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Discover The 25 Best Shopify Themes For SEO

The idea of using text and data to improve your Shopify store’s visibility on Google definitely comes to mind when you hear the word search engine optimization (SEO). But did you realize that your online store’s SEO also heavily depends on selecting the appropriate Shopify theme?

Choosing an SEO-friendly Shopify theme is a great start to getting your online store off the ground. Your webpages will become more streamlined and organized as a result. Then, raising rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs), conversion rates, and income by making customers want to remain longer.

Today, a range of feature-rich themes for many industries are available in the Shopify theme collection. That’s wonderful news, but we know how easily it might become confusing. So that you may focus your search and locate the ideal theme for your Shopify business quickly, this post will give you the details of the best Shopify themes for SEO.

The Influence of Shopify Themes on SEO

SEO is crucial for driving organic traffic to your site and promoting your visibility in search engine results. Shopify themes can have a significant positive impact on the SEO of your online store.

If you can choose an SEO-friendly theme for your store, you can get several benefits like enhancing your brand’s reputation and credibility, gaining conversion rates, and enhancing user experience. Here are some ways Shopify themes can impact SEO:

Shopify theme elements impact SEO

  • Page speed: Some Shopify themes may be coded more efficiently and optimized for faster load times. Google considers page speed an important factor when ranking websites, so a faster theme can positively impact your SEO.
  • Mobile-friendly: Google also considers mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. Many Shopify themes are highly responsive and designed to work well on mobile devices, ensuring a better user experience.
  • Structured data: Some Shopify themes have built-in support for structured data, such as schema markup, which helps search engines understand your content better. This can lead to enhanced search engine results, such as rich snippets and knowledge graph information, which can improve click-through rates.
  • Heading tags and HTML markup: Themes typically control the structure and usage of heading tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) and HTML markup on your Shopify site. Using these tags correctly and having clean, semantically correct HTML can improve your site’s SEO. 
  • Security: Google prioritizes secure websites (those with HTTPS) that rank better in search results. Most modern Shopify themes have SSL support, which is necessary for a secure connection.
  • User Experience: Choose the best Shopify theme that can provide you with features like user-friendly design, easy navigation, and clean layout. This can reduce bounce rates and boost the time users spend on your site. Search engines reward websites with a positive user experience.
  • Content presentation: Your theme often determines how your store’s content is presented, such as product listings and blog posts. A well-designed Shopify theme can make your content more visually appealing, leading to better engagement and improved SEO.
  • Customization options: Modern themes will allow you to customize and optimize various on-page SEO elements like titles, meta descriptions, and alt text for images.

The 25 Best Shopify Themes for SEO

An SEO-friendly Shopify theme is important for the success of your online store because it can directly impact your search engine rankings. It’s critical to understand the direction of your business to select a theme that fits the size and style of your store. Here are some popular Shopify themes known for their SEO-friendly features and great design.

1. Avante

The first name in the list of the best Shopify themes for SEO is Avante from developer Staylime. This is considered a neat and highly customizable theme to help your store stand out.

This theme positively impacts your SEO strategy as it provides functionality to maximize your store’s search visibility on SERPs. Besides, with simplified theme setup steps, Avante ensures to build a website with fast loading speed to enhance customers’ shopping experience.

Avante theme's SEO friendliness

Price: 290 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Offers design personalization such as roomy or compact, line-enabled
  • Allows building navigation that includes sidebars or header-based, footer customization, and menu panes
  • Allows you to enhance your store content with editorial and promotional features
  • Enable super-fast conversions using creative and cross-selling sections
  • Mobile-friendly

2. Be Yours

Be Yours is a popular Shopify theme developed by RoarThemes. This theme has a 98% positive rating from Shopify merchants thanks to its unique design and focus on intuitive user experience. It also offers SEO-friendly features with over 30 sections, including product sales points, multiple landing, product, and collection templates.

Theme styles available in Be Yours include Beauty, Trendy, Peace, Sweet, and Dark.

