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  • Why need Magento 2 SEO extension? Top 5 reasons

    Reasons to urgently have an SEO extension for your Magento 2 store

  • Off-page SEO for Magento 2 stores

    Off-page SEO is one of the most significant parts of a successful SEO strategy.

  • The Importance of Internal Links for SEO

    If backlink is the soul of SEO Offpage, Internal link is an indispensable part of SEO Onpage

  • 14 Most Important On-Page SEO Factors

    Most people assume there’s nothing more to on-page SEO than spreading several keywords here and there. That’s not true. Even though keyword placement still works, it’s much less critical than it used to be. In the meantime, on-page optimization is considered the simplest part of SEO. You can have full control over it without requiring much technical knowledge. In this article, we’ll bring you some of the most important on-page SEO factors that can significantly enhance your business’s SEO.

  • Why are backlinks important for SEO?

    In the early days, Google’s ranking algorithm used to be about numbers. The number of backlinks you got, the higher your site ranked. Consequently, those who deal with SEO would do everything they could to gain as many links as possible for their websites.

  • Why are Title Tags Important in SEO & How to Optimize Theme?

    One of the most annoying and stressing things about SEO is getting everything to work together as it should.

  • What is Anchor Text? How to optimize Anchor Text for SEO?

    If you have been involved with SEO, you might certainly know anchor text. It is one of those different terms relevant to the process of raising the SERP ranking of any website.

  • What are External links? External links in SEO

    A strong SEO strategy can help you increase web authority and generate more traffic to your website in this competitive world. From the marketing perspective, SEO is central to a web’s visibility online.

  • How to avoid SEO mistakes in Magento 2

    Magento 2 is considered a new bright star in the sky of Magento as soon as it is released. Unfortunately, besides a lot of advantages Magento 2 bring, it also has several common SEO mistakes for the online stores. Tons of unexpected reason might occur to our website in a beautiful day in a sudden. So, from the SEO point of view, we should be well aware all of the bad apples which has bad effect to your business in SERPs ranking. This blog post will list all of the SEO mistakes and I hope that the checklist of Magento 2 SEO mistakes can help and provide a new view for you before launching your online store or upgrading the existing Magento 1.X store.

  • How to do On-page SEO for Magento 2?

    On site SEO is the process of optimizing factors on a website to both search engines and users. From that, your website can be ranked higher and earn more traffic by search engines. In essence, on-site SEO is what you have to do so that search engines be able to understand the content and structure of your website. The more information search engines crawl your site, the more chances your website can be indexed and ranked higher. Billions of the unexpected things can occur on your website if you don’t check the elements on site regularly.

  • Importance of Meta Description in SEO

    A meta description is an attribute of HTML that provides a brief explanation about the content of the website. A meta description is commonly used in search engine results page (SERPs) to display general descriptions for a given page and it is an important part of SEO. In essence, the description tag is a short paragraph that describes accurately and succinctly so that the users and Googlebot can understand what the content of the web page is about.

  • Magento 2 Product Alt Text for SEO

    Alt Text (alternative text) is the text or hypertext used to describe and replace elements on the page that bots or users can not read specific content such as images, java scripts snippets. The publishers can create or not create Alt Text. However, creating Alt Text will bring a lot of benefits for the website in SEO, especially the websites use too many elements that the spider can not read. Google also encourages that you shouldn’t use too many images, and if possible use the text to replace the content of those images. Code example The importance of Alt Text

  • How to Config Magento 2 robots.txt for SEO?

    If your website is like a house, the Robots.txt file is the rule when entering that house. The first thing when visitors come home is to read the rules of the house and to know whether the host allows it to visit or not.

  • How to fix duplicate content

    Duplicate content is considered constant anxiety for a lot of site owners.

  • How to improve page speed

    We’re all aware that page speed significantly impacts the success of an online store because stores with low performance tend to have lower conversion rates and lose out to their competition eventually. The page speed builds the first impression, and that’s challenging to change.

  • Magento 2 Structured data takes care of all the structured data needs on your site. You can use it to mark up products, reviews, events and menu items so that search engines like Google can retrieve this data and present it in an advanced way. If you want detailed snippets, rich mobile tags, or listings in knowledge graphs, you need to mark up your pages with This ultimate guide gives you an overview of this extended topic.

  • Magento 2 Redirect 301 vs 302

    Redirection is the process of forwarding a URL to another URL. There are two main kinds of redirects: 301 Redirect and 302 Redirect. A redirect is a way to turn both users and search engines to a different URL than the original request. Below is a description of some commonly used types of redirects. 301 Moved Permanently A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect. It returns the 301 error code in the header to inform the search engine or browser that the current web page has been moved to the new address. In most cases, 301 redirects are the best way to perform redirections on a web page. 302 Found (HTTP 1.1) / Moved Temporarily (HTTP 1.0) A 302 redirect is a temporary redirect. 302 Redirect notices the page has been moved, but the client must continue to use the old URL path. You can use 302 Redirect when you want to switch hosts, technical maintenance, or conduct major changes on the website but still want visitors to access the content of the Website. The most convenient way is that you can put all your content on a different server domain, and use a 302 Redirect to direct customers to this new page, while informing the search engine that the change is only temporary for the duration of your website maintenance. 302 Redirect is very convenient in this case and the search bots of Google clearly understand the meaning of 302 Redirect. You should use 302 Redirect in case of temporary migration instead of permanently switching to 301 Redirect. In this article, I will introduce with you more about 301 Redirect which plays an important role in SEO.

