Magento 2 PWA Extensions

Our Magento 2 PWA (Progressive Web Apps) extensions help stores create an app-like experience for mobile users. With our solutions, you can speed up the implementation process, reduce the cost of developing, and ensuring the user experience of your website

Recommended extensions for PWA Ready


Gift Card Extension for Magento 2

Design and generate personalized e-gift cards for your e-commerce stores with beautiful pre-made templates. Multiple features which help you sell gift certificates more and easily. Learn more


Reward Points for Magento 2

Helps your store build an ultimate customer loyalty systems with smart reward points rules. Personalize your rewards to make customers want to stick around. Learn more


Free Gifts for Magento 2

Works as a sales tactics but also performs amazing as a marketing tool too. Get this extension if you want to boost sales and promote new products at the same time. Learn more

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What is PWA?

PWA is a modern technology that creates an app-like experience for mobile users. eCommerce businesses can use this technology to make their website feel like an app, enhancing the buying experience. Customers can also add an icon of the website to the phone’s home screen, having quick access without installing a native app.

Why should you use our Magento 2 PWA extensions?

Mobile commerce is going to be an essential part of global eCommerce, so stores should more than ever invest in a good mobile performance to attract and retain customers. Understanding that we provide extensions with PWA technologies to help you increase revenue through:

Convenience: access PWA websites with one click from the home screen
Simplicity: PWA can be built with common web technologies
Cost-saving: PWA development costs less than native app development
Responsiveness: PWA creates a smooth and frictionless website
Speed: PWA technology enables lightning-fast speed on loading on mobile screens
Offline accessibility: PWA websites can work offline, eg., load the pre-loaded content or let customers add products to the cart
SEO-friendly: PWA websites have great chances to rank high on search engines
Push-notifications: Website can use push notifications to re-engage customers

Mageplaza’s Magento 2 PWA extensions

Mageplaza provides an extensive collection of PWA extensions that allows you to effectively adapt your preferred features to the Magento PWA website. With our ready-to-use PWA solutions, you can speed up the implementation process, reduce the cost of developing everything from scratch while still ensuring the quality and user experience of your website.

  • Follow Magento PWA Studio standards: We strictly follow Magento PWA Studio standards to make the extension installation easy and get rid of bug fixing while the store admin is running the website. If you install a set of related PWA extensions from one provider such as Mageplaza, you can easily connect the extension piece by piece and get them to work simultaneously.
  • Reduce PWA development cost: While the cost for a new PWA Magento store can vary from $3000 to $70,000+ US dollars, our pre-made PWA extensions reduce the investment in developing the website functionalities. You can save a significant amount of money by employing our Magento PWA-compatible extensions.
  • Improve mobile shopping experiences & boost mobile sales: PWA extensions play an important part in establishing impressive customer experiences for your store. In detail, they revamp the mobile version of your website to make it responsive, reliable, fast-loading, and engaging.

Our list of PWA extensions includes Magento 2 Reward Points, Automatic Related Products, Gift Card, Better Blog, Size Chart, FAQ, Store Credit, and Free Gifts. We constantly upgrade our extensions to support PWA compatibility free of charge, so don't worry your mobile commerce experience ever getting outdated.