Magento 2 Fraud/Security Extensions

Protect your store from cyber attacks and make customers feel safe shopping on your website with our Magento 2 Fraud/Security extensions.

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What is Fraud/Security?

Fraud refers to intentional or planned acts with the purpose of gaining unfair or illegal benefits. This can be done by an individual or an organization. In the e-commerce world, existing with fraud is cyber fraud which is a crime commited via a computer. Cyber fraud criminals intend to steal personal and financial data stored online.

Security refers to the methods, tools, and technologies used to defend an organization’s digital assets. For an eCommerce store, it’s the practice of preventing unauthorized access to all store assets such as product data, customer information, etc.

Why should you use our Magento 2 Fraud/Security extensions?

As cyber-attacks increase, security is essential for eCommerce stores and online shoppers. A strong and secure website will be a safe shopping place, and more favorable for consumers.

With our security extensions, you will be able to ensure the security of your store and customer data, making all transactions guaranteed. In the long run, this will be your safety badge to gain more loyal customers.

Mageplaza’s Magento 2 Fraud/Security extensions

To build strong protection for your Magento 2 store’s data and customer information, our extensions can:

  • Protect all around: With Security, you can prevent all security risks regarding captcha, database, user login, etc, and view a checklist for all possible security risks. To make sure there's no unusual registration, you can use free Customer Approval to review customers' accounts.
  • Comply GDPR compliance: The GDPR is a data privacy regulation that online stores need to follow to protect customers' information. With GDPR, you can strengthen your store's security while managing customer accounts as per regulations.
  • Avoid break-in login attempts: Two-Factor Authentication helps you verify account logins, while Google reCaptcha verifies customers' access to your website. Also, Age Verification lets you classify visitors to access your store.

As security continues to be an essential part of the eCommerce experience, your store must install our Magento 2 Security extensions to build a safe and secure business.