  • Add Canonical tag to Magento 2 Store

    Canonical is a tag used by Seoer and this is considered a decent tag and helps us get a lot of work in the process of doing SEO. Let’s learn about canonical tags to see the effect of tags in SEO.

  • How to use Magento 2 hreflang attribute for SEO?

    Hreflang attribute is an HTML meta element that helps search engines extract data in the language the website is writing. And thanks to the declaration of this language, Google can help the ranking of the website higher. It also helps Google show a suggestion to translate to the native language if your website has a different language than the visitor.

  • How to make sitelinks search box?

    Several years ago, Google introduced the Sitelinks Search Box. Sitelinks Search Box is a search box above Sitelinks, introduced and implemented by Google to help users search content on your site more directly and easily. When enabled, this search box will appear below the main search result from a certain brand. So, after searching for a brand in Google, you can directly use the search engine of the online store or website where you want to search for something. Results will be displayed on the search results page of the relevant page.

  • What Is SEO? Why you should do Seo for Magento 2?

    Till now, people commonly think of SEO as merely a method of generating and driving traffic to a website. However, the power of SEO is actually much more than that, especially in such a data-driven world.

  • How to take advantages of SEO Magento 2?

    SEO or search engine optimization is an important aspect for any online merchant’s marketing strategy. When you create a wonderful SEO, the numbers of customers visit your webpage will increase remarkably. However, making a good SEO is not a piece of cake, instead you need to put effort in your working. Following are some basic tips for you to maximize the advantages of using SEO in Magento platform.

  • Magento 2 SEO settings Guide

    Generally, every website on the e-commerce platforms needs the aid of SEO to approach a wider range of visitors for potential sales conversion. For Magento 2, SEO helps increase the quality and quantity of traffic to engage more customers’ interest in stores’ products. An SEO-friendly website also improves the overall shopping experience under guarantee of efficient website visibility.

  • A Breakthrough From Magento 1 SEO to Magento 2 SEO?

    We all know that search engine optimization (SEO) is of utmost importance for online merchants to increase their brand recognition. Although Magento1 has many features supporting the functions of SEO, Magento 2 is created with the hope to address all the drawbacks of Magento1. However, does Magento 2 SEO truly solve these problems? Let take a closer look to general default settings of SEO Magento 2.

  • 12 Wonderful SEO Tips & Techniques for Magento 2?

    The outbreak of advanced technology and the fourth industrial revolution is on the verge of spreading globally. E-commerce, as a result, is a fashionable trend for global market. Among several strategies used to support online enterprises, SEO is significantly received special attention. SEO is a technique to naturally increase the number of traffic to a website. Therefore, if an online merchant can perform SEO well, they can gain more brand recognition; consequently, boost revenues.

  • How Mageplaza SEO extension works on Magento 2?

    For any online merchant, SEO is an important technique used to boost more traffic visit their website. If shop owners can take advantage of SEO, they will remarkably gain brand recognition without paying any money for advertising. However, even when Magento 2 platform has many useful features supporting the working of SEO, Magento stores still need a right hand to perfect their system. And it is sure to be Mageplaza SEO extension. Let see how SEO extension works on Magento store.

  • 9 Tips and Settings to SEO Magento 2 Product Pages

    1. Stay away from duplicate content

  • Magento 2 SEO issues: 6 most common default

    E-commerce is a trend in our economy nowadays following the fast development of advanced technology. If you want to start launching a Magento online store, these following notes can help you significantly.

  • 4 Advanced Techniques to Improve SEO in Magento 2

  • SEO Best Practices For Ecommerce Product Pages

    The importance of SEO for any ecommerce enterprise is not deniable as it directly affects the amount of traffic access to the webpage. Because there are thousands of online merchants, how to attract people to your site is increasingly difficult for store owners. Once you want to have more customers to visit your website, you need to get higher position in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Following are some suggestions to help you optimize SEO in order to have top ranking in the SERPs.

  • 6 Amazing SEO Tips for Online Stores on Valentine's Day

    For any online merchants, besides having high qualified products and services, obtaining a large number of traffic visiting websites is of utmost importance. The more traffic a landing page has, the more opportunities their goods and services are purchased. Therefore, almost all e-commerce enterprises put much effort in attracting more visitors to take a look at their websites. Following are some suggested SEO tips for your online stores to get more vistors when Valentine’s Day is coming soon.

  • SEO in 2021 & Which are best ranking factors does google use

    When first entering to the competition of SEO, you may feel confused about tons of need-to-know things optimizers are whispering out there. Furthermore, you would probably know that there are many optimization experts have been in the world of SEO for over a decade, constantly adapt to any Google new updates.

  • 12 Ways to Optimize your SEO Ranking

    The biggest shopping season is coming soon no matter how well your website has been prepared. While other marketing efforts are definitely worth your biggest concern, SEO ranking improvement of your website and product content should also appear among the top priorities if you want the sales to bloom.

  • 15 SEO tools for Magento stores

    Search engine optimization requires a massive amount of workload, SEOers need to be both quick and patient. Being quick to keep pace in the rank competition in which search algorithm is ever-changing with regularly updated ranking signals. Being patient to do optimization tasks in high regularity, make sure the quality of particular ranking elements can meet the requirement.

  • Google Mobile-First Indexing: Everything You Need to Know to Rank Well

    Tables of contents What is Mobile-First Indexing, Anyway? 1. Verify with Google Search Console Benefits of Using the Google Search Console Using the Mobile Usability Checker 2. Ensure Mobile-Friendliness 3. Use Responsive Design Using the Responsive Checker Tool 4. Optimize Metadata Final Thoughts

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