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  • 8 reasons you need Mageplaza Order Management Suite

    Due to the growing expectation of customers and market competitiveness, e-commerce merchants are investing huge amounts of resources in order to build an effective order management process. This effort can bring extra efficiency, additional profits, and more opportunities in the future.

  • How to Make a Complete Brand Strategy? A to Z Guide

    In today’s fast-paced and digitally-driven society, the Internet provides us with convenience and instant gratification, making the human touch increasingly more scarce.

  • What is Market Positioning? Strategy, Examples

    Today’s business world is featured by high competition among thousands of businesses in the same industry. Modern customers have easier access to information than ever before, making them more discerning. In such an environment, marketing has a significant role in ensuring that businesses develop their market share and stay relevant.

  • 3 Things to Consider When Selling Your eCommerce Business

    If nothing else, the coronavirus pandemic has shone a light on the underlying value of eCommerce. Online shopping has never been more popular, and even once the world resumes some semblance of normalcy, indications are that consumer behavior has shifted permanently. It should therefore come as no surprise that the market is now rich with fully-capitalized investors looking to purchase an eCommerce business of their own.

  • 20 Best Trustworthy Online Marketing Agencies

    If you’re not content with your current marketing campaign, you need some support for a new plan, or you just want to hear some consultancy, an online marketing agency can offer you the assistance that you need.

  • What is Brand Equity?

    The competitiveness of the market has changed customer’s behaviors and the decision to make a purchase. Businesses have been focusing more on brand equity rather than just concentrating on the quality of products. It makes brand equity become one of the most significant assets of each business. Companies are trying to find the best strategies to build positive and powerful brand equity.

  • What is an Executive Summary? Definition, Components, Tips

    Whether you’re a business owner looking for investors for your small company, or the CEO of a large corporation, a business plan is a critical component for long-term growth and contributes a lot to your success.

  • What is SaaS? Top 10 SaaS Examples & Trends

    Every business faces the same challenge: to generate a consistent profit while continually growing and improving customer satisfaction. The way businesses reach this goal has changed a lot in recent years, especially with software at the core of business success.

  • What are Net Sales? How to Calculate Your Net Sales

    Understanding financial metrics is one of the most critical things while setting up any business plan, no matter if it is short-term or long-term. Business owners never ignore their financial operations and the bottom line, as they know, just a minor mistake can make them lose a great deal of money.

  • How has Covid Impacted Ecommerce?

    It is safe to say that COVID 19 has proved to be a huge turning event for businesses, small and large alike. Regardless of whether the impact has been big or small, the fact that changes are happening across all business domains is mostly certain.

  • What Type of Fraud Prevention Does Your E-Commerce Business Need?

    E-commerce merchants may think they’re too small or too niche or too unknown to be the victim of fraud. But today, fraudsters prey on businesses of all sizes and in all verticals, and they’re becoming increasingly sophisticated about the way they design and launch their attacks. Fraud prevention is the first step in being proactive with an e-commerce business.

  • What is Adjusted Gross Income? And How to Calculate?

    As long as you do something to earn money, then you have to report several different types of income. It is critical to understand the concept of adjusted gross income when preparing your own tax return. Adjusted gross income is known as a determining factor for many tax rules and privileges.

  • How to start an Online Bussiness?

    Do you know that multi-billion-dollar brand Virgroup, now operating in industries ranging from aerospace to communications, was started in the late 1960s by Richard Branson when he was a teenager with a nose for entrepreneurship? Only 200$ and his wits, that amazing story has been a powerful motivation for anyone who dreams about build their empire or just start their own business.

  • What is gross income? Business gross income & individual gross income

    Gross income is one of the most crucial financial concepts you have to learn either when starting a business or working as an employee. Gross income is a metric that is used to evaluate a company or calculate taxes.

  • What is International Business?

    Nowadays, in the age of globalization, most companies want to expand their market abroad. Taking your brand overseas can bring many advantages, benefits, and perks. However, many companies fail in their international expansion journey for several reasons but principally because they have not prepared as well as they could.

  • Rising Trend of Subscription Business Model in eCommerce

    Subscription Commerce is growing at an exponential rate. According to research conducted by McKinsey & Company, 15% of online buyers have signed up for one or more subscription services. That’s a really big number — considering the projected number of online shoppers as 2.14 billion by 2021.

  • Business Plan

    No matter if you are running a pizza store, a flower shop, a factory, or an online business, you might have been told a lot of times that “you need to have a solid plan.” Perhaps you’ve heard “all successful companies own a business plan.” Or maybe, “if you want to attract potential investors, you need a business plan.”

  • Top 10 IoT Trends That Can Guide Your Business Decisions

    In this digital era, Internet-of-things or IoT is one of the most talked technologies. With the advent of the new year, more and more tech enthusiasts and businesses are looking at the latest trends in the internet of things 2021. In this blog, we will look at emerging trends in IoT and how this technology is gonna affect you this year. Before starting, let’s have a look at some facts and figures about IoT:

  • An A-Z Guide for Entrepreneurs to Start a Business

    Announcing the start of business means getting yourself prepared for a massive amount of work waiting ahead. Being a business owner is taking a step into the risk and return trade-off. The path for a finished business formation unfurls with horns, and entrepreneurs have to overcome those hindrances to trade for flowers. Recent business failure statistics have indicated the competitiveness and trickiness of this particular market. Still, higher risks can bring about higher returns and broaden the opportunity range at the end of the tunnel.

  • 6 Steps to Define your Internal Resources: What Can You Sell?

    Starting an online business has never been easy, but deeply understanding your internal resources can help run your company more smoothly. It is necessary to be aware of what factors you can control which affect your strategy and decision-making process of selling products. Therefore, examining all capabilities within your business will better equip you to grow a prosperous one.

  • Understanding Of Micro And Macro Factors That Affect Your Business

    Table of contents What is the micro-environment? What is the macro-environment? Micro-environment factors: Customers Suppliers Resellers Competitors The general public Macro-environment factors Economic factors Demographic forces Technological factors Natural and physical forces Political and legal forces Social and cultural forces SWOT analysis In Summation

  • 10 Steps to Start a Small Business Online


  • What Are Internal & External Environmental Factors That Affect Business

    If a business wants to be successful in the marketplace, it is necessary for them to fully understand what factors exert impact on the development of their company. Once they know about both positive and negative effects within and outside the company, they can produce suitable strategies to handle any predicted situation. Therefore, examining internal and external factors is considered the most important task for an enterprise before launch any strategic marketing plan.

  • Top 10 Analytical Tools for Business Analysis

    Business Analysis is popular to many company owners with the functions to analyze, examine data, and figure out the most appropriate plan or priority for the company to achieve their goals. There are several statistical analysis software used to support businessmen to perform a business analysis faster and easier. Here are 10 most effective analytical tools used in analyzing process of a business that you can take into your account.

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