Positive impact of Be Yours theme on SEO

Price: 320 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Supports 5 main European languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Developed specifically for dropshipping businesses
  • One-product store compatible
  • Setup steps are minimal for a quick launch
  • Using the mega menu feature, the entire collection will be displayed
  • Offers an unlimited free trial

3. Broadcast

Broadcast, created by Invisible Themes, is a powerful, feature-rich theme designed to encourage sales for online merchants. This is one of the best Shopify themes for SEO as it offers over 20 feature-rich sections on pre-built content pages like About, Stories, FAQ, and Contact. This theme is great for stores that handle a high volume of transactions over a certain period of time.

Theme styles available in Broadcast include: Clean, Modern, Bright and Bold.

Built-in SEO features in Broadcast theme

Price: 360 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Supports 5 main European languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Features like no other theme include 1-click add to cart, product upsells, and powerful advertising features.
  • Designed to convert mobile traffic and developed with the best performance techniques.
  • Offers an unlimited free trial

4. Cornerstone

Cornerstone by Fluorescent Design Inc. is a flexible design theme offering advanced functionalities for large-scale Shopify stores.

Cornerstone delivers high conversions and drives sales through features that help merchants create urgency and excitement for customers while they browse. Besides, with its intuitive design, fast page loading speed, and mobile friendliness, it is among the top themes that can help your store have a chance to rank on search engines.

Cornerstone theme positively influence SEO

Price: 320 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Provides advanced navigation settings, powerful search and filter options
  • Offers flexible product cards, allowing you to choose from multiple style and layout options
  • Allows customization of contact form
  • Provide in-menu promos

5. Dawn

Dawn is a theme created by Shopify with a minimalist style consisting of bold lines and simple fonts, suitable for merchants who want to tell their brand story through images. Even though it’s free, it’s still no slouch when it comes to allowing users to flexibly customize pages by dragging and dropping different sections and blocks.

Dawn also offers media-focused product pages to help your customers see what the product looks like. From there, your products will be presented more effectively, increasing the likelihood of customers staying on your Shopify website.

The free SEO-friendly theme is Dawn

Price: Free

Outstanding features:

  • Integrating high-contrast color palettes, adjustable font sizes, and ARIA labels makes it easy for customers to navigate, enhancing their shopping experience
  • Flexible design and custom installation to achieve your desired vision without touching any code
  • Setup steps are minimal for a quick launch
  • Provides advanced search, filtering, and product sorting functionality
  • Make sure the images are high-resolution

6. Editions

Editions by developer Pixel Union is a theme with a simple, spacious design, focusing on outstanding products. This theme is ideal for stores that raise money for social or charitable causes. However, with neatness and sophistication, you can choose this SEO-friendly theme for your jewelry store.

Editions supports multiple user-friendly product page layouts and editors. This way, you can create a Shopify store that reflects your brand’s personality and easily attracts customers.

This theme provides minimal theme setup steps to allow websites to launch quickly. This is also an important factor so you can improve customer experience and rocket conversion rates for your website.

Theme styles available in Editions include Spring, Morden, and Light.

Editions is one of the best Shopify themes for SEO

Price: 250 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Supports 5 main European languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Outstanding visuals are achieved with clear lines and neat design
  • Support functionality that goes from static to outstanding with start page templates for FAQs, lookbooks, and more
  • Integrates Shopify’s latest shopping and search features
  • Mobile-friendly

7. Electro

If you are a merchant selling digital goods like speakers, phones, computers, etc, the Electro theme by developer SalesHunterThemes is an ideal choice.

This theme has a minimalist, user-friendly, highly functional interface with modern designs. It also saves time by making the most of data metafields and creating visual product comparisons. This helps your Shopify store get conversions in the blink of an eye.

Electro builds themes that are beautiful and feature-rich, have outstanding page speed, and are mobile-first at an affordable cost. Theme styles available in Electro include Audio, Gadget, and Surveillance.

SEO features in Electro theme

Price: 170 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Setup steps are minimal for a quick launch
  • Designed for stores that process large numbers of transactions in a given period of time
  • Advanced dashboard
  • Works perfectly with any native language-enabled app on Shopify

8. Eurus

Eurus by developer BSS Commerce is a theme that can have a very positive impact on SEO. That’s because it’s designed to be eye-catching and intuitive, with flexible customization, mobile-friendly, feature-rich, and lightning-fast.

