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  • Your Guide to Visual Content Marketing

    The past year has had a significant impact on the type of content audiences are consuming. In fact, visual content seems to be gaining more and more fans, with video being the primary type of media used by companies. The reason visual content is being used more often is simple.

  • The COMPLETE Guide to Content Marketing Strategy

    The essence of consumers’ actions when they research something online is to fulfill a particular need. It can be entertainment, shopping or learning a new language, etc.

  • How to Write Long-Form Content SEO Ecommerce for Your Online Store

    Modern customers have a short attention span so that eCommerce business owners tend to believe that short-form content always works better. But it’s not quite so. Long-form content like 1,500+ words articles, detailed how-to guides, and whitepapers are also essential for online stores. Do you wonder whether it’s worth investing in long-form content? Keep reading to know the answer.

  • How to Become a Writer: 8 Steps and Writing Jobs to Consider

    If you have aspirations of becoming a writer, there are numerous avenues open to you, depending on your interests and talents. The writing profession offers diverse opportunities, from crafting literary works to contributing articles to newspapers or developing scripts for television and film.

  • 32+ Best Content Marketing Books for every content marketer

    2021 brought to us a long time of quarantine, and it’s such a great opportunity to create new habits, start a new hobby, or learn something valuable to improve yourself. Reading is such a natural act of social distancing and also a great way to make yourself smarter and more knowledgeable in the field you are working in.

  • What is a Press Release? 8 Tips for Writing an Active Press Release

    About ten years ago, people still relied heavily on morning papers for news. Nowadays, they just need to hold their mobile devices, scan headlines on Twitter, and see what’s trending in their Facebook feed, even when they’re lying in their beds.

  • How to design content for better user experiences?

    Going backdate and fitting content to the design seems like Cindrella’s sisters fitting their feet to her shoes. However, content and design are extremely important to create a powerful website. But the question is what needs to be done at first? Creating the content or the design. I mean without the right content in place, all that well-planned and laid out design and development will be of no use. It will all be a waste of time.

  • Best Time to Start Content Optimization and Delivery for Your Ecommerce

    In the middle of one of the biggest crises to hit America in the last century, you might ask why 2021 is the best time to start content optimization for your e-commerce. It’s a fair question; everyone from small business owners to CMOs and CEOs is busy fighting for the survival of their companies, and content optimization doesn’t sound like a critical task.

  • User-Generated Content: Definition, Types, Examples

    Customer trust in advertising and marketing content provided by companies has been decreasing in recent years. Who is not speaking well of themselves? In order to attract customers, many brands do not hesitate to exaggerate their products (some even fake them). As a result, user-generated content is a more effective way to pursue your customers.

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