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Magento 2 SEO issues: 6 most common default


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E-commerce is a trend in our economy nowadays following the fast development of advanced technology. If you want to start launching a Magento online store, these following notes can help you significantly.

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    1. Default homepage title

    Default homepage setting of Magento for product site is “Homepage”. Shop owners sometimes forget to change the default setting of the homepage title; therefore, the title seems to be boring and unattractive to web browsers. That’s the reason why the first thing you should do for your Magento online merchant is rename the title to something meaningful or related to your company. Not to mention, title tags are super important when it comes to SEO games so make sure your title tags appear attractively for customers and Google bots.

    2. Default description

    It is important to remember to leave the description box blank. Unless this field is leaved blank, every page without meta description will be generated duplicate descriptions. Visit System -> Configuration -> General -> Design -> HTML Head -> Default description and let it empty. If you are worried about losing a certain number of people visiting your pages because of that lacks of description for products and categories, SEO extension Magento 2 can help you to address this problem.


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    3. The Default Keywords

    Keywords are integral to the success of any SEO as they will increase the chance of being visited by enhancing the recognition from search engine. However, many shop owners do not pay any attention to keywords settings that will directly affect the position of their webpages on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Therefore, the best choice for store admins is to leave keywords field blank if they do not have keywords for every single product, category and CMS page.

    4. The alt tags as “Magento Commerce”

    Mageplaza SEO The alt tags as Magento Commerce

    Alt tags for name and title of images often receive no consideration from shop admins, which leads to several images contain boring numbers and “magento commerce”. The name and title of image should be changed to be more descriptive and meaningful so that customers can easily keep track of what they are searching for. Nevertheless, if there are thousands of items need to be named, it would be such a hard destination. However, with SEO extension Magento 2, it turns into just a piece of cake for any store owner.

    5. rel=canonical use

    Mageplaza SEO rel=canonical use

    Rel=canonical is created to avoid duplicate content for product website. Therefore, you need to remember to turn on canonicals for both products and categories. This function appears to be a tool to keep your webpage away from duplicating content. To set up go to System–>Configuration–>Catalog–>Search Engine Optimizations and choose “Use Canonical Link Meta Tag For Categories” and “Use Canonical Link Meta Tag For Products”.

    6. Sitemap.xml

    Mageplaza SEO Sitemap.xml

    It is very important to submit the sitemap to Google and Co.; however, it seems to be forgotten by several shop owners. Remember to create a sitemap at Catalog–>Google Sitemap. If you are too busy to make a sitemap for Google submission, SEO extension is born to help you. Not only a sitemap for Google and Co., can be easily customized, but also a html sitemap specified for users also set up as well.

    In summary, SEO plays a vital role in launching an online merchant. However, you need to put much effort to perfect it. If you counter any problem let see how greatly SEO extension Magento2 can help you and contribute to your success. Visit our webpage for more specific details and functions: Magento 2 SEO extension

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