Many merchants trust this theme in the fashion industry because it integrates the necessary tools to build a high-performance, visually appealing online store that leaves a lasting impression on customers. Theme styles available in Eurus include Breeze and Breath.

Eurus is SEO-friendly theme

Price: 200 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Supports 5 main European languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Apply Light/Dark mode to all devices
  • Provides 4-level Mega menu, unlimited Product Badges and Pop-ups
  • Provides 30+ powerful sections and blocks
  • Designed specifically for dropshippers
  • Optimize images to help sellers tell brand stories with images

9. Expanse

If you want your Shopify store to have a simple style but still ensure flexibility, Expanse developed by Archetype Themes is a suitable choice.

This theme is highly appreciated by 96% of large-scale businesses that need to display many products. It is optimally designed, allowing stores to process a large number of transactions in a certain period of time.

Expanse offers powerful tools and features, including flexible promotion design customization. This allows you to retain customers and optimize product awareness. From there, increase conversion rates and boost revenue for your Shopify store. Theme styles available in Expanse include: Modern, Classic, and Contemporary.

Boost SEO with Expanse theme

Price: 360 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Supports 5 main European languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Cross-selling support
  • Provides more than 20 sections including data metafields, multiple destination templates, products and collections, etc.
  • Offers sales funnels, column menus, powerful sidebar filters, subsets, engaging videos, and additional product page content.
  • Provides flexible custom promotion design tools
  • Designed specifically for dropshippers

10. Flow

Shopify developer Eight Themes’ Flow theme is also considered SEO friendly. That’s because it’s cleanly designed, product-focused, and page speed is optimized for easy browsing on mobile and desktop, allowing customers to have great shopping experiences. .

This theme provides intuitive, easy-to-use settings with over 37 attractive sections. You can customize your theme to truly reflect your store’s brand. Theme styles available in Flow include Nourish, Crafted and Luxe.

A good Shopify theme for SEO is Flow

Price: 350 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Provides convenient quick purchasing tools
  • Provides product discovery, promotion, and conversion tools
  • Provide features to run promotions over time
  • Allows adjustment of background and fonts.
  • Page loading speed is fast

11. Kairo

Kairo by developer Harmoniks is a simple and consistent theme. It is built for Shopify stores that offer different types of inventory.

This theme offers many unique features, including a quick view feature that allows customers to easily open product details without changing pages. Thanks to this, your store will likely receive higher conversion rates.

Additionally, Kairo is guaranteed to deliver an experience similar to a mobile app, helping customers have a shopping experience like they are at home anytime, anywhere. This is also a factor that helps your store rank on Google and reach more potential customers.

Optimize SEO with Kairo theme

Price: 150 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Supports 5 main European languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Provides the ability to customize notifications in terms of interface
  • Provides quick view feature
  • Optimized settings for dropshippers
  • Supports image optimization to tell brand stories with images
  • Allows customization of contact form
  • Provides in-menu promos
  • Supports minimal theme settings to optimize page speed

12. Impulse

Another best Shopify theme for SEO from developer Archetype Themes is Impulse. This theme is designed to be flexible, and image optimized to support merchants specializing in journalistic content. At the same time, this theme is ideal for sellers who want to deeply share their brand story through extensive text sections and minimalist design.

Impulse integrates a suite of advanced SEO and e-commerce tools to enable you to market your products with maximum impact and efficiency. From there, your online store will be guaranteed to attract customers on a whole new level. Theme styles available in Impulse include Morden, Clean and Bold.

Price: 380 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Supports 5 main European languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Provides flexible and powerful custom promotion design tools
  • Offers competitive features like quick view, point of sale, super data fields, size and price sidebar filters, sub-collections, engaging videos, product page tabs
  • Optimize images and page speed
  • Customization options for the mobile version

13. Minion

Minion, developed by Softali, is one of the ideal SEO-friendly themes for the pet industry. With flexible features, this theme is adaptable on any device accessed with the fastest page loading speed.

Minion also offers flexible design and customization options to achieve your desired vision. This will help increase product awareness with customers, potentially keeping them on the site longer, thereby driving conversions. Theme styles available in Minion include Vertical, Tiles, Classic, White and Red.

