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Shopify Plus API: Overview & How It Enhances Your Ecommerce Business

Shopify Plus is an enterprise-grade solution offered by Shopify, designed specifically for large, high-growth businesses looking for a powerful e-commerce platform. Focused on scalability, Shopify Plus provides a powerful and customizable framework capable of handling high transaction volumes and complex business requirements.

However, in order to thrive in the cutthroat world of online shopping, retailers want more than simply an e-commerce platform. They are constantly looking for creative solutions to enhance their online presence and streamline operations. That’s when support tools like API appear as a universal key to help businesses unlock their e-commerce capabilities.

So, in this article, we’ll dive into the intricacies of the Shopify Plus API, explore its features, and the countless ways it can enhance your ecommerce business. Through this, you can understand how this API serves as a catalyst for innovation, efficiency, and scalability in the highly competitive e-commerce sector.

What is Shopify Plus API?

Shopify Plus API serves as an important gateway for businesses operating on the Shopify Plus enterprise-level platform. It provides a powerful framework to scale and optimize merchants’ e-commerce operations, enabling them to communicate and exchange data seamlessly between Shopify Plus and external applications.

More specifically, this powerful application programming interface allows you to extend and customize your e-commerce operations, enable integration with third-party tools, automate key processes, and enhance overall functionality. 

Concept of Shopify Plus API

In addition, through a RESTful architecture, the Shopify Plus API allows developers to access and manipulate data, create custom workflows, and provide specialized solutions to fulfill the unique requirements of big, intricate companies.

Key Features and Functionalities of The Shopify Plus API

The Shopify Plus API provides flexible features and functionality for businesses looking to scale and customize their e-commerce operations to stay competitive in the rapidly growing online marketplace. Some key aspects include:

Shopify Plus API functionality

  • Access and manipulate data: APIs allow businesses to access and manipulate important data in the Shopify Plus platform, including product information, customer details, orders, and inventory.
  • Integration with third-party apps: You can seamlessly integrate the Shopify Plus platform with third-party apps and services, expanding functionality and creating a cohesive ecosystem that fits your specific needs.
  • Custom workflows: Developers can leverage API to create custom workflows tailored to their business’s requirements. This includes automating order fulfillment, inventory management, and customer communications processes.
  • Access to Plus-specific features: The Shopify Plus API provides access to features exclusive to the Shopify Plus plan, including advanced automation tools, Launchpad for managing product launches and flash sales, as well as other enterprise-class capabilities.
  • Supports globalization: Businesses operating on a global scale can leverage API to manage multiple storefronts, languages, and currencies, ensuring a consistent and relevant experience across a wide customer base of different goods.
  • Secure payments: The API complies with industry-standard security measures, protecting sensitive customer and transaction data. It is made to meet PCI DSS requirements for safe payment handling.

Advantages of Using The Shopify Plus API

The Shopify Plus API serves as a catalyst for ecommerce success. It provides a strategic advantage by allowing you to create more personalized, streamlined, and efficient ecommerce. Below is a summary of the biggest benefits it can bring to your store:

Benefits of Shopify Plus API

  • Customization and flexibility: With the high degree of customization provided by the Shopify Plus API, companies can modify their e-commerce solutions to fit particular needs. This flexibility is important for large enterprises with unique workflows and complex business processes.
  • Seamless integration: Businesses can seamlessly integrate the Shopify Plus platform with third-party apps and services using APIs. This integration streamlines processes, enhances functionality, and creates a cohesive ecosystem to manage different aspects of the business.
  • Automated workflows: Businesses can automate crucial procedures like order fulfillment, inventory control, and customer communications with the Shopify Plus API. This automation increases productivity and lowers the possibility of mistakes in manual procedures.
  • Advanced payment customization: The Script Editor feature in the API allows businesses to customize the payment process, creating a personalized and optimized customer experience. This level of customization can positively impact conversion rates and user satisfaction.

Notably, Shopify Plus offers increased API rate limits compared to the standard Shopify plan. This means that communication between your store system and Shopify Plus is guaranteed to be faster and more efficient. Thanks to that, your data synchronization process will happen faster with a streamlined process and reduced waiting time for your customers.

Various APIs are Available in Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus has various APIs allowing developers to interact and extend the platform’s functionality. These APIs cater to various aspects of e-commerce businesses, from store management to customizing customer experiences. Here are some examples:

  • REST Admin API: This API allows developers to interact with Shopify Plus store administrators and perform actions such as retrieving product details, managing orders, and updating customer information.
  • Storefront API: The Storefront API is designed to build custom shopping experiences across different platforms. It allows developers to retrieve product details, manage shopping carts, and create personalized storefronts.
  • Payments API: Payments API provides a secure and streamlined way to process payments, making the payment process smooth and efficient. This API allows you to highlight specific shipping methods, hide or rearrange shipping options, and modify payment options to create a personalized and seamless checkout process.
  • Bulk Operations API: This API allows asynchronous processing of large data sets and operations. It is very useful for updating product information or processing large orders.

How to Effectively Use The Shopify Plus API for Your Store

Once you can fully utilize the power of the Shopify Plus API, your business will be taken to the next level. Making good use of this tool will enable your store to grow and offer a distinctive shopping experience that distinguishes your company in the crowded e-commerce market.

If you’re just starting out or want to improve your knowledge, check out the tips below to help you navigate your online store journey.

Tips for using the Shopify Plus API

Understand Your Business Requirements

Before diving into API integration, you need to thoroughly understand your business requirements. You might consider identifying areas where automation, customization, or integration with external systems can improve efficiency and user experience.

