Top 10+ Magento 2 PWA Extensions from Mageplaza

These extensions are READY to PWA projects. All theses extensions include REST API / GraphQL and PWA package. These packages are developed based on Magento PWA Studio and Venia theme by Magento.

What is PWA?

What is PWA?

PWA is, put it simply, a modern technology that creates an app-like experience for mobile users. Still a web but feels like an app, PWA has been widely used in e-commerce recently.

Users can install PWA by accessing the website via a normal browser and click on the “Add to home screen” button under the setting section to stick the icon of the website on the home screen. Once installing the PWA, they can quickly open the website by simply clicking on its icon. This totally outranks the native apps which must be installed from app stores.

The Importance of PWA Technology

According to Oberlo, mobile commerce is projected to reach almost three quarter-fourths of e-commerce sales globally in 2021. Google has also highlighted the benefit of PWA toward on mobile storefront speed. As a result, stores should invest in mobile users more than ever to attract and retain customers. PWA, therefore, will continue to be an ideal technology for approaching m-commerce and increase revenue for all online businesses.

How does PWA technology benefit your Magento business?

Convenience: access PWA websites with one click from the home screen
Simplicity: PWA can be built with common web technologies
Cost-saving: PWA development costs less than native app development
Responsiveness: PWA creates a smooth and frictionless website
Speed: PWA technology enables lightning-fast speed on loading on mobile screens
Offline accessibility: PWA websites can work offline, eg., load the pre-loaded content or let customers add products to the cart
SEO-friendly: PWA websites have great chances to rank high on search engines
Push-notifications: website can use push notifications to re-engage customers

Magento PWA Extensions

magento pwa extensions

What are Magento PWA extensions?

Magento PWA extensions are add-ons to the original Magento extensions. PWA extensions are developed for the installation in the PWA version of online stores. Developers create these modules based on Magento PWA Studio standards and fill functional features in. For example, the Magento PWA Blog extension will not only allow admins to create and manage a blog right from the backend but also customize the blog page design so that it looks beautiful on mobile screens.

Where to Get Magento PWA Extensions?

With the enormous demand for PWA compatibility, many solution providers have developed PWA-compatible solutions that are entirely convenient and cost-effective. One of the outstanding PWA extension creators is Mageplaza. With the ambition to help all Magento stores to thrive on an ever-changing e-commerce landscape, Mageplaza constantly upgrades our modules to support PWA-compatibility free of charge.

Benefits of Mageplaza Magento PWA Extensions

Mageplaza magento pwa extension

Mageplaza provides an extensive collection of PWA extensions that allows you to effectively adapt your preferred features to the Magento PWA website. With any of these ready-to-use PWA solutions, you can speed up the implementation process, reduce the cost of developing everything from scratch while still ensuring the quality and user experience of your website.

Follow Magento PWA Studio Standards

Mageplaza PWA extensions development strictly follow Magento PWA Studio standards. This will make the extension installation easy and get rid of bug fixing while the store admin is running the website. If you install a set of related PWA extensions from one provide such as Mageplaza, you can easily connect the extension piece by piece and get them to work simultaneously.

Reduce PWA Development Cost

While the cost for a new PWA Magento store can vary from $3000 to $70,000+ US dollars, you actually can use pre-made PWA extensions to reduce the investment in developing the website functionalities. You can save a significant amount of money by employing third-party Magento PWA-compatible extensions such as our PWA extensions.

Improve Mobile Shopping Experiences & Boost Mobile Sales

PWA extensions play an important part in establishing impressive customer experiences for your store. In details, they revamp the mobile version of your website in the following ways:

Responsive: mobile-friendly website design for customers of all screen sizes or web browsers
Reliable: frictionless loading, uninterrupted loading even without the network connection (navigation, add to cart, etc.)
Fast loading speed: smooth visual components such as animations or images, jank-free scrolling
Engaging: one-touch access, push notifications for customers