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  • 5 Ways to drive customer loyalty with the best app experience

    Customer loyalty is like a Fixed Deposit box for every organization. It pays when your brands need a penultimate customer association. The reason why this FD of yours starts deteriorating is going too aggressively. Check the below tweet, where a customer emphasizes why he would switch to a different streaming service due to aggressive marketing campaigns.

  • Customer Segmentation: A Comprehensive Guide to Increase Sales

    Table of Contents

  • What is a Workflow? Types, Examples & Guide?

    Do you know that inefficiencies make businesses lose 20-30% in revenue every year? Well, a pretty significant figure, huh?

  • Positioning in Marketing: Definition, Types, Examples, Benefits & How to

    Let’s think about it: there are thousands of companies out there, many of which offer the same products, promise similar results, and are generally positioned the same in the market.

  • What is a Push Notification? The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

    If you’ve got a mobile application, you might have received push notifications at least once.

  • How to Use Ecommerce Metrics to Boost Sales?

    Is your business on the right track, or are you stuck scratching your head as you look at ecommerce metrics? With the wealth of tools and data, it can be hard to determine what’s useful and what’s not. To help you do a little light analysis and laser-focus on what’s important, we’re presenting five of the top considerations for your ecommerce site. While we will have some averages for things like cart abandonment, your goal is to use this data to understand your current customers and what they want. From there, experiment, test, and grow.

  • What is Seeding?

    If you google “what is seeding in marketing?”, you might get hardly any 100% matched result. Indeed, it’s never been a top-searched marketing term on Google. However, brands and companies are carrying out seeding campaigns every day on the internet. If you are a marketer or a business owner, you cannot ignore this trend.

  • FOMO Marketing Techniques to rocket sales

    Have you ever browsed Facebook during a night of losing sleep only to see pictures of your friends partying, and that filled you with anxiety because you’re missing out all the fun? If you have, you have experienced FOMO.

  • 25 eCommerce companies use social proof successfully

    Imagine yourself as a customer and wondering what to choose between two similar products, how would you decide? On the left hand, you have an item with positive reviews and a friend’s recommendation. On the right hand, you have an item with no feedback at all. The answer is pretty clear, and that is why so many eCommerce companies use social proof to attract customers.

  • 10 Ways to Create FOMO in Marketing

    FOMO is one of the most popular techniques when it comes to marketing, so you must have heard of it; Fear Of Missing Out. So, what does FOMO mean to us as humans? And, what is FOMO marketing?

  • AI Marketing: What, Why and How to use Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

    It’s no surprise that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is leading the way in almost every industry it is adopted. The latest statistics show that current AI technology can boost business productivity by up to 40%.

  • How to build an Effective Loyalty Program?

    Special holidays are a great time for the e-commerce stores to give back to their loyal customers with special deals and incentives, which shows the appreciation to the trustworthy shoppers, and works as a bridge to maintain and develop the relationship with the valued customers. In addition, at the aspect of the business, launching loyalty programs with the right strategies is a powerful way to motivate purchase decisions, increase conversion rate and drive revenue, especially in holiday seasons. Take a closer to loyalty programs, their effectiveness and advice for your business.

  • The Best Incentive: Free Shipping

    Shipping is considered to be a critical stage for any successful transaction between buyers and sellers. Has your store ever consider to offer a free shipping service? Will it help your store increase conversion rate? Will this tactic work to boost conversion rates during the holiday season? Or maybe totally contrast, it can damage your business turnover, make your product price unappealing with an extra fee to cover the shipping fee. And if it works, how can you make the customer pay attention to this offer? You need to make it appear everywhere in your sites to prevent customers from missing this wonderful opportunity.


    Over the recent decades, buyers have been introduced daily deals, today offers, one-day discounts, flash sale campaigns and a lot more which, consequently, causes a remarkable shift in the way how customers respond to offers. An increasing number of buyers admitted making a final purchase if products were on sale. People are getting more willing to jump right into offers in the belief that these “bargains” will last throughout the holiday season. As a result, online businesses strive to take advantage of this special kind of offers to boost sales.

  • Business Intelligence Market Research with E-commerce business growth

    Table of Contents Business Intelligence Market Research Introduction What is Business Intelligence? What is Market Research? E-commerce and the changing face of business The role of Business Intelligence and Analytics in online commerce 1. Benchmarking and peer analysis: 2.Data visualization: 3.Supply chain management: 4.Market segmentation and analysis: 5.SMAC: Conclusion

  • 50+ AI Terms Every Digital Marketing Professional Should Know in 2024

    Suddenly, artificial intelligence (AI) took a prevalent position in the world of digitalisation. If we look a few decades back when scientists were talking about artificial intelligence, was looking like a dream.

  • SWOT Analysis for Businesses

    There is a time when everyone has to make important decisions that require them to put a lot of thought into it. If you are a business decision-maker, you will have to make more critical decisions for your business. It’s essential to consider different relevant factors to make your decisions the wisest and most objective. The more important the decisions are, the more careful you need to be.

  • PEST Analysis in Marketing

    When you are trying to decide if an idea or strategy is feasible for your business, you need to consider all the factors that can impact your business, both positively and negatively. You will need to define the pros and cons of a project or idea - things that make your success and failure. It’s time to do a PEST or PESTLE Analysis.

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