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  • Marketing Strategy: Definition, Importance, Types & Examples

    Today’s market is competitive, and the heart of a business’s success lies in its marketing. Still, some companies treat marketing as a cost center that only eats investment instead of a revenue driver.

  • How to Get Customer Attention? Strategies & Tips

    Attention is a necessary ingredient for effective marketing.

  • Nike Marketing Strategy: Why Nike Is A Marketing Leader?

    We’re all familiar with Nike’s classic tagline of “Just do it,” Over the years, the brand’s shoes, along with famous athlete endorsements and the swoosh logo, have become more popular among consumers than ever. Is that, however, everything that Nike’s doing? Is there anything more particular about their marketing strategies and tactics?

  • 7+ Must-try Inbound Marketing Strategy Ideas

    If you are reading this, you are wondering how inbound marketing can guide you to the goals of your business. Whether you are familiar with this term before or not, in this article, let’s think about it with a fresh mind to generate fresh strategies for the new year.

  • Starbucks Marketing Strategy: The Most Popular Coffeehouse Worldwide

    While a competitive marketing strategy can greatly reinforce any new company’s development, it can be challenging for entrepreneurs to build a special identity for their brand in the marketplace. Luckily, there are plenty of successful marketing strategies from well-known businesses which can help them excel in this area.

  • How and When to Position Your Ecommerce Strategy for the Holidays

    The following blog was written by guest author Alex Borzo, a content contributor at Amber Engine, a software company passionate about eCommerce. The company’s fast and simple PIM software gets sellers, distributors and brands to market in weeks instead of months.

  • Shopping Holiday Season Calendar - Essential Element For Marketing Plans

    Holiday dates are great opportunities for e-commerce stores to run marketing campaigns and boost sales effectively. This is the most profitable periods which every store make great efforts to draw customers attraction and increase sales as much as possible. This article will analyze the key benefits of holiday dates in marketing and the tip to keep track of all holiday dates in multiple nations.

  • The Best AI Chatbots to Improve Customer Experience in 2024

    Customer service is a crucial element of growing businesses and needs to be considered with utmost sincerity and care. In order to improve customer service standards and meet pressing demands of rich engagement from consumers, businesses are increasingly adopting AI chatbots for their customer support. AI-powered chatbots are disrupting the landscape of customer service to enable a satisfying level of automated conversations and interactions.

  • 5 Marketing tips for Valentine's day

    Among several occasions yearly, Valentine’s Day is possibly the most looking-forward day since it is high time for people to present their love or strengthen their intimate relationships. As a result, people have a tendency to spend more on shopping this occasion as a preparation for a special anniversary. Hence, there is no reason for you not to start brainstorming a great strategic marketing plan right now. However, before taking any plans into practice, consider these following tips to maximize your benefit from upcoming deals.

  • 6 Tips to Skyrocket sales on Valentine's day

    The critical holidays such as Christmas, New Year have just ended. You are happy to enjoy the success of your business during a year. Now is the time for you to get back to the routine as well as do the plan for your business for the success in 2018. We are here to recommend you that there is an essential event that brings potential sales, you can’t miss - Valentine’s Day.

  • How Small Businesses Prepare for Valentine’s Day

    When the Valentine’s day is on the way to come soon, online merchants are now busy preparing for this occasion to boost sales. Because on this occasion, people have high demands for purchasing gifts for their lovers, it is absolutely defined as a good opportunity for small and medium enterprises to increase their revenues dramatically. Therefore, store owners need to equip themselves detailed plans to make the best of this chance. Following are 4 musts that marketers should keep in mind to be successful in this shopping season.

  • Amazing marketing ideas for holiday shopping seasons

    When the holiday shopping season is on the way to come, online merchants are busying preparing for their marketing campaign. Because at the end of the year people have a tendency to purchase more not only for themselves but also for their family, friends, and houses, almost all businesses want to take advantage of this occasion. It is considered to be among the most important periods of time for shop owners to boost their sales dramatically. Therefore, both retailers and wholesalers should focus on launching appropriate marketing plan to drive sales from customers.

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday - Check your understanding

    What is Black Friday and Cyber Monday Black Friday is the friday after Thanksgiving. In 2021, Black Friday is November 26. This day is generally perceived as the busiest shopping day of the year. Also, the annual holiday shopping season will not really begin without a start of a vibrant Black Friday. For the economy, this day plays a crucial role which helps all types of companies from small/medium-sized to big ones increase revenues, improve brands and build up reputation as well as customer loyalty.

  • Ads Planning for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

    Cyber Monday and Black Friday are two most important events of the year for all retailers in general, and particularly for online retailers. In 2016, these events contributed over $6.5 billion to the total online spending, nearly 2% of the total American online spending of the same year.

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