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Partnership announcement: Mageplaza and Codilar

Jade | 05-04-2020

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Mageplaza and Codilar are pleased to announce that we’ve entered into a strategic partnership - combining Mageplaza’s high-quality and cost-effective Magento 2 eCommerce solutions with Codilar’s best Magento eCommerce technology and development services. This promising partnership brings exciting opportunities for us to reach out to more global customers who want to develop their eCommerce business.

What is Mageplaza and Codilar’s partnership for?

Mageplaza and Codilar partnership
Mageplaza and Codilar partnership

The ultimate goal of Mageplaza and Codilar is to provide our customers with the most innovative and useful solutions for their Magento eCommerce businesses. Therefore, through this partnership, we’ll work together to share experiences, knowledge about the Magento eCommerce and discuss more ideas to serve our customers best. Mageplaza and Codilar’s partnership is a powerful combination that you can look forward to. With in-depth engineering and development expertise in the Magento industry, we’re committed to assisting you to build and grow your online business with top-quality products and services. Mageplaza and Codilar will accompany with you, deliver consistent support, and solve any problems you’re facing regardless of technical issues or eCommerce-related problems. In this partnership, you can expect many benefits from both Mageplaza and Codilar. We’re going to work on collaborative projects that bring together useful solutions with appealing offerings for our customers.

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Codilar is a Magento eCommerce development company that helps businesses by crafting customer-focused and industry-specific solutions using Magento PWA, performance optimization, omnichannel eCommerce, and many more.

Codilar is dedicated to continuing to diversify the eCommerce space, adopt more leading-edge technologies, and empower more entrepreneur spirits to start their own businesses.

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With six years of services, Mageplaza is one of the most popular Magento 2 extension providers trusted by over 60,000 customers around the world in building up and expanding eCommerce businesses.

In Mageplaza, you can find solutions for any Magento eCommerce-related problems. Extensions and other solutions are consistently updated and optimized to resonate with the change of the Magento industry as well as address issues effectively. Customers are at the heart of Mageplaza, so putting a great deal of thought and effort into supporting customers is our ultimate mission.

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Stay tuned for new collaborative projects!

Mageplaza and Codilar believe that through this partnership, we can reach out to more customers around the world, connect with them to understand their problems, and find practical solutions. It’s glad to work together and create more value for the industry. Let’s look forward to our upcoming projects.


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