Price: 250 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Supports 5 main European languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Diverse color patterns
  • Customizability with 24 sections
  • Fast, compact, and thumb-friendly design
  • Designed specifically for dropshippers

14. Motion

Motion, developed by Archetype Themes, is a modern theme, trusted by over 96% of fashion and health merchants on Shopify. That’s because it offers a high-quality, vibrant website with lots of animations and videos while still keeping it light and loading fast.

This theme offers useful tools and options to help you promote your collection quickly and effectively. Increasing awareness is also one of the effective SEO strategies as you can improve click-through rates and increase conversion rates thanks to customers staying on the website longer.

Theme styles available in Motion include: Classic, Elegant, and Minimal.

Price: 360 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Supports 5 main European languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Allows users to access more than 20 sections
  • Smooth animation
  • Customizable menus, social media icons, and headers
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Supports full-screen video feature on website homepage and other websites
  • Smooth drag-and-drop approach

15. Next

The Next theme from developer Someone You Know is considered the most flexible theme for enterprise-level merchants on Shopify. It offers easy theme installations, premium support, tons of features and offers while ensuring fast and lightweight page loading speeds.

Next has a reasonable design with a product-centric layout to attract every customer’s heart. At the same time, it offers customization features that allow sellers to communicate their brand story visually. Theme styles available in Next include: Brandstore and Fashion.

Price: 350 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Supports 5 main European languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Give you full control over images, videos and content and create countless layouts with Flexible Sections
  • Provides 10+ layouts in the Static Section
  • Allows form customization
  • Friendly to mobile devices

16. Origin

Origin by Shopify is a stylish theme designed for merchants with unique products. With a structured layout that encourages insight and powerful customization features, this theme lets you reach customers through brand, product, and buyer stories.

Even though it’s free, Origin keeps SEO in mind as it offers a website optimized for fast loading speeds for a seamless experience for your customers.

Price: Free

Outstanding features:

  • Mega menu support
  • Allows customization of sticky headers
  • Provides custom settings to achieve desired vision without having to touch any code
  • Optimized on mobile devices

17. Palo Alto

Palo Alto is a premium Shopify theme developed by Presidio Creative. It is considered a best choice for merchants looking for themes that can create a professional and highly optimized website.

This theme offers a modern, easy-to-navigate design and powerful features that can help you increase your organic traffic. Additionally, fast loading speed is a plus point of this theme as it gives your Shopify website the ability to rank on SERPs.

Theme styles available in Palo Alto include: Vibrant, Luxe, Dynamo and Phenomena.

Price: 330 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Supports 5 main European languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Support brand storytelling with optimized images and longer text
  • Provide promotional features
  • Provide conversion-focused features such as shopping interfaces, product upsells, quick buys, and more.
  • Optimized for mobile devices and laptops

18. Parallax

The Parallax theme from developer Out of the Sandbox is an ideal choice for merchants who want to give their customers a unique shopping experience. With different background and foreground designs moving at different speeds, this theme can help you convey compelling stories about your product, service, or brand.

Combined with page speed optimization, Parallax encourages longer customer visits to your Shopify store. From there, it can positively impact SEO by improving user engagement, minimizing bounce rates, and increasing organic traffic.

Theme styles available in Parallax include: Aspen, Madrid, Vienna and Los Angeles.

Price: 170 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Supports 5 main European languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Allows to modify main page long format and unique scrolling style
  • Offers features like sliding cart, quick shop, promotional banners, and sticky drop-down navigation
  • Offer various layouts with parallax images, slideshows, videos, testimonials, promotions
  • Compatible with mobile devices

19. Retina

Another unique theme from developer Out of the Sandbox is Retina with a modern and professional design style. Every layout and feature in this theme is fully optimized so you can ensure you give your customers the best shopping experience at your Shopify store.

Although Retina has a sleek design, it still ensures mobile friendliness. This factor is a plus in the eyes of Google. It can help your Shopify store increase its reputation and ranking on search engines.

Theme styles available in Retina include: Amsterdam, Austin, Montreal and Melbourne.

