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  • How to create gift cards to sell in Magento 2 default

    The customers are so busy with their work, and choosing the gifts for the friends, family, and relatives on holiday season is so difficult. They don’t have much time to purchase the gifts for them or even if they come in front of the store, they also don’t know that what gifts they should buy. Because there are many things and they are overwhelmed by that things. To resolve this problem, we are pleased to introduce Mageplaza Gift Cards for Magento 2 store.

  • How to create a gift card account in Magento 2 default

    Nowadays, Gift Card becomes more and more popular. Have you ever wondered that how to create a Gift Card account in Magento 2? In fact that, after completing purchase a Gift Card, a Gift Card account is automatically generated. The Gift Card’s value can be applied to the purchase of the product in your e-commerce store. Also, you can create Gift Card accounts from the admin panel.

  • Gift Card Configuration in Magento 2 default

    Gift Card Overview

  • The Complete Delivery Guide of Magento 2 Gift Card Configuration

    Recently, gift cards have been increasingly favorable among ecommerce shoppers. Because of its useful features and convenience, a gift certificate can be purchased by shoppers for themselves as well as treated as a gift for other people. Hence, equipping your Magento stores with a Gift Card extension is definitely a strategic investment that will beneficial to your business a lot. With Magento 2 Gift Card extension, there are various functions that can be configured to suit your demands. This post focuses on helping shop admins to configure Gift Card delivery function in Magento so that their customers will be much happier with more choices provided.

  • Gift Card in Marketing Strategies

    Technology is growing, and that is why there are countless ways to attract customers attention to the products from your store. You can use coupons, flyers, direct mails, advertisements, etc. However, these methods aren’t strong enough to encourage customers to make purchases or use your services. The question is: what is the way to attract customers as well as get them back to your store in the next shopping? We suggest that you use the Gift Card as a part of your marketing strategy. It is a simple but powerful tool to promote your brand as well as increase the revenues significantly.

  • Gift Card Workflow On Your Store

    Gift Card Workflow On Your Store

  • What are unique features in Mageplaza Gift Card extension?

    What are unique features in Mageplaza Gift Card extension?

  • Personalized Gift Cards - Why not?

    Personalized Gift Cards - Why not?

  • How to design a special gift voucher template with Gift Card

    How to design a special gift voucher template with Gift Card extension

  • From A to Z: How To Create Gift Vouchers to Sell on Holiday Shopping Season

    From A to Z: How To Create Gift Vouchers to Sell on Holiday Shopping Season


    Table of Contents I. The history of gifts Prehistory Gifts Striking Presents How Gifts Affect Us Gift Cards Gift Card Extensions II. What Will Gifts Be Like In 100 Years? 3D printed gifts Unusual Gifts from other planets E-gift cards III. Virtual Gift Cards – Huge Opportunities For Magento Merchants An increasing trend More flexible - More favorable There are some marketing strategies that can help online stores more appealing consumers IV. 14 Common Misconceptions about E-Gift Cards Only a few shoppers use e-gift cards E-gift cards are dull Your grandma won’t prefer gift cards E-gift cards are used in Western countries only Virtual vouchers are used only in special occasions A person is allowed to hold a gift card only E-gift cards are purchased by men rather than women E-gift cards are limited in country boundaries E-gift cards need fees to be operated Fixed and unlimited amount Only online transactions are carried out E-gift cards providers accept mastercard only Virtual certificates will be delivered right after purchasing Digital gift cards are not secure V. 5 Essential Things Everyone In The Gift Card Industry Should Notice A great point-of-sale (POS) system Social media Personality Products Gift Cards to E-Gift Cards VI. Gift Card Workflow on your store Identify the voucher’s theme Determine the gift card value Provide required information Text message Post office Print at home Decide the quantity of gift cards purchased Deliver gift certificate to recipient Use gift cards to purchase Manage gift certificates Apply gift codes to checkout Conclusion VII. What are unique features in Mageplaza Gift Card extension? Flexibility in number of vouchers and its values Easy-to-understand and attractive design Easy to customize and personalize Friendly and easy to perform Possible to deliver via SMS, emails, mail Different ways to store cards Supportive in Giving Message Convenient to use as card credit Conclusion

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