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Better Sorting - A Smart Filter for online stores’ visitors

Summer Nguyen | 03-19-2019

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User-Friendly is one of the principal features of an online store when we concern about the factors making a site successful. Among various tools to brings users a great experience when shopping online, Better Sorting is the must-have solution on your shops as it allows users to navigate their favored items with ease. In this blog, we want to bring you a further detailed look at this helpful function. Let’s start our journey!

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How Better Sorting is defined?

While access to a shop online, users always have the demand to find the concerned items that they tend to buy most conveniently. Better Sorting provide users a filter tool, which includes multiple filter options. By which, they can choose to show products based on different categories including:

  • Discount items
  • Best Seller items -Most Viewed items
  • Top Rating products
  • Most Reviewed products -New Arrivals
  • Stock Quantity
  • Wish List


Also, customers can sort products by products attributes including Product Name, Price, Position and Relevance. This function brings stores’ users the quick lookup which meet their purpose of shopping online: the convenience.

Who most need Better Sorting tool?

Undoubtedly, shoppers of online shops are the subject whom this module serves. Visitors find the site easy to navigate with this function. They definitely can sort the products by Most Reviewed option to refer to other previous buyers’ experiences on stores. Besides, visitors can watch out their favored items which they had put in Wishlist before. Now is the time to make the purchase decision. What a convenient way to shop at your store!


Besides, visitors will be overwhelmed and lost patience when they have to see unorganized and enormous kinds of stuff within a small screen of their desktop and mobile. Hence, for those stores who sell bulk products and categories, Better Sorting is a must-have assistant, helping them manage their items in the right categories which customers need in time. Bu this add-on, online stores can optimize and remove the unnecessary items and content on their home page, which brings the user a better look as well as a user-friendly shopping site.

better sorting

Better Sorting for Magento 2

Add 12 product sorting options which are flexibly customizable

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Why Better Sorting is exceptionally helpful?

Allow filtering by 12 options

Better Sorting enables visitors to filter products quickly, efficiently and thoroughly by 12 options. They can save a lot of time and process shopping faster thanks to this assistance. More details, the products can be sorted out based on Discount, Best Seller, Most Viewed, Top Rating, Review Count, New Arrivals, Stock Quantity, Wish List, Product Name, Price, Position and Relevance.

Also, at the Search Page and Category Page, users can quickly narrow the groups of products they are considering and quickly find out the preferred items to pick to their cart. The shopping journey becomes much more fascinated with Better Sorting!


Flexibly customize sorting labels

Content management has gone a long journey from the time of our parents. Now it becomes the art of the era we live. Research shows that people often be attracted by unique/strong words. Hence, the marketing world always find new ways to utilize these points to gain as much customer attention as they can.

With twelve options to sort the products, can you imagine how boring it is when customers only see the default normal words such as Discount, Best Sellers, New Arrivals, etc? Understand this, Better Shorting allow admins to change the labels of product categories in search page into the appealing, and they cannot resist clicking to the hot title. For more illustration, customers will be more attracted by the name Hot Deal, Crazy Sales, 24h OFF and so on. Undoubtedly, these labels will help Sort By field on Search Page as well as Category Page becomes more friendly and lively.


Sort Order for Filtering Options

Interestingly, admins can even set the order for the Sort By options to display in customers frontend. This is extremely helpful when admins want to arrange their products in purpose to boost sales or gain customers attention. For example, in a specific campaign such as Christmas sale, the store’s manager can put the sale-off deals at the first position, which take the customers to look more efficiently and effectively. The more chance they see them, the more chance you have sales.


Full Features List of Better Sorting module

For store admins

  • Enable/Disable the module
  • Display Out-of-Stock items at sorting page bottom
  • Choose default sorting options on Search Page
  • Enable/Disable option
  • Allow set label
  • Set time by days
  • Applied page
  • Add sort direction
  • Set sort order

For customers

  • Easy to find concerned products based on many conditions
  • Get a better experience when shopping online
  • Easy to make a purchase decision
  • Save more time when shopping

Final words

Better Sorting for Magento 2 by Mageplaza is the supportive extension which brings online customers the awesome navigation tool to filter and show their interested products easily and quickly. This module contributes significantly to enhancing user experience during shopping time and improves sales of online stores dramatically.

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Marketing Manager of Mageplaza. Summer is attracted by new things. She loves writing, travelling and photography. Perceives herself as a part-time gymmer and a full-time dream chaser.

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