Pre-order for 1, save up 75% of 2

Pre-order for 1, save up 75% of 2

Hello folks, I hope you’re doing great in this up-to-ears season wonderfully. Today is the turn of a special offer in the series which are believed to deserve just quick 2 minutes to learn about it. Keep your breath :)

We’re going to release a promising PDF Invoice extension in the next few days. For the out-of-box features of this module which we consider valuable assets to your online store, Mageplaza expects to create a chance for our customers to have the PDF Invoice extension before it is officially released. Besides having a full authority to experience this extension in advance, this enormous offers below will definitely keep your eyes sticking on.

Pre-order PDF Invoice Announcement

You will have to pay only $99 for our pre-order premium package which is actually valued $328 including :

  • PDF Invoice ($149)+ Abandoned Cart Email ($79) with $99 only
  • Premium installation packages (PDF Invoice + Abandoned Cart Email) with $0 (which is valued $100 in fact)
  • 60-day money back guarantee (1 month extended).
  • Lifetime Update
  • 1-year support

This program will start from Jan 8 with limited offers, and the campaign can end anytime without advance announcement. We’ll encourage you guys should subcribe us right the end of the page to catch up the hotest deal from Mageplaza.

Sooner or later, you’ve got to have them on your online stores, why don’t you just give it a try as we offer a risk-free 2x longer refund period. It’s about time to say goodbye to cart abandonment as well as manually sending PDF invoices to your golden customers!

Anything got you confused? Give me an instant visit via our live chat box, our Customer Care Team will definitely welcome all queries.

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