Magento 2 Shipping & Fee Extensions

It’s critical to have well-thought-out shipping and fee structure in place to ensure that an online company runs properly. Magento 2 Shipping & Fees extensions give you everything you need to give your customers a safe, swift, and efficient shipping experience. Let’s dig deeper into the optimal solutions for shipping and fee for your Magento 2 store.

What is shipping?

What Is Shipping?

As usual understanding, shipping is the physical moving of goods from one place to another, for example; moving merchandise from the warehouse to the customer. Shipping has different kinds of forms depending on the products, distance covered, and the delivery speed required. The shipping process usually takes multiple stages, from picking up products from manufacturers, packaging, and transportation. It’s controlled by a shipping or logistic company.

When starting an eCommerce business, shipping is one of the most important aspects that you need to put a lot of effort into if you want to launch your business and run it smoothly. It’s easy to take over the shipping process on your own if your business is small and the order is not too much.

When things go bigger, and out of your control, it’ll be better to assign it to a third-party shipping company. When you work with multiple shipping partners, you are giving your customers various choices of shipping methods, so it’s a good point to increase user experience.

The Importance of Shipping in eCommerce

Because customers care about shipping, it’s important to have a strong shipping process in your online stores. You can provide a great shopping experience and appealing price, but shipping is the determining factor that allows your customers to touch your products.

It's crucial to have a few shipping alternatives in the checkout process of your online company, which helps you prevent cart abandonment. A consumer will continue to shop from your store if you only offer a convenient and familiar delivery choice.

The costs of shipping are one of the biggest concerns customers hold when they shop online. It’s been proven that 45% of shoppers abandon their carts when the order value doesn’t qualify for free shipping. As a result, it's best to provide customers with a variety of shipping options and pricing to pick from.

The Importance of Shipping in eCommerce

Mageplaza Shipping & Fee extensions for Magento 2 stores

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A Magento 2 store designed with the default Magento doesn't have enough capacity to meet all user requests, especially when they expect more than just a shopping experience. Many consumers have abandoned their carts due to a lack of quality and flexibility in shipment. This issue is quickly resolved with Magento 2 Shipping & Fee extensions in a variety of methods.

Avoid abandoned carts with multiple shipping flat rates

Multiple shipping flat rates enable you to provide your consumers with a variety of shipping options. You can also apply a flat rate to a certain customer group on a case-by-case basis. When a consumer qualifies for a shipping option, they can use it to complete the checkout process.

You can create as many different applicable groups as you wish to make it easier to organize and handle the shipping later on. There will be a notification if an order doesn’t qualify for a specific shipping method.

Create different shipping rules

You can create multiple shipping rules based on the product weight, order value, SKU, shipping address, or many other product attributes. For each shipping method, it’s unlimited to include as many shipping rules as you want.

Include extra fee in the order

Besides the shipping fee and the product prices, you can add additional fees such as VAT, insurance, extra fee for packaging or gift wrap. It depends on the characteristics of products, the destination of the order, or any factors that need to be included in the shipment to the products are shipped safely.

These extra fees will be calculated into the cart total right on the shopping cart and at the checkout.

Provide flexible delivery options for customers

Customers may not always be available on your scheduled delivery days; therefore, it's vital that they be able to pick a time that is convenient for them.

With Magento 2 Delivery Time, your customers can select a date that suits their schedule the most. You still take full control of your calendar by configuring the valid dates for shipment depending on your business workdays and days of handling orders. Offering multiple and flexible delivery dates here is the key to increasing your customers’ satisfaction and keep them at the checkout.


Magento 2 Shipping & Fee extensions provide your customers with a cohesive shopping experience in your Magento 2 store with intuitive features and functionality. You'll find everything you need to create a hassle-free, speedy, and secure online shipping system.