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Top 10 Mageplaza best-selling extensions in 2020 - 2021

Jade | 12-18-2019

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Magento keeps it up at the top of the most popular platforms for online stores. With the launching of Magento 2, many businesses have been putting their efforts in moving to the new version to protect their store and use advanced functions of it.

However, it’s not just the core platform that helps your business grow and succeed. Magento keeps updating, but the development of an ideal online store needs the contribution of more extensions. Therefore, In 2019, we continue to expand our extension ecosystem by releasing many new Magento 2 extensions with advanced features as well as constantly update to improve the efficiency of modules.

In this article, we jot down the list of our best-selling extensions which have been most-trusted by customers. Let’s dive in!

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10. Shop By Brand

Magento 2 Shop By Brand contributes to improving customer experience significantly. It diversifies the online store’s functionality by allowing customers to filter products based on their favorite brands. This is a new level of shopping which directs customers to their preferred brands quickly, then find their desired items more conveniently.

shop by brand

Highlight Features

  • Better Shop By Brand extension
  • Include Shop By Brand page
  • Allow the brand’s logo on the product page
  • Support Shop By Brand free in Layered Navigation Ultimate
  • Allow importing brands in bulk
  • Provide SEO-friendly brand pages
  • Allow creating unlimited brands with names, logos
  • Support instant search

Shop By Brand

Shop By Brand for Magento 2

Enable customers to buy from their favorite brands effortlessly

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9. SEO Ultimate

Magento 2 SEO Ultimate is an effective solution to improve your online store’s SEO performance. Many outstanding features will be activated automatically on your store site after installing the module without any complicated code modification. With the extension, you can insert meta keywords or meta description easily to your product for better SEO.

Mageplaza SEO Ultimate

Highlight Features

  • Avoid duplicate content
  • Add structured data
  • Use SEO metadata template rules
  • Include Hreflang tag
  • Provide page analysis (Rich Snippets preview)
  • Provide SEO report
  • Support advance HTML/XML sitemaps
  • SEO checklist is available
  • Enable cross-links
  • Allow link alternate tag

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8. Layered Navigation Ultimate

Magento 2 Layered Navigation is one of the best solutions to improve customer experience during the shopping process. This extension makes it easier for customers to navigate your online store. They can find the products they want speedily by applying multiple available filters to sort our products such as categories, colors, product status, product rating, etc.

Ajax loading page

Highlight Features

  • Enable Ajax loading page
  • Multiple available filters
  • Provide price slider
  • Include free Shop By Brand
  • Include Advanced Ajax search
  • Show all product pages
  • Completely open-source and customizable
  • Responsive to any devices
  • Install & customize easily

7. Abandoned Cart Email

Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email is an effective solution to recover the abandoned carts in your store. Abandoned carts are made when customers add products to their cart but drop out the checkout. There are many reasons behind a store’s high abandonment rate, but all of them result in a huge loss of sales for your online stores.

Automatically sending emails to customers to remind them of their uncompleted purchases can draw some possibilities that they will come back and finish checkout. Emails with a discount coupon offer may take effect more quickly as it encourages them to spend less money than before. Sometimes, that prices are too high is the reason why customers abandoned their carts. The extension provides you with a comprehensive abandoned cart email report so that you can keep track of your email performance and the results.

abandoned cart email report

Highlight Features

  • Flexibly configure email chain
  • Support Google Analytics
  • Able to view email Logs
  • Automated coupon generating
  • Provide overall reports for a quick view
  • Detailed checkout abandonment reports
  • Report on abandoned products
  • Analysis of shopping behavior
  • Offer cart board

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6. Product Feed

Magento 2 Product Feed automatically generates a product feed that helps your store communicate with other online shopping platforms including Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay, Bing, and Facebook. A product feed containing related information of your products and quickly updates products data on other selling channels. It reduces an enormous workload for you than before.

edit Google shopping feed

Highlight Features

  • Available feed templates
  • Easy to customize feed templates
  • Set rules for product filter
  • Actively fast data feed delivery
  • Integrate with Google Analytics

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5. PDF Invoice

Magento 2 PDF Invoice is one of the most must-have extensions for any online stores. The function of this module gives more transparency to your billing documents that takes a lot of customers’ concerns. With this extension, you can choose billing documents and attach them to the emails sent to customers.

Mageplaza pdf invoice

Highlight Features

  • Available PDF invoice templates
  • Automatically attach and send billing documents
  • Support barcode and QR code

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4. One Step Checkout Ultimate

Magento 2 One Step Checkout is a must-have extension for every online store. It is an effective solution to reduce the abandonment rate and increase the conversion rate. The module simplifies the checkout page, shorten the checkout steps to optimize the checkout process for both customers and store owners.

address suggestion

Highlight Features

  • The checkout page is optimized
  • Accept almost all payment and shipping methods
  • Compatible with third extensions
  • Include Giftwrap, Gift message
  • Accept comments, deliver time setting
  • Install and customize easily

3. One Step Checkout Professional

Magento 2 One Step Checkout Professional version has more advanced features that help you maximize your store’s checkout process. Besides the general features which are also available in the standard version. In One Step Checkout Pro, we add more cart abandonment solutions such as flexible configuration to resolve abandoned cart issues, providing abandoned cart reports, abandoned cart email checkout analysis, etc.

easy to customize

Highlight Features

  • Suggest available address
  • Create an optimized checkout page
  • Support nearly 100% payment methods
  • Customizable checkout page
  • Compatible out of the box with third extensions
  • Allow recovering abandoned carts

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2. Google Tag Manager

Magento 2 Google Tag Manager helps you have an insightful analysis of the store performance and customers’ behaviors. Based on the report of customers’ actions, you can learn thoroughly about their interests, demands, and expectations to your store. Looking at the number of visitors, clicks, and impressions; you can evaluate the performance of your online store.

Also, in the Shopping Behavior reports, you can easily track the conversion rate of the store via the details of customers’ actions including product view, add-to-cart, checkout, purchase transactions, and abandonment points.

Google Analytics

Highlight Features

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1. Delete Orders

Not all customers come to your store with a declared intention of buying something. They may search around your store, add some items to the shopping cart to check the price discount and stop here without actually placing the order and checkout. Accordingly, many orders being tested or abandoned will remain in your store order grid. It leads to the overload of uncontrolled orders and may take you a lot of time to handle.

Want to clean this mess and make your order grid more well-organized? Magento 2 Delete Orders is a useful solution for this challenge. The extension enables you to delete those orders forever with only a few clicks. All information on deleted orders including invoices, shipments, credit memos, and billing documents will disappear out of the order grid permanently.

delete all orders

Highlight Features

  • Eliminate test orders
  • Delete one order or bunch of orders at the same time
  • Delete all invoices, shipments, credit memos, billing documents

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To wrap up

We develop extensions based on what you need for the development of your Magento 2 stores. It’s great that our extensions help many grow their business by optimizing the functionalities of their online stores. If you’ve used the extensions on this list, let us know about your experience. We desire to expand this list in the upcoming year, hope you find it’s helpful!



Jade is a content creator, book lover, and a hodophile. She loves to learn skills and practical knowledge to excel at marketing, especially content marketing.

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