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Mageplaza and NaviPartner: Partnership Announcement

Brian Tran | 07-24-2020

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Mageplaza is glad to announce that we’re currently in a new exciting partnership with NaviPartner - an innovative POS and eCommerce solution provider helping worldwide clients optimize and grow their business.

Through this partnership, both Mageplaza and NaviPartner are willing to discuss and cooperate with each other to understand more about our customers’ issues and resolve them right away.

What to look forward to in this partnership?

Mageplaza & NaviPartner Partnership
Mageplaza & NaviPartner Partnership

Mageplaza and NaviPartner have been discussing combining our strengths and expertise, which enables us to deliver the best products and services to customers of both parties. The partnership brings opportunities for both companies to reach more customers who need help in growing their online businesses and address the right solution to the right problems.

With years of experience and services in the eCommerce market, Mageplaza and NaviPartner understand what difficulties you might have to encounter when running an online business. That’s why we have already developed a lot of extensions and come up with solutions covering a wide range of eCommerce as well as Magento-related aspects. We keep an eye on the smallest details of online business, enable merchants to find the problems, and become efficient problem solvers.

In both Mageplaza and NaviPartner, you can find anything you need to maximize your business efforts, from marketing, checkout & payment, SEO to POS system, ticketing, and many more. All are offered at cost-effective plans. Being a partner with NaviPartner, Mageplaza promises to always deliver customer-centric support. That’s coming with quick technical support and flexible extension customization.

It’s a win for Mageplaza and NaviPartner if more customers know that their problems can be solved way easier because we’re dedicated to doing the right things for your business.

Note: Being a part of this partnership, One Step Checkout - one of Mageplaza’s main extensions - is included in the Navipartner’s package for the website builders.

Mageplaza One Step Checkout is a top-rated Magento 2 extension, solving all the problems of online store’s checkout process. With one-page checkout only, online store owners can create a better customer experience on the checkout page. Customers can finish their shopping more quickly and conveniently with simple and safe checkout with no more long-listed checkout fields and going back and forth more than one page.

Using Magento 2 One Step Checkout, you can reduce cart abandonment by 66% and increase conversion rates by 30% while making customers’ shopping journey easier and more enjoyable. It’s a win-win for both customers and online store owners.

It’s incredibly easy to download and install the Mageplaza One Step Checkout extension into your Magento 2 online store. Take a look at our comprehensive guide for more details. Once the extension is successfully set up in your store, all its powerful features are at your disposal.

Here are some highlight features:

  • Auto-address suggestion
  • Optimized Checkout page
  • Compatible with nearly 100% payment methods
  • Easy to customize checkout page layout/custom checkout fields
  • Effectively recover abandoned carts
  • Showcase trusted badges on the checkout page

Get to know NaviPartner



NaviPartner specializes in developing, implementing, and supporting eCommerce solutions for retails and attractions based on Microsoft D365 Business Central and Magento eCommerce. With all-inclusive Magento-based solutions provided by Navipartner, customers can easily build a solid foundation for their online business to grow further with unlimited potentials.

Navipartner enables customers to build one unified platform for the POS system, web store, and ERP. Customers can strengthen their website’s functionality and management with a full range of software, hardware, training, implementation, hosting, and support.

Outstanding products & services

  • POS System
  • E-commerce
  • ERP Solution
  • Ticketing solution

Connect with Navipartner

  • Website:
  • Facebook:
  • LinkedIn:

About Mageplaza



Mageplaza is a world-leading extension provider with over 5 years of services in the eCommerce landscape. With the mission of helping online merchants worldwide grow their business and revenues, Mageplaza has solidified itself as a trusted partner with more than 67,000 from different countries around the world. Mageplaza commits to providing customers with the best quality products and customer-centric support.

Backed by high-qualified and well-experienced technology experts in the industry, Mageplaza has developed over 200 Magento extensions with high-standard coding, easy-to-use, and useful functionality. Mageplaza’s extensions embrace various categories helping customers optimize and improve their online store performance in every detail.

Outstanding products and services

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Stay tuned with new projects!

Together with NaviPartner, Mageplaza believes that we can contribute more to the eCommerce community by delivering more effective solutions to customers. In the future, we’ll continue to work on new products to bring a better experience as well as increase the effectiveness of your business.

Please look forward to us, and don’t hesitate to contact both Mageplaza and Navipartner for more information.


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