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Great content is the heart of a successful marketing strategy. Tell your story and influence your readers into becoming loyal customers with our Magento 2 Content Management apps.

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What is Content Management?

Content management refers to a set of processes and technologies that can support collecting, managing, and publishing information in various forms and mediums.

Why should you use our Magento 2 Content Management extensions?

Content has always been a vital part of online businesses, and excellent content management can have a massive impact on the success of a business. Firstly, it can help you build relationships with customers through engaging, valuable, and educational content. Secondly, managing content well will help influence your SEO and improve your online presence.

Our Magento 2 Content Management extensions tackle all the common problems of an e-business’ content such as blog optimization, SEO friendliness, social media channels, and more. With our extensions, you will be able to make content truly king and highly influential towards your customers.

Mageplaza’s Magento 2 Content Management extensions

Below are our best extensions that are surely helpful for you in content management:

  • Optimize your blog: Blogging is one of the most effective ways to boost your store's traffic. With Blog Extension, you can manage your blog better and improve search ranking with SEO features.
  • Create SEO-friendly pages: Magento 2 FAQ and Product Questions extensions allow you to summarize and display all the common questions of consumers on an SEO-optimized FAQ page. Also, Custom Form is a good way to collect data and increase your visitor's staying time - which positively affects SEO.
  • Make pages more attractive: Keeping visitors on your site longer will effectively increase SEO rankings. You can use Banner Slider to show motion images with your unique promotional campaigns or upcoming events. In addition, you can use Store Locator to add location-related keywords to your content. Instagram Feed and Twitter Widget are how you connect with your social media followers right on your website.

In conclusion, content management is a crucial part of any store’s marketing strategy, especially an online one like you. Therefore, try out our Magento 2 Content Management extensions to better connect with customers and promote your business in the digital world.