Price: 220 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Provide beautiful testimonials and outstanding product captions
  • Provides simple theme layout options and editing
  • Optimize longer pieces of text to help sellers tell their brand story
  • Provides detailed video setup instructions in the theme help center

20. Sense

Sense is a theme that is considered energetic and has a rich detailed product layout from Shopify. This theme allows you to build trust with customers through trustworthy testimonials, videos, and comprehensive product descriptions. This way, Sense can enhance the SEO of your Shopify websites.

Fast response time is also a plus point of Sense as it simplifies theme settings, allowing your customers to have the smoothest shopping experience. Through this, you will keep customers staying longer on your website and increase conversion rates.

Price: Free

Outstanding features:

  • Provides mega menu, sticky header feature
  • Allows flexible theme customization
  • Optimize images to support visual brand storytelling
  • Mobile-friendly

21. Showtime

Showtime by Mile High Themes is considered to bring great SEO benefits through the features and functions it brings. This theme is trusted by over 98% of Shopify dropshippers and large-scale stores thanks to its ability to handle any catalog size.

Showtime offers a minimalist layout that helps display large product categories without cluttering the screen. This is also a factor that helps it enhance the shopping experience for customers with fast page load times and smooth transitions.

Theme styles available in Showtime include: Cooktime and FashionTime.

Price: 280 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Supports 5 main European languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Offers multiple menu options including mega menus with images, products, collections, and off-canvas navigation
  • Offers money-saving features like product/cart upsells, Instagram-style pop-up grids, filters
  • Images are optimized to support brand storytelling with images
  • Professional customer support team

22. Spotlight

Shopify’s Spotlight is the ideal theme choice for low-cost startups who still want effective SEO. This theme has a clean and neat design that easily highlights your products to customers.

It also allows you to set up and operate simple optimized layouts. You can publish a short brand description to increase recognition with your customers. Seamless and fast surfing experience thanks to simplified theme settings is also mentioned as an SEO plus in Spotlight.

Price: Free

Outstanding features:

  • Provides advanced customization settings
  • Provide mega menu, sticky header
  • Integrate Shopify’s latest features
  • Compatible with mobile devices

23. Stiletto

Stiletto, developed by Fluorescent Design Inc, is a luxurious Shopify theme optimized to help your store grow efficiently. That’s because it integrates conversion-boosting features to strengthen your sales funnel and motivate visitors to make purchases.

This theme offers dynamic product pages with a clean and functional design. At the same time, it combines highly customizable features to create engaging product discovery experiences for customers. Theme styles available in Stiletto include: Vogue, Chic, Organic and Craft.

Impact of Stiletto theme on SEO

Price: 340 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Supports 5 main European languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Optimize for longer pieces of text to support brand storytelling
  • Enables brand storytelling with images
  • Provides integrated application functionality
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Fast page loading speed

24. Vantage

Vantage by We Are Underground is an ideal SEO-friendly Shopify theme with the ability to scale for small and large categories. With a conversion-focused design and emphasis on product discovery, this theme is built to drive conversions and average order value (AOV).

Vantage offers customization with drag and drop sections to easily modify any aspect of this amazing Shopify theme. This will give you the flexibility to create a visually appealing store without cluttering the storefront. 

Every aspect, including images and functionality, is optimized in Vantage to deliver the fastest page load speeds, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers. Theme styles available in Vantage include: Light, Clean, Simple, Bright and Dark.

Shopify store SEO with Vantage theme

Price: 300 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Supports 5 main European languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Provides multiple product and collection focused support sections
  • Supports brand storytelling with images
  • Provides a variety of color samples and layouts
  • Allows flexible customization of settings
  • Continuous and free theme updates
  • Professional and free support team
  • Mobile-friendly

25. Woodstock

Enjoy speed and flexibility with the Woodstock theme developed by Boosttheme. This best theme for SEO offers a wide range of advanced features to boost the growth of your Shopify store.

With intuitive design and smart product information layouts, Woodstock increases the likelihood of customers finding the right product for their needs and adding it to their cart. This comes with a minimal theme setup that allows your Shopify website to have the fastest loading speeds possible to further enhance the customer experience.

Theme styles available in Woodstock include: Light and Dark.

