

It is going to be harmful to your business if you continue to use the plain strings. With the customized code from the Custom Order Number module of Mageplaza, stores can hide the store’s sensitive information behind the complicated string. The secret of this code can only be understood by you and your employees.

View or print your order invoice

Why online store need Custom Order Number

This has compatibility with Mageplaza PDF Invoice developed for Magento 2. The integration makes sure that relevant details of the order number from the Custom Order Number module will appear in the invoice to help others. This will show that your online operation synchronizes perfectly and looks more professional in the eyes of buyers.

Final words

To sum up, Magento 2 Custom Order Number can be a useful tool for any type of business, as every single store needs to optimize the details in the order number for every order. Let‘s experience every positive effect of Mageplaza Custom Order Number that can possibly be done for your websites:

  • You have more time to spend on other work tasks. By letting your employees experience the tracking feature will help your operation to work smoothly.
  • More information expressed through digits strings. This will work as a code to prevent curiosity from outsiders as well as add information when they view the code.
  • Gain trust. It is especially effective for a new store to hide the fact that you have just been introduced to the market to reduce the doubt that can be triggered by the customers.
  • Hide sensitive information. This will work as a code to prevent curiosity from outsiders and also not to spill any important data to competitors.

Furthermore, if you want to install the extension, please click here to learn more about installation. Or maybe you have already installed but have not yet fully mastered all the features in the Custom Order Number module then you can further read in Custom Order Number Userguide.

Custom Oder Number

Custom Order Number for Magento 2

Change order numbers, and increment ID prefixes to protect sensitive business data.

Check it out!


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