Let’s look at a typical example to illustrate the importance of understanding business requirements using the Shopify Plus API.

Case: Custom order fulfillment process

Business context: Your high-volume ecommerce business runs on Shopify Plus, specializing in personalized and made-to-order products. Your standard order fulfillment process includes a series of customizations, approvals, and production steps before shipping.

Business requirements:

  • Adjustment approval process:
  • Custom products require design team approval before production.
  • Approval includes reviewing customer specifications and ensuring they meet quality standards.
  • Integration with production software:
  • Once approved, orders need to be seamlessly integrated with manufacturing software to begin production.
  • Production status updates will reflect in real-time on your Shopify Plus store.
  • Communicate with customers:
  • Customers will receive automatic updates at key stages, such as order approval, production start, and shipping.
  • Provides a customer portal to track the status of their custom orders.

After understanding these business requirements, your ecommerce business decides to leverage the Shopify Plus API to create an optimal custom fulfillment process as follows:

  1. Custom approval process: Use the REST admin API to retrieve order details and create custom apps for your design team to review and approve orders directly from the Shopify Plus admin interface.
  2. Integration with production software: Implement custom webhooks to trigger events in production software whenever an order is approved. This ensures seamless data transfer between systems.
  3. Real-time production updates: Use the batch operations API to process large data sets efficiently, updating the production status on your Shopify store in real-time.
  • Communicate with customers:
  • Deploy custom scripts using the Script Editor to automatically communicate with customers, sending personalized order status updates via email or SMS.
  • Leverage the Storefront API to create a customer portal on your website where customers can track the status of their custom orders.

As you can see, by understanding your business requirements, you can use the Shopify Plus API strategically to create the right solution that meets your specific needs and improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The API Resources Needed to Develop A Shopify Plus Store

Developing a Shopify Plus store focused on API integration requires businesses to focus their technical resources and secure specific expertise. Shopify has developed many useful resources for developers who want to build custom apps. These resources ensure smooth development and successful integration with the Shopify Plus platform.

So, for Shopify Plus merchants, it’s crucial to learn and become familiar with the available API resources. Here are the key API-related resources you need to develop a Shopify Plus store:

  • API documentation: Get familiar with the Shopify API documentation, especially the sections related to the Shopify App API, REST Admin API, and GraphQL Admin API. This document provides detailed information on interacting with the Shopify API and building effective integrations.
  • Multipass: Multipass is a single sign-on (SSO) solution specifically for Shopify Plus. It allows customers to log in once to different websites. 

For example, you are a global business that operates multiple stores serving different regions or product lines. By embedding the Multipass token into the URLs of your web pages, you can allow your customers to access any of your storefronts without having to log in separately for each store.

  • Gift Card API: Shopify Plus’s gift card API plays an important role in helping merchants seamlessly manage and customize the gift card experience in their online stores. 

For example, you can leverage the Gift Card API to implement a unique feature, allowing customers to redeem gift cards across channels or platforms. The capabilities of this API can also extend to tasks such as checking balances, activating or deactivating cards, and other management functions.

Updates and Improvements in The Shopify Plus API

Ultimately, the most important thing to help you take full advantage of the Shopify Plus API’s capabilities is to keep them updated and improved. Tech companies like Shopify regularly release updates and improvements to their APIs to enhance functionality, security, and overall user experience. This will help businesses build their store applications bigger and more efficiently.

For example, Shopify recently introduced the latest updated version of its Subscriptions API. In this new version, Shopify allows developers to integrate applications with Shopify Checkout to further enhance the customer experience.

Use The API to Develop Shopify Plus with The Help of Mageplaza

After reviewing the features and benefits of the Shopify Plus API, if you’re still thinking about whether to use it or don’t know how to use it, give Mageplaza a chance to build your business.

Mageplaza, a component of Avada Commerce, takes great satisfaction in being one of the industry’s top providers of Shopify development and custom development services. With almost ten years of experience, Mageplaza’s team of Shopify professionals can guarantee that they have the knowledge and abilities required to fully utilize Shopify API resources to grow your company.

Mageplaza's Shopify API integration service

For the purpose of automating processes and facilitating the seamless connection of your Shopify store with other platforms and systems, Mageplaza provides strong Shopify API interfaces. Mageplaza offers Shopify API integration services, such as:

  • Integrated inventory management
  • Shopify shipping API integration
  • Marketing integration
  • Integrated customer relationship management
  • Social media integration
  • Integrate accounting and bookkeeping
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Report integration
  • CMS integration

Benefits of utilizing Mageplaza’s Shopify API integration service include:

  • Mentorship from industry-leading e-commerce and API integration experts
  • Experience best practices, the latest technology, and robust and reliable solutions
  • Ensures quick implementation time
  • Free 24/7 support for two months from Mageplaza’s support team
  • Optimize implementation costs

Mageplaza’s robust Shopify API connections can assist you in reaching your e-commerce objectives regardless of the size of your store.



In summary, the Shopify Plus API is a potent instrument that greatly expands the potential of e-commerce companies using the Shopify Plus platform. You can easily connect, personalize, and optimize your online stores to match the distinct demands of your clients thanks to its broad range of capabilities.

Constant enhancements and modifications guarantee that the Shopify Plus API stays at the forefront of e-commerce innovation, adjusting to market trends and offering a strong platform for companies to prosper in the always changing digital environment. 

Hopefully the useful information in this article has given you a clearer view of the features and benefits of the Shopify Plus API. Leverage them to help your business begin its journey toward an enhanced ecommerce experience and achieve success in the age of digital commerce. 




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