Price: 270 USD

Outstanding features:

  • Supports 5 main European languages (EN, FR, IT, DE, ES)
  • Provides color swatch management feature
  • Optimized specifically for dropshippers
  • Update Shopify’s latest features
  • Offers rich product discovery features including mega menu, back to top button, infinite scroll, sticky header
  • Mobile-friendly

Things To Keep in Mind When Choosing Shopify Theme for SEO

Although SEO is a comprehensive effort and your theme is just one piece of the puzzle, choosing a Shopify theme that meets all the SEO factors is essential for your store’s ranking on SERPs.

In fact, Shopify themes released and upgraded in recent times are guaranteed to be SEO-friendly. However, to choose the best Shopify theme for SEO, you need to consider many different factors to ensure your online store is well-optimized for search engines. Some important things to keep in mind include:

Considerations for selecting an SEO-friendly Shopify theme

  • Responsiveness: Because Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites. So make sure you choose a Shopify theme that is responsive and provides a great user experience across a variety of devices, including tablets, laptops, and mobile phones.
  • Page speed: Speed is an important ranking factor for search engines. Choose a theme optimized for fast loading times. You can use Google – PageSpeed Insights to check your theme’s performance.
  • Image optimization: Choose a Shopify theme that supports image optimization features like lazy loading, image compression, and responsive images to improve page load times, an important SEO factor.
  • User experience and design: The theme should have a clear and user-friendly design to enhance the overall user experience. Clear navigation and well-organized content can positively influence SEO.
  • Customization options: Ensure the theme allows for easy customization of essential on-page SEO elements, such as title tags, meta descriptions, and alt text for images. Customization options should be available for product pages, collection pages, and blog posts.

Develop Your Own Shopify Theme Now

Although Shopify themes offer a full range of features and styles, their downside is that you can’t actively customize the technique, and they’re high-maintenance. The best solution is to ask for help from reputable e-commerce service providers to develop a unique Shopify theme for your store.

Mageplaza, part of Avada Commerce, is one of the leading Shopify development and custom development service providers on the market. With nearly 10 years of experience, Mageplaza’s team of Shopify experts ensures they have all the necessary skills and expertise to develop a pixel-perfect Shopify theme for your business at the most reasonable cost.

Mageplaza offers a robust Shopify Theme Development service, supporting merchants from making small tweaks to an existing Shopify theme to developing a Shopify theme from scratch, based on your requirements. 

Services and advantages of utilizing Mageplaza’s Shopify Theme Development

All custom Shopify themes are guaranteed by experts to deliver advanced features and functionalities not found in standard Shopify themes, which in turn, help improve the overall performance of your store. Specifically, the Shopify Theme Development services that Mageplaza provides include:

  • Shopify theme development
  • Customize your Shopify theme
  • Shopify web design
  • Pixel-perfect Shopify themes
  • Responsive Shopify theme
  • Develop PSD theme to Shopify

When you use Mageplaza’s Shopify Theme Development service, you can receive benefits such as:

  • Mentorship from a team of experienced developers with extensive knowledge of Shopify’s theme engine, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Offers many Shopify theme customization options
  • Shopify themes are designed to be responsive on any device, whether it’s a desktop, tablet or smartphone
  • Shopify themes are optimized for fast load times
  • Shopify themes are designed with SEO in mind
  • Experience best practices, the latest technology, and robust and reliable solutions
  • Ensures quick Shopify theme launch time
  • Optimize implementation costs
  • Support maintenance and update services

No matter how big or small your store is, Mageplaza can help you stand out and establish a strong brand identity. From there, achieve your e-commerce goals with Shopify Theme Development service.



Overall, choosing the best Shopify theme for SEO is the first step in getting your store ranked on search engines. During the process of choosing a theme, besides unique designs, you also need to pay attention to SEO aspects based on factors, such as page speed, mobile friendliness, and customization features.

Once your store has an SEO-rich Shopify theme, it can bring many benefits, such as retaining customers, increasing conversion rates, and boosting store revenue. So, hopefully the 25 SEO-friendly Shopify themes discussed in this article will provide you with useful suggestions in the process of building and growing your online store.

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