Magento 2 Security Extensions

Security is one of the most important aspects of any online business. If one doesn’t equip his store with a proper security system, it’ll be vulnerable to unauthorized access and cyber-attacks. The information of the stores and their customers should be protected by different security methods. Let’s learn more about how you can make your stores safer with Magento 2 Security extensions.

What is Security?

What is Security?

Security in eCommerce refers to the methods, tools, and technologies used to defend an organization’s digital assets. For an eCommerce store, it’s the practice of preventing unauthorized access to all store assets such as product data, customer, information, etc.

The importance of Security for Magento 2 store

As cyber-attacks increase, security is more important than ever for any eCommerce store. It reduces compensation, liabilities, and other expenses the company incurs when the store security is threatened. Important figures show that a strong and secure website will be a safe place for customers in shopping online, so they’ll be more likely to come rather than an insecure store.

Ensuring the security of a store is critical to both store and customer information. Once the information is protected securely, all the transactions within the store are guaranteed.

The importance of Security for Magento 2 store

Mageplaza Security Extensions for Magento 2 stores

Mageplaza Security Extensions for Magento 2 stores

You’ll find everything you need to build strong protection for your Magento 2 store’s data as well as your customers’ information.

All-around protection with security checklist

This extension will constantly alert you about all security risks regarding your admin username, captcha, database prefix, Magento version, etc. The store admin will be able to set the limits for failed login attempts to avoid unkown and malicious attacks.

GDPR compliant

It's critical to make your Magento 2 store GDPR-compliant. It's a new data privacy regulation that every online store need to comply with to protect customers’ information. By installing agento 2 GDPR, you’re making your store a safe place for shopping online.

Avoid break-in login attempts

Two-factor authentication enables you to control the admin login and verify the admin’s access. While Google reCaptcha verifies the customers’ access to your website. These extensions create a protective barrier for your store so that no one can access without authorization. Age verification also helps you classify visitors who are old enough to access your store. This feature is necessary for stores selling special products.

Manage customer registration

The store admin can review a customer registration to make sure that it’s not a unusual registration, then decide to approve or reject the registration. Magento 2 Customer Approval is a good solution to enable this feature in your store. It’s a greate tool to manage customers’ accounts in your store.


Security is of the utmost importance for any online store. If your store does not have enough features and functionalities to build a strong security itself, Mageplaza Security extensions are all you need. Easy setup, configuration, and smooth compatibility with modern and essential features will help protect your store at its best.