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  • 3 Creative name ideas for your Loyalty Program

    It is common to see several couples thinking about beautiful names for their babies even they just got pregnant for a few months. In other words, people are often obsessed by names as they believe that a name can strongly affect the first impression and feeling only by hearing the name.

  • 3 Case studies of outstanding Reward Programs

    Since the market has been increasingly competitive, several online merchants are struggling in deploying an effective loyalty program to build customer retention among buyers. A loyalty program is necessary for business doers as it helps to remain a sustainable number of customers to make purchases at stores. In other words, loyalty program pays the way for the continuous revenues for a business.

  • How to create a Loyalty Program in Magento 2

    That the job market is increasingly competitive drives marketers in a rush to gain as much attention from consumers as possible. Along with impressive marketing campaigns, online marketers also see a great need of raising customer retention for their businesses. However, not all online merchants can obtain success from their campaigns to gain customer loyalty that may adversely affects general revenues of those stores. Since the importance of having an effective loyalty for the success of any companies is undeniable, in this post, I want to recommend 3 tips for business doers when launching a loyalty program.

  • How to start Loyalty Program for Magento 2

    Table of content What is Loyalty Program How your store benefits from Loyalty Program? Features in Loyalty Program extension Point-based system Flexible point label Set up the point validation Point Spending slider Point Indicators

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