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New Partnership Announcement: Mageplaza and Elogic Commerce

Mageplaza is glad to announce our strategic partnership with Elogic Commerce, one of the most dedicated and outstanding Magento Development company in the industry. With the sets of goals in common, Mageplaza and Elogic Commerce will strive to work towards valuable ideas and provide innovative solutions for customers through up-coming cognitive collaboration offerings.

What to look forwards to in this partnership?

Mageplaza & Elogic Commerce partnership
Mageplaza & Elogic Commerce partnership

Mageplaza and Elogic Commerce share a common goal in providing the most useful solutions that enable customers to solve any problem regarding their Magento eCommerce store. Therefore, through this partnership, both Mageplaza and Elogic Commerce will have opportunities to reach out to more customers who are in their time of need to provide relevant and useful solutions.

Backed by professionals and expertise in Magento industry, we create and ensure consistent quality news to the Magento community. In both Mageplaza and Elogic Commerce, you can find whatever solutions to build a top-quality site for online commerce along with enthusiastic support.

In up-coming partnership projects, we would like to support customers with the most cost-effective and practical solutions. Customers can get appealing offerings from both Mageplaza and Elogic Commerce when purchasing our products and services. More than that, we promise to continue delivering consistent support for technical issues or any eCommerce related problem whenever customers need it.

About Elogic Commerce


Elogic Commerce
Elogic Commerce

Elogic Commerce, based in Ukraine since 2009, is a Certified Magento Development agency committed to helping you outgrow, outperform, and outshine your competition. The company committed to providing high-quality solutions covering all website development needs of online businesses. With the significant experience with Magento, Elogic Commerce helps customers build a seamless Magento website with the bug-free operation and up-to-date functionalities.

With over ten years of services, Elogic Commerce has become a trustworthy partner with many large and small retail brands across a wide range of fields, including clothes, food, cosmetics, air conditioning, and more.

Outstanding products & services

  • Upgrade Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • Hire dedicated Magento developers
  • Implement third-party integrations for a Magento store
  • Build a Magento B2C or B2B store from scratch
  • Provide technical support and maintenance for an existing Magento store
  • Develop custom modules to add new functionality to a Magento store
  • Provide an audit of eCommerce website performance and security, and do a code review to improve the website maintainability

Connect with Elogic Commerce

  • Website:
  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:

About Mageplaza



Mageplaza is a leading Magento extension provider dedicated to providing customers with top-quality solutions and consistent support. With over five years of experience, Mageplaza’s proud to bring more than 165 extensions and feature-packed eCommerce solutions to customers around the world.

Mageplaza not only attempts to produce innovative solutions that address customers’ needs but also provide consistent support. We’re open to talk with customers, listen to you, understand your pain, and strive to help you solve every problem.

Outstanding products & services

We work on developing extensions that cover all aspects of Magento eCommerce website:

Connect with Mageplaza

Looking forward to new collaborative projects!

Through this exciting partnership, both Mageplaza and Elogic Commerce will have opportunities to provide valuable products and services to more customers. We are planning to launch partnership programs that are beneficial to our customers. Stay tuned for it!

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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