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Summer Updated: October 01, 2021


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In April 2022, Mageplaza is thrilled to unveil our rebranding with an outstanding new logo to the Magento world. Mageplaza’s new brand visual identity represents a new mission and is a stronger commitment to developing a better world for e-Commerce.

Mageplaza has been attached with the old lettermark which was the representation of the letter M in Magento and the letter A symbolizing the roof of the Magento world. For the last 8 years, this lettermark has become familiar to a lot of Mageplaza customers as well as Magento workers. It has become synonymous with the brand’s commitment to our values and mission. It was a clear representation of Mageplaza that our customers and employees can immediately recognize. Along with this lettermark’s history, Mageplaza has also been consistently committed to our previous values and missions within these 8 years.

However, as we are entering a new era of Magento (which is now Adobe Commerce), Mageplaza knew it was time to put an emphasis on our brand, move on with our next missions, and make a stronger commitment to developing e-Commerce with Adobe Commerce. To us, an investment in building a strong brand is not just a strategy to attract new customers but also to show our respect to existing customers, partners, and employees while presenting a clear desire for constant improvement and innovation. With this revitalized brand, we hope to communicate who we are, what our purpose is, and which values we are chasing after for our employees, customers, and partners around the world.


Mageplaza’s new logo is an infinite line with no beginning or end. Two colors shamrock and dodger blue are combined to create a continuing motion effect; but at the same time, it’s also a refinement and modernization of the combination of the letters M and A. Mageplaza still keeps so many traits that created us but we will keep moving on to the future. Mageplaza’s wordmark is also changed to a new font style with no capital letters to bring a fresh, modern, and friendly look to our brand.

Apart from the significant changes in Mageplaza’s new logo, we also launched a new brand visual identity with a new font, color palette and key visual system. To view more about our logo guideline, please download the pdf from our About us page.


Not just a new look - But also a new mission

Along with the significant changes in our visual look, Mageplaza has also implemented a new mission statement: “To create a wide variety of well-coded, fully-featured & innovative extensions with the most dedicated and sustainable support”. With this new statement, we make our purpose and values clear - Mageplaza is committed to focusing on the real quality of our products (well-coded, fully-featured & innovative) and services (dedicated and sustainable).

Coming with a new mission statement, Mageplaza’s new brand positioning statement is:

“For online merchants and developers seeking high-quality extensions for their Magento 2 stores, Mageplaza offers a wide range of the most feature-rich modules. Mageplaza is an ecosystem of over 230 extensions highly compatible with the latest versions of Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce). All Mageplaza extensions come with responsive, secure, and personalized technical support which has been recognized by nearly 100,000 customers for over 8 years. We set ourself apart from other extension developers with our intense focus on product features, innovation, and dedication in technical support”

Through this new statement, Mageplaza underlines the company’s commitment to creating top-quality products and services. “We’ve been working so hard to ensure the best coding quality for the products as well as the highest satisfaction of our customers with our technical support. These values will continue to be ubiquitous with our brand throughout our next journey. However, now it’s time to really define what high-quality means to Mageplaza, what it means to our customers, put it into words, and make a stronger commitment to achieving this. This statement stands as a compass that leads us to achieve our purpose - to create and to serve.” - Summer, CMO @ Mageplaza.

An intense focus on extension features

As a strong commitment to developing top-quality extensions, Mageplaza focuses and invests in extension features and updates. In 2022, a clear feature roadmap for 20 core modules is also published. Our customers can follow and have a better understanding of Mageplaza’s product development. Along with the feature updates, 100% of Mageplaza extensions are updated regularly to make sure our products stay compatible and conflict-free.

One Step Checkout Feature Roadmap 2022 at Mageplaza

Mageplaza’s new brand look will appear on our website, social media, and other touchpoints from April 2022. We will continue to make sure Mageplaza’s new look will be unified everywhere we appear and Mageplaza’s customers are well informed about these changes.

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Mageplaza is always innovating and focusing on the best user experience. We hope that the new launch of the brand and logo will make you more satisfied and excited! Let’s learn